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Da vinci code critical essay

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Da vinci code critical essay

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Approved Paralegal Programs Directory For All States. June 19, 2017 Paralegal 416 Views. Da Vinci Critical! Top Schools That Offer On-Campus and Online Degrees. People are always going to need legal advisors for one reason or another and this makes the legal field an in-demand industry. Number Essays! In order to be sought after it is da vinci code critical important that you have a good mix of skills and the completion of an approved ABA paralegal program behind you. This extended guide will give a good insight on the best paralegal schools in the .U.S. Paralegal Studies for contrast high school essay, Every Soon-to-be Paralegal. The American Bar Association defines a paralegal as an individual who is qualified through education, work experience or training; to assist lawyers, law offices, corporations or Government agencies in performing correctly directed legal duties, for which an attorney is ultimately responsible.

This broad definition focuses on da vinci code essay, three main points of reference concerning the career: • Specialized paralegal studies through formal education programs. Student! • Some years experience working under the supervision of an attorney. • The performance of critical, substantive non-clerical legal works for an organization. According to the National Association of Legal Assistants, roughly 600 paralegal studies programs are available in duke mba essay questions the US, which are offered by different learning institutions such as Community Colleges, Business Colleges, private and public Universities and proprietary schools, in various formats and time frames. Hence, individuals from diverse backgrounds may join the code critical essay profession at whatever level they deem appropriate. Legal assistant programs in the US include: Certificate programs usually run 30-60 semester units and include general education and paralegal coursework. Certificate programs are mainly suited for individuals with associate or baccalaureate degrees already. You can get an associate degree in paralegal studies from community colleges, major universities, and business schools. Students earn the degree after successful completion of phd thesis literature review, sixty to seventy-semester units.

The units usually consist of combined paralegal and general studies. Critical Essay! Before you choose this program, it is advisable to consider whether you might wish to student nurses progress with a four-year program at another college. Make inquiries about the transferability of credits from this course to other ones. Da Vinci Code Critical! Many four-year universities and colleges offer baccalaureate degrees in paralegal studies. Students can major in legal assistant programs or concentrate on related studies. Bachelor’s degree programs usually run for 120-130 semester units, with 30-60 units dedicated to paralegal courses directly. The masters degree program in paralegal studies is fairly new and writing, only available at select institutions of higher learning. Apart from the advanced degree, you may also opt for essay, advanced programs in related fields such as legal administration or legal studies from major colleges or universities. Most paralegal schools offer associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. They also offer certificate programs for those with limited time and budgets. Dewey Essays! Paralegals that specialize in code critical real estate help lawyers with the framing of agreements, closings, and escrows.

Paralegals of corporations work within the internal legal departments of a wide range of corporate businesses. Government paralegals receive employment in the county, local, federal and state departments. It is critical to understand and then choose the area you would be keen to work in. You can choose between paralegal schools that are online as well as those that are on the campus. If you want, you can also do a combination of duke questions, both of these by code, taking online and on dewey number essays, the campus classes. The online courses have the code essay advantage of the flexibility of time as well as money. The only requirement is access to the computer and an Internet connection. Essay! It is important to consider some factors while choosing online paralegal classes. Kaplan University Online Paralegal Courses.

Law firms and code essay, corporations are engaging in wrath essay cost-cutting measures, and the paralegals are replacing the lawyers’ tasks in code essay many areas. It Has resulted in an increased demand for paralegal services. Kaplan University offers four accredited paralegal programs to students, which will equip them with the necessary expertise to succeed in this profession. 1. Advanced B.S. in Paralegal Studies: This is the first program offered by Kaplan University. This course is for students who already have an Associates Degree in paralegal studies and are aspiring to study more. Essay! This program combines the career focus of da vinci code essay, a two-year degree course with the academics of a four-year degree program. Your communication and critical thinking skills will be enhanced.

Pursuing this course will result in excellent employment prospects and a handsome income. An Advanced Bachelor’s of Paralegal Studies is suitable for students who are deciding to get employed after finishing or moving on to pursue graduate level studies. Office Management, Personal Injury, and Alternative Dispute Resolution are the dewey essays three primary areas covered by this program. This is the second type of program offered by Kaplan University. Critical! This course opts if you are switching over to a new career or advance your skills as a paralegal. This program covers modules such as communication with peers in the legal department, understanding of relevant legal concepts, doing proper legal research, criminal law, civil litigation, ethics, and decision-making. Number Essays! This is the third type of program suitable for da vinci critical, students from the liberal arts stream. Once they graduate this course, students get successfully employed in private law firms or federal agencies. The student’s analytical skills are sharpened in specialized areas of law.

4. Pathway to Paralegal Certificate: This is the fourth type of program that is suitable for students with an review, Associates or Bachelor’s Degree and looking for entry-level paralegal work. This program clearly outlines the paralegal field and about the legal system in America. Essay! Focus is laid on learning to duke use research in legal arguments. Students are trained to gather facts, manage cases and strategies, litigation, and proper legal research. In short, pursuing an online paralegal program with the Kaplan University gets you on top of others in this niche. UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, California. The first school that offers the code critical essay best program is the University of California, Los Angeles. The program is an extension course offered by the school.

Their program is 30 credit hours and these hours are broken into modules that are full of creative, related coursework. After successful completion of the modules, a paralegal certificate is code essay then granted. Students receive quality instructors as they are hand-selected by professors at UCLA. The program takes place through the Westwood campus and students can also partake of the social scene that the campus has to offer. There is iowa also an code critical essay, opportunity to earn a degree online as well as places that put an importance on both practical skills as well as legal technology. Syracuse University gives students the chance to learn the legal study program in the form of either a post-baccalaureate degree or certificate. The practical skills that are taught by the instructors are geared towards practical skills that can be used in either a private or a public sector. In addition, there is also an iowa, emphasis on critical thinking as far as ethics in code the legal field. The program is student nurses essays not “laid back” but it does have its benefits from the surrounding college town. Because of the college environment and having one of the critical best programs, it can easily be considered to be one of the dewey essays favorite ABA approved programs.

Due to its location in what can be considered the da vinci critical heart of the largest law center for the nation, Washington D.C., Georgetown also offers a paralegal studies program. The program, much like the other law programs offered by the school, has a stress on in-depth legal analysis. It also covers many different topics and compare college high essay, also helps with being prepared for the job and practical skills as well. The school also has ties with many of what can be considered the most powerful law firms in the US. Therefore, it is easy to see why Georgetown produces some of the most employable graduates in da vinci code critical the United States. The program at Auburn University is known for the comprehensive education it gives its students. This program is made up of six weekend sessions that are spanned out over six weeks’ time. Because of this, it makes it perfect for those that either have time issues or do not have money and want to either start or continue a legal career.

The program covers both research and legal writing and dewey number, is intended for anyone from a beginner level to an advanced level in the field. Students will be taught to interview witnesses, help with the preparation of court litigation, researching the law and much more. The program is not just lectured, there are also instructions that are hands-on and offer students practice for real life situations. Due to these benefits, it makes the legal assistants be in high demand. Texas A M also provides students with plenty of hands-on experience in da vinci code critical real-life situations that are simulated. In addition, the students of the literature program are also given a comprehensive understanding when it comes to all law areas. Critical! While the course at A M has much to duke questions offer, it does teach students the fundamentals of critical essay, constitutional law, family law, real estate law, probate, torts, law office management, legal research, civil procedure and business organizations. Many program graduates choose to seek out internships in political campaigns, legislative offices, attorney’s offices and many others. Mba Essay Questions! The program is also supervised by the political science department.

Graduates also can consistently find jobs within the da vinci code legal field. The paralegal program at Tulane University has had the approval of the ABA since 1981 which has made it the oldest approved program in creative writing mfa the Gulf South. Essay! Students are taught research and creative, advanced court preparation in da vinci code critical essay order to prepare them for a position in phd thesis literature review the legal field. Essay! Because of the ability to compare high school essay complete the program online and code critical, the flexibility of the program, it makes quite the selling point. Students may either complete a certification in paralegal or continue in their studies of law. Another reason this is a top school for the paralegal program is that it offers free job placement help for both graduates and current students. From the very beginning, students that participate in the paralegal program at the University of Louisville are tested in order for them to excel. Those with the highest grades are the only ones that are eligible to earn certification. While it may seem that these requirements are strict, over iowa creative mfa time students will be able to see that their hard work and dedication paid off when they receive a job offer once they graduate. Along with their career center that is always being contacted by essay, prospective employers, it is also the home of the Louisville Association of Paralegals which provides a job bank program for the participants.

The director of the program also recommends the students to these prospective employers. If you enjoy a fast paced learning environment, this is compare contrast college a school for you. Working adults that want to pursue night classes to become a paralegal will be able to achieve their certification through the University of Arkansas. The school can easily accommodate the schedule of the students. They also offer online courses and lecture hours that are convenient. The school work that is da vinci code critical essay completed during the program provides students with the tools they need for developing their research skills, organizational skills, and their management skills.

From American national government research to computer applications this program offers its students a comprehensive education which paves the way for a successful career as a paralegal. The paralegal program at the University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice prides itself on being able to help the participating students become both competent and ethical paralegals. They assist students with communication and interpersonal skills that will be needed for participating in the legal field today. The instructors teach legal analysis and drafting legal documents as well as other necessary skills a paralegal will need in the field. The paralegal program at the University of Tulsa was started in questions 1992 with the dedication to produce paralegals that are both coveted and skilled. It is also one of the da vinci critical essay only four programs for the entire state of Oklahoma that has been approved by the ABA. The program has also proven to be very successful, and the administrators and instructors are known for dewey number, working close with the legal community locally. They also provide internships at a local organizations. In addition, they also are responsible for hiring the area’s premier legal professionals as their instructors. The schools placement is at 80 percent as far as job placement for their graduates. Da Vinci Critical! On average, the dewey number essays graduates have spent 12 months in code the program when they have been placed in student nurses a job.

Click here to see an extensive list of the da vinci code critical essay top paralegal schools and tuitions. Make sure that the school has appropriate accreditation. Most paralegal schools are either certified by the American Bar Association or some other regional certification body. It is also essential to search around and inquire about the details from other students. It is of utmost importance that you are happy with the college you choose. The next factor is to find out whether the program you choose offers course flexibility. Most of the schools provide the options of full-time and part-time courses. Also, verify if the writing mfa educational system you choose has provisions for internships.

It is one of the most important factors since a paralegal can gain maximum experience and knowledge only by working in the field. Paralegal programs that provide internships are best for the completion of your paralegal training. Da Vinci Critical Essay! There are several paralegal schools in essay the country. Code! One of the most prominent is the National Paralegal College. This school provides a high quality of Internet-based instruction and education. It is ideal for students who wish to become a paralegal. This school is suitable for students who want to obtain detailed paralegal training. This school offers three types of academic programs. 1. Certificate course in paralegal studies. This program can be completed within a period of seven months.

2. An associate degree course in paralegal studies that can be done in fifteen months. 3. The option of writing mfa, a bachelor’s degree course in legal studies that can be finished in a period of three years. All the programs offered by the school boast of regular classes and are highly interactive in nature. Paralegal schools equip you with a degree that lets you work in the law field assisting attorneys and making an enormous difference in da vinci critical the lives of people everywhere. The best of duke mba essay, luck in your career choice as a legal assistant!

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Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Real Estate Appraiser. Filings, motions, evidence, exhibits inMary Cummins, Bat World Sanctuary, Amanda Lollar lawsuit. I am posting information about the appeal here. This page has been posted in response to libel and defamation posted by Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary. Code? They are making libelous and defamatory untrue statements about student nurses me. This page is here to post the facts and truth about this lawsuit. Da Vinci Code? I reported Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary for animal cruelty and neglect.

In retaliation she sued me for defamation. On top of this she defamed and libeled me. I was forced to sue her in California Federal court. More info on the Mary Cummins vs Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary and John Does is here. I was also injured while at Bat World Sanctuary. I had to file a personal injury claim against Amanda Lollar and mba essay, Bat World Sanctuary which is here. The bottom half of this page keeps going missing so I made a copy of this page up to May 11, 2012 here. I don’t know if they are hacking it down or if the da vinci critical page is nurses essays just too big. Here is code critical a link to a page where I have posted some of the creative fair and honest reports I made to authorities about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. Critical Essay? The Judge ruled that these were not defamation but fair and honest reports. Here they are.I will be posting reports that government agencies, City Council members, member of the Historical Society, her neighbors, members of the public and questions, bat experts have made against her next.

March 3, 2013: More information coming in. Here is da vinci a previous email about the WNS symposium. More info. Carrie McLaughlin sent the symposium invitation to TPWD, Bat Experts, Urban Biologists, people in her Google group. It reached TPWD who took immediate action. Amanda Lollar stated on her website that Bat World is the ONLY group helping bats with WNS. Not only is that not true, but they are not allowed to phd thesis literature review even tough bats with WNS. The information Amanda Lollar wrote in the invitation to the event was also incorrect. Critical Essay? Amanda Lollar has not gone past the ninth grade.

She does not know what she’s talking about in regard to essays WNS. Finally experts and authorities are realizing what Bat World is all about. I found the original invitation here. The symposium was cancelled. All references were deleted from Bat World and BRITs site though you can see some references online in Google groups. February 28, 2013: Breaking news! Amanda Lollar is told by Texas Parks Wildlife Department she cannot have an assurance colony. Da Vinci? They also state her educational bats don’t appear to have been approved on a case by case basis and she does not have an exhibit permit. Literature? She is not allowed to essay exhibit bats. Pretty crazy for Amanda Lollar to want to do a WNS symposium when she hasn’t gone past the ninth grade and has no degrees.

She even invited true experts who would most certainly call her out on this. In the brochure for phd thesis literature the event posted August 2012 Amanda Lollar states she has a USDA permit! It was cancelled March 2012. The event never took place because TPWD seems to have stopped it. TPWD is also concerned about the Bat Castle. Bat World has no permit to put bats in that building. Code Critical? They also have no permit or permission to move bats to that building. Amanda Lollar has not even told them about the Bat Castle. TPWD also said that she would have to release all bats at her current building.

Move to the new building then she can take in nature's wrath essay new bats.She cannot move the bats to a new building as you can only critical essay have one address per permit. Lollar requested that TPWD write this statement saying “Texas Parks and Wildlife investigated Amanda Lollar and compare contrast high essay, Bat World Sanctuary, saw no evidence to back up the da vinci code essay accusations, and found the complaints to be without merit.” TPWD wrote back “according to one of our game wardens, there is no current active investigation.” TPWD never wrote the statement that Amanda Lollar asked them to write. This is the statement which she’s since stated as fact. Student Nurses? She lied. This is what really happened with the investigation. They did not fully investigate because they didn’t have the time. Code? “When I responded to Mary Cummins’ open records request/complaints about Ms Lollar back in May, I told her that there were no final investigation results at that time, and that staff would investigate as time and iowa, resources allowed in the future. However, Karen Pianka had said that she didn’t have time to do much, if any, more investigating, so the investigation has been unofficially closed.” TPWD wants to limit the number of critical essay, bats she can have. “I see that Lollar’s current permit authorizes her to retain unlimited quantities of non-releasable bats for essay educational purposes. Shouldn’t we limit the da vinci critical quantity?”

Amanda Lollar also told a TPWD agent that she has an “assurance colony of free-tail bats.” Free tail bats can’t get WNS. She is not allowed to have an assurance colony. Amanda Lollar is student essays not abiding by the regulations. TPWD also specifically states she is not allowed to let the bats breed. Lollar of course brags that she has the critical essay only “captive breeding colony” of bats. All of this means that Amanda Lollar’s “educational bats” were not approved. She cannot have an assurance colony. She cannot exhibit bats.

In her website Lollar is raising funds to build an college high essay assurance colony that she is code critical not allowed to have. Not very honest. Amanda Lollar is student essays now attacking the group that was going to give her a donation. They excluded their “celeb” who is da vinci code critical essay a totally unknown person and iowa creative writing mfa, Amanda is mad. Does she really think Patty Lotz is a celeb and O’Barry is not?

Clueless. Amanda’s now encouraging people to critical essay delete their accounts. Iowa Creative Writing? She even wrote a nasty email which she publicly posted sharing everyone’s email address: “From: Bat World Sanctuary To: Sheri Landry Cc: Ricki Bush; Patty Lotz; Dottie Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 11:00 AM Subject: Re: Was our charity removed? BiLLe has caused me great embarrassment. Your own rules state that you would notify the super-fan of critical essay, their celebrity being removed BEFORE the contest started. Number Essays? You waited until AFTER our celebrity had received votes and code essay, was in first place, and then suddenly deleted our listing. That was a deceitful thing to nurses do, and is also against your own rules.

Also, it appears BiLLe contrived to have us removed by deliberately creating criteria in which we would not fit. At this point I do not believe that *any* celeb we tried to re-enter with would be accepted by BiLLe, because BiLle does not follow its own rules. Patty Lotz has been in the soap opera Loving, the movie Careful What You Wish For, the critical movie Swing Vote, the movie Body Double, tv series Silk Stockings, Moonlighting, and Matt Houston. She was a Veejay on duke mba essay VH-1 and she is a radio celebrity with her own show called Power Mouth Patty. Ric O’Barry has not been in involved in anything since the 1960s, yet he remains in your contest. I am very disappointed as I thought BiLLe was a great contest, fair and trustworthy. Obviously I was mistaken. February 26, 2013: Thug Robert Henry Young posted video of him supposedly serving me with documents. He posted part of it. Da Vinci Code? Why doesn’t he post the entire video? Because he doesn’t want people to see what he actually did.

He also never posted the full unedited video of the first time he supposedly served me. His video guy zoomed into me when he came towards me. Why not post the entire video? What are they hiding? I’d just posted moments earlier that what Amanda Lollar is doing is getting close to the RICO level. Amanda Lollar confirms that she is using her Facebook fans like an “army.” Everything which was posted was 100% the truth yet she calls it “defamation” so her army will attack people and report the truth to get it deleted. Iowa Creative? If she keeps up with all of da vinci, her nasty tricks, one might consider doing the same.

“AMAZING, That’s what bat peeps are. We have an army in you – you’ve made that crystal clear today. Student Nurses Essays? We can’t thank you enough for going to “bat” for da vinci code us in nurses essays such an inspiring way. It is hard enough to promote a maligned species, but fighting malicious defamation on essay top of that makes it harder still. The bottom line is that when people believe horrible lies about us, they won’t turn to us when they find a bat in need.

Your coming to our defense today was not only a tremendous help to us, you are saves lives in the process. For that we cannot thank you enough. We love you, Bat Peeps.” I filed a police report against the person Amanda Lollar hired to pretend to serve me with papers. I called the FBI to file a report but they told me it’s not their jurisdiction. They told me to file the report with local police. I just filed a police report in Texas because Amanda Lollar ordered and paid the guy to contrast do that.

I will follow up on these reports. I also reported the critical guy’s private investigator license. Robert Young thinks he’s above the contrast college high essay law doing whatever he wants, harassing people, threatening them. Amanda Lollar also thinks she can do whatever the hell she likes just because she’s been getting away with it. Amanda Lollar via her Facebook user account Bat World Sanctuary and her husband Larry Crittenden, John Hyatt and others were attacking me all morning on Facebook. Someone else posted a link to an article about her animal cruelty and da vinci code critical essay, of course I get attacked for it. Amanda Lollar told her 37,000 “fans” to attack me and also to attack other peoples’ pages.

I saved those posts. Iowa Creative Writing Mfa? This is becoming a RICO issue. Larry Crittenden posted that the animal cruelty report was a “hoax.” No, it wasn’t. I filed fair reports. Judge did not rule them to essay be defamation.

Someone else posted that I said that my attorney made sexual advances to mba essay me. I never said that and he never did that. Critical Essay? I will be adding these things to my new harassment lawsuit. Just a reminder that Amanda Lollar sent an dewey number email to code essay the City saying she’s sick of all of the complaints about her. Instead of taking care of the problems such as the smell or guano, she’s leaving town. Phd Thesis Review? Her own words “”I can no longer run a world class organization with the constant distractions of having to defend our work protecting the environment and the bats. The burden has just become too overwhelming.” Link to her email. Da Vinci Critical Essay? Also included is email between her neighbor who’s been complaining about her for many years to the City Manager talking about her building being gutted. She sold the building January 2012 which is why she’s begging for money to questions build a new building.

She has no wild sanctuary building. February 25, 2013: I don’t know why I write these dates because I’m not actually posting all of the material on these dates. Within the last couple of days Amanda Lollar posted to her blogs devoted solely to me the same material she presumably posted on indybay. She claims I’m stalking her. Da Vinci Essay? She notes dates that I’m stalking her. One, you can clearly tell it’s reversed. She keeps trying to subscribe to student my pages and I have to essay block her.

She keeps emailing me under supposedly anonymous names. She made new domain names and new blog names devoted ONLY to me. I have not made a new domain or blog devoted to her. I post about her in creative my website here or my existing blogs. Code? She bought about 30 new domains with hosting services to student nurses attack me with bat world money. She follows my every move. She even hired a guy to follow me, harass me, batter me and videotape it for her. I bet she gets off on the videos. Who is stalking whom? February 24, 2013: Today at 7:00 a.m.

CA time it looks like Amanda Lollar posted a still from the code critical essay video of wrath, me being assaulted last Sunday. There is a time/date stamp on the still. 02-17 09:26:38. That is when he was there. In the still I’m looking at da vinci code critical essay the guy while his video guy videos.

I can tell from where she took the still it’s the same process serve. This proves she ordered the guy to pretend to phd thesis literature serve me so he could assault me. I believe Amanda Lollar is seriously mentally ill. She ordered the hit from Texas so it’s time to da vinci code critical essay call the duke questions FBI. Here is the guy’s face.

He posted pics of his wife, daughter, grandson, family in the same directory as his work photos. These photos are public. I blurred out his wife and grandson. This photo is for the police and my neighbors. I’ve now given them a full description of this guy.

February 22, 2013: Just got back from my mail box. Appellees wanted to send the original exhibits of Plaintiffs to the Appeals court. Critical Essay? I agreed with this. Why waste paper, time and energy. Judge Bonnie Sudderth signed the order. This is literature puzzling.

Judge Jeffrey Walker in his order stated that Judge William Brigham is in critical essay charge of everything in regard to this case from the trial on out. That is phd thesis review why I could not recuse him and Judge Bonnie could not hear the other motions. I did an info act request to Judge Jeffrey’s office to get a copy of his order in code critical regard to Brigham. If Brigham is supposed to be in charge of duke mba essay questions, this case to the very end, why did Judge Bonnie Sudderth sign this order? Obviously just a rhetorical question as the essay court has not been honest or straight forward with me about quite a few things. They do as they please no matter what. At the creative mfa Mayoral convention last week I was speaking with a lawyer about da vinci code dishonest, unfair, incompetent and lazy Judges. She said it happens here in California especially in smaller cities like Palm Springs, Riverside or in Courts where the Judge has to read all the documents and student essays, write all the orders himself. I can only da vinci code essay say that I was extremely lucky to have had kind and fair judges in my Philadelphia and New York cases. I didn’t realize how rare that was until this case.

Thank you Judge Flora Wolf and Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald for being fair, kind and just. If only there were more judges like those women. February 20, 2013: The police asked if I had a description of the guy who threw the nature's wrath documents at me. I even have a photo. Da Vinci Critical? I’m 5’8? so he’s 5? taller than me and is 6’2?, heavy set, white guy with lighter colored hair born March 10, 1965, 48 years old. Why a guy bigger than me would hit me with documents is really beyond me. I’m sure Amanda Lollar had to mba essay questions pay extra for critical that. Duke Mba Essay Questions? Amazing she’s wasting Bat World Sanctuary’s funds on hiring a guy to assault me half way across the country.

A sick individual. Never would I have ever thought of doing something like this to her. February 19, 2013: The thug Amanda Lollar hired is named Robert Henry Young, a licensed private investigator (License 23001) and process server (License 1911?) born March 10, 1965. I had to gather this information for the police report. You would think he would know the law.

He lives in Anaheim at 4107 E Alderdale Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807. He was able to essay retain this house even after he and his wife went bankrupt in 2000. Their social security numbers are listed on nature's wrath their bankruptcy docs. Seems he was sued for violating someone’s civil rights, also had a little run in code critical essay with the law. Amanda Lollar seems to find some real low lifes, first Randy Turner then Eric Shupps and now Robert Young. Nature's? I wonder how much of Bat World money did Amanda Lollar pay to the guy to critical harass and assault me? Her board of student essays, directors is liable for her behavior as they voted her president. They have the power to vote her out completely if they like. That is critical essay what California Wildlife Center did to Amanda’s friend Rebecca Dmytryk when she was destroying the group and causing volunteers to leave.

February 18, 2013: Yesterday I believe Amanda Lollar hired some thug to pretend to student essays serve me a legal document at essay the Mayoral convention. Instead of handing me the documents or dropping it on the ground which would be legal service, he threw the folded document at me with force hitting me with it. I just looked more closely at essays the document. It’s the critical essay sister state filing from 11/09/12. They did not serve it within 60 days. That means they have to refile and reserve me. This is not legal service as this document is void.

I bet Amanda Lollar did this just to harass me. Iowa Writing? I just asked Hotel security to save their security video for the police. This shows you how low petty, juvenile, nasty Amanda Lollar will go just to da vinci critical essay be mean. Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary is still harassing me and now has directed her fans to attack my website host. I have copied all of her posts. The judge ruled that everything in this website today is nature's wrath not defamation.

Everything in code critical the order was removed even though that also was not defamation. She is upset that her USDA permit was cancelled. She’s probably also upset that Texas Parks Wildlife wrote that they are considering limiting the number of bats she has. February 16, 2013: Bat World’s USDA permit has been cancelled. Here is a pic. I am sending in compare college high essay a FOIA request to find out why. Da Vinci Critical? She needs a USDA permit to house all of phd thesis, those bats. Perhaps she lost it because she is way over the density limit for bats.

She’s even over da vinci essay her own density limit which she sets for other people! Plus, her enclosure is not tall enough for the large flying fox. It can’t fly. USDA permit cancelled This is probably why she is attacking a person with a USDA permit who has a perfect record. Student? She is jealous. Probably why she attacks me as well. I have a perfect USDA record. February 8, 2013: Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary is still defaming and attacking a wildlife educator. Code Essay? A fully licensed wildlife educator has a bat named Echo. She legally received the bat weaned, it can fly and has a flight cage where it flies. The woman knows how to writing mfa care for bats.

Amanda Lollar is defaming the woman by da vinci essay stating it was not weaned, lives in a tiny cage, cannot fly and the woman doesn’t know how to care for it. Duke Mba Essay? Amanda Lollar is asking Bat World’s Facebook fans (which she bought with advertising) to sign a petition to essay the USDA to remove the bat from this woman. Amanda Lollar quotes this supposed violation “Lisa Limbert is phd thesis review currently in violation of USDA regulations Subpart F: “Species that fly must be provided with sufficient unobstructed enclosure volume to enable movement by flying and sufficient roosting space to da vinci critical essay allow all individuals to rest simultaneously.” This of course is not the truth. The bat is in a flight cage and student essays, can fly.

Lollar on the other hand has the da vinci code essay largest flying fox. This bat needs at phd thesis literature least a 13? tall enclosure so it can fly. Bat World’s enclosure is maybe 6?. This bat cannot fly. Lollar is the one not giving proper care. Plus, TPWD stated in writing that they fear Lollar has too many bats and critical essay, they are going to limit the number essays number of bats she can have. Fortunately USDA knows what’s really happening here. They will not take Echo from the person giving it proper care. Lord only knows if Lollar took that bat it could end up dead under her desk like the one I found when I was at Bat World.

Lollar has way too many bats to not notice a bat that had been dead under her desk for da vinci days. She even told me it was one of her favorites. Something is obviously very wrong with Lollar. I personally feel she doesn’t care about bats. She only essays cares about her ego and money.

She has a huge chip on her shoulder because she’s uneducated and true bat experts call her a joke. February 1, 2013: Amanda Lollar started an online petition to try to get a bat taken away from a duly licensed individual who is giving the code critical bat great care. With all the phd thesis other bats in the world that need saving, why is she trying to take a bat out of a good home? Beyond me. Thanks to say her online petition has done nothing. USDA, FW did not investigate because they know the person gives their animals proper care. Oddly enough USDA and TPWD did investigate Amanda Lollar and Bat World. What does that tell you?

January 13, 2013: Amanda Lollar has been entering online contests and da vinci, begging people to vote for Bat World. No problem there. I’m glad she’s making money so she can pay me for damages. In her pleas for phd thesis literature votes she attacks the competition. The competition is other charities for children, animals and the environment. “O.M.G. Code? This is essay crazy – we are small potatoes compared to Jimmy Kimmel, and he could easily give $50,000 of his own money to his charity.

We don’t even get paid, and volunteer 16 to 18 hours a day, and have worked so hard to essay win this money for the bats. PLEASE DON”T LET JIMMY WIN! Donate here before 11:59 est:.” She is getting fans to hate monger against the charities ahead of high school essay, her in the contest. Attacking other charities? Amanda Lollar just loves to attack people.

Very classless. January 1, 2013: Someone sent me a link to da vinci code this video made by the Tarrant County Bar Association Tarrant Tortfeasors. Attorney Randy Turner is in mba essay questions it and obviously approved of this. He’s pretending to be the head of the American Bar Association which actually exists. In other news Randy Turner continues to lie in legal filings. He lied to the Appeals Court telling them the Court wrote the facts and findings. Code Essay? No, they did not. Even though I asked the court to write it, HE wrote it.

On top of this he lied and said I did not respond to discovery when I did. I really hope he never becomes a Judge. December 14, 2012: Randy Turner attorney, animal lover or not? Article about Fort Worth, Texas animal control picking up an injured dog and taking it to a vet for treatment. Duke Mba Essay? Animal control must give proper veterinary care to animals they pick up. That’s the law. Essay? Animal control took the dog to a vet. The bill ended up being $2,000 or so. Dog didn’t have an owner and was friendly. City decided to keep the dog as an ambassador. The dog is in City offices in the day time and spends the night at an employee’s home.

I guess they could have adopted it out if someone wanted it. They still would have been out the $2,000 no matter what. Student Essays? Because the dog is now an da vinci essay ambassador it’s getting media attention. People wrote in comments on the article. Writing? This is Randy Turner’s comment below.

“Randy Turner, Fort Worth lawyer whose lawsuit against the city on behalf of a family whose dog was mistakenly euthanized will be heard in January by the Texas Supreme Court: “As a huge animal lover, I’m all in critical favor of spending whatever it takes to maintain an animal in good health. I have to give some thought to the city effectively paying for Brandon Bennett’s dog. I don’t like that part.” The City would be out the $2,000 no matter if they adopted it to a member of the iowa public or Brandon Bennett. Da Vinci Critical Essay? An employee is kind enough to let the iowa writing dog sleep at his house without being paid for that service. Da Vinci? Would Turner prefer that the dog be locked in a room or yard in the City office at night and on the weekends? Why does this upset Randy Turner? Because Brandon Bennett is the person who showed that Mimi the pitbull owned by the fake war veteran which Randy Turner represented was dangerous. Number? This is just Randy Turner being nasty, petty and showing his true colors because Turner lost that lawsuit.

How very childish. December 12, 2012: Again, Amanda Lollar is begging for money to build a new facility. What about the $200K she brought in during 2012? Or the $170,000 she made in 2011? Or the money she got January 2012 from selling the da vinci critical old building? She should have enough money to build a new facility easily. I personally feel she is just saying she needs money to nature's wrath essay build a sanctuary so she can just get more money for the hell of it. I’ll be interesting to see if she’s honest in her 990’s. December 6, 2012: Amanda Lollar is critical begging people for money to build a new bat sanctuary. If she didn’t sell the old sanctuary, she wouldn’t need to buy a new building.

If she’d just cleaned the student nurses essays old building she probably could have stayed there. Da Vinci? She admits in her “magazine” that she made over $200,000 last year. Again, proves there were no damages. Literature? Also proves that she probably doesn’t need money to code essay build a new building. The money she received from sale of the number old building should be enough to build the new building. Did she keep the code critical money from the sale of the old building? I can ask questions about finances when I depose her in Texas because she’s a defendant. Can’t wait to creative writing mfa get ahold of the da vinci code trial minutes.

So many great quotes in there besides proof of perjury. I was talking to a fellow rehabber yesterday about Amanda Lollar’s experimental bat surgeries. Dewey Number? She admitted in writing that sometimes bat die but maybe she’s learned something to help the next bat. My friend told me that during Nazi Germany doctors were doing experiments on da vinci code critical Jews and others, generally without anesthesia. Compare Contrast College High Essay? They actually thought their experiments might further medical science.

They were later tried for “medical torture.” My friend thinks that Amanda Lollar thinks she may be furthering medical care of bats. Of course she could not be further from the code critical essay truth. If you look at nature's how true bat veterinary experts treat bats, night and day. Some info on the Nazi doctors.. December 5, 2012: Bat World Sanctuary just released their income for 2012. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? Their income is over $200,000. This proves there were no damages. It also proves that she lied in literature court about essay her finances. On top of this you can see that she spent a ton of Bat World Sanctuary’s money on iowa “internet” items. Code Critical Essay? She lumped them in with the purchase of land and cost to build the “castle.” December 3, 2012: I was told by the court coordinator that now that this case is in appeals, the wrath District court no longer will hear any post trial motions.

The judge is refusing to even look at them thereby denying them. November 30, 2012: More evidence of da vinci code essay, perjury on the part of Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary. In trial she stated that she’s no longer getting old fruit from local markets because of what I said about her. She added that they were putting cigarette butts and trash into the little fruit she received. Today on her facebook page she admitted that she’s not getting fruit anymore because of a local ordinance which prohibits stores from giving old fruit to people. “Bat World Sanctuary Sandra Higgins Hanna – yes, we used to be able to get apples, bananas, ect that were slightly bruised but still perfectly okay for consumption (called ‘throw-aways”). Last year a local ordinance came into effect that prohibits grocery stores from giving out throw-aways. We also tried to creative writing mfa solicit Walmart after learning that our local store alone throws out of 400 pounds of bananas a week. Da Vinci Essay? They refused, stating company policy and liability issues (they even have a padlock on their dumpster). It’s such a shame, because every wildlife center across the US could benefit from the creative mfa food that Walmart throws in the trash. We now get all of da vinci, our produce wholesale, but it’s still very expensive.Once we are established on our new land we plan to plant fig, pear and apple trees.

I hope to plant a few smaller trees inside the fruit bat’s outdoor flight cage so they can eat fresh fruit right off the branches :)” The woman has no shame. I bet 95% of what she said during the trial was a total lie. Plus, she admitted that people in Mineral Wells have hated her for years because of the essays smell and da vinci, mess of the wild sanctuary. She is also totally lacking in social skills which I believe is another big factor. November 28, 2012: Amanda Lollar wiki user Batworld and her sock puppet which is her IP address have been banned from posting on dewey number Wikipedia because they violated the terms of service. Critical? Because she is Bat World she has a conflict of interest and student nurses essays, is not allowed to post about herself. Most of the edits were done by Amanda Lollar. She was also told that her user name “Batworld” is also a wiki violation.

An admin wrote this about Bat World, “Delete – Sources are too weak, given the litigation and drama around this organization,[7] relevant to critical the subject but omitted from the article. The CBS article is wrath a meaningless puff piece and the SF Chronicle article doesn’t even mention this Texas organization as far as I noticed (it mentions a different “Bat World” in Virginia). The Stella Luna article mention is trivial and the IRS page doesn’t speak to notability. Code Essay? The article about the mating calls does mention the duke mba essay questions organization more than briefly, but its primary topic is something different. Boing’s Wapo article is about the essay same way. I wouldn’t call “Do Bats Drink Blood” a scientific publication, and the actual connection to Bat World of dewey, publications it cites is unclear, and Boing’s other links other than the Jacobs book seem trivial. That leaves the Jacobs book (the one pretty solid source I see so far) and da vinci critical essay, the 608-word, paywalled Dallas Morning News article that I haven’t accessed but which doesn’t sound promising from the abstract. We can’t write an NPOV article (presenting all points of view that a reader seeking info would find relevant) about this organization without using contentious, BLP-implicated primary sources that we shouldn’t bring into the article for obvious reasons. Duke Mba Essay Questions? It’s not ok to strip that stuff out and pretend that what’s left presents everything relevant, generations of wikilawyering notwithstanding. That plus the COI editing by people involved with and opposed to the organization IMHO aren’t worth the hassle for a topic of critical essay, such minor notability.

So we should delete the article.” Wikipedia only considers entries based on articles in the media. That’s all they care about. Iowa Creative Mfa? They don’t research the da vinci essay subjects. For instance they think Amanda Lollar wrote the books that Barbara French actually wrote. They don’t realize that Amanda Lollar basically plagiarized what Barbara French wrote. Wiki also doesn’t realize that Bat World is run out of Lollar’s home. Literature? She no longer has the other building because she sold it January 2012. On top of this Bat World is not the da vinci biggest bat sanctuary of iowa writing mfa, that type. Memphis zoo has over 400 bats which are non-releasable bats or rescues. I was just told by code someone who knows Amanda Lollar that she is bragging that Bat World has more Facebook friends than Bat Conservation International.

That is because Amanda Lollar bought those fans. BCI spends their money helping bats while Amanda Lollar spends thousands buying FB fans, making many ihatemary websites and blogs, sending out ihatemary press releases. She also wasted money adding unnecessary extra security to nurses her website because her web guy told her she needed it because of me. Da Vinci Critical? No, she didn’t. Her web guy left her website totally open for months. Lollar is also wasting Bat World money on legal fees for student essays Eric Shupps. Da Vinci Critical? He helped her make her hate sites.

November 26, 2012: For the literature review last two days Amanda Lollar has been attacking me on Wikipedia. She posted defamation about me June 2012 on the Bat World Sanctuary wiki page. I corrected it yesterday. She then posted even more defamation! I reported her for posting on her own group’s page under two user names/IDs which is against code critical the TOS. Then wiki blocked her and me because we mentioned the word “lawsuit.” I’m unblocked but she is not. She must get rid of her user name and is not allowed to post on student that page ever again. The page is full of critical essay, incorrect things. Bat World is not the largest bat sanctuary. The Monfort Bat Sanctuary and rescue has 1.8 – 2.5 million bats.

The Memphis zoo has over 400 bats. In fact BCI worked with the Memphis zoo and created the FIRST assurance colony site for bats. Lollar is not the phd thesis first as she claims. She’s also not the largest. Da Vinci Code Critical? Wonder why BCI worked with the Memphis zoo instead of Amanda Lollar? Because they wanted to work with kind, sane, bat experts. Amanda Lollar states Bat World is the ONLY group helping bats with white nose syndrome. One, they aren’t helping bat with WNS.

Two, many other groups are actually helping bats with WNS. Bats in creative Mineral Wells, Texas don’t even get WNS. Amanda Lollar is living a fantasy life of her own imagination. November 24, 2012: Today Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary stated that her facility is at da vinci critical essay the maximum limit. As I reported a few months back Texas Parks Wildlife Dept stated that they were going to limit the number of bats that she can have. They were concerned that she had too many.

She currently has more than her own bat enclosure limits dictate. She stated her dad just died of Parkinson’s disease and left her $100,000.She stated she is questions giving this $100K to Bat World to help build a new facility. Code Essay? Remember she sold the 115 N.E. Dewey? 1st St property in January 2012. Da Vinci Essay? She can no longer use that building for bats.

I’m sure this is probably just another story. If she wanted to save some money, perhaps she shouldn’t be involved in so many lawsuits. Right now she is using Bat World money to duke mba essay defend Eric Shupps in my defamation case against code critical him. Amanda Lollar is nurses paying extra for her attorney to code essay try to file an anti-SLAPP suit against me. This suit is not a necessary legal reply to my lawsuit. She does not have to pay for Eric Shupps legal bills. Eric Shupps will soon lose anyway because he lied to compare contrast college essay the attorneys. I’ll be filing something soon.

In the meantime Randy Turner texas attorney with Bailey Galyen lost his motion to reconsider. I also filed an opposition to his becoming the attorney for da vinci code critical essay Bat World in my personal injury case. Here is the motion. And here are the exhibits. I will be reporting him to duke the Texas State Bar. Code Critical? I will also file a restraining order against Randy Turner if he becomes the essays attorney of record. There’s no way I’m putting up with his crap again. He would pretend to “accidentally” bump into code me in college school essay the hallway pressing his full body against me. November 2, 2012: I was talking to a friend today about da vinci code critical Amanda Lollar being obsessed with my physical looks. 99% of the posts Amanda Lollar makes about me have to do with my physical looks.

She keeps posting that I’m old, fat, wrinkly and bald. She is projecting. In her website in her bio she has a photo of creative, herself from 2003, a nine year old photo. She looks nothing like that. My profile image is a photo taken within the last year. I post photos of what I look like right now, without making, just running errands.

SHE is the one who regrets getting older. I’ve also found that very insecure women will call other women fat, old, ugly, bald, wrinkly, whore… That is da vinci critical essay exactly what she does to me. On top of dewey number essays, this she is even more insecure because she is uneducated and da vinci critical essay, bat experts don’t want to have anything to do with her. This is the sad person making these crazy nasty posts about me, Amanda Lollar. October 29, 2012: I believe Amanda Lollar is posting as DaisyPeachTree on Facebook. This is the same user name that was attacking me on Twitter. Nurses Essays? She forgets I sent a subpoena to Twitter and critical, Facebook. Anyway, “Daisy” is posting that Amanda is “amazing.” Bat World is mba essay questions a “huge” organization doing conversation efforts “worldwide.” Amanda Lollar thinks I am “jealous” of her? I would never be jealous of someone who harms animals and people. She claims that she “read” that Amanda has a GED. Da Vinci Code? This is the first that I’ve posted about her GED.

She could not have “read” it any where. Again she lies and states I’ve been involved in over 20 lawsuits. Untrue. Then she says I feed “rotten meat” to contrast essay my animals and critical, I let my dog eat “used” tampons. That is beyond insane besides defamatory. I sent a cease and desist to her California attorney.

Finally, the attacks have stopped. Amanda Lollar is delusional and a very nasty person. October 27, 2012: UPDATE: Amanda Lollar has now set up a page in her website for compare high essay people to report the person with a legal permitted bat in Arizona. Irony? A licensed person with a fruit bat is feeding it properly. She has it in a temporary cage. She takes good care of da vinci essay, animals.

Amanda believes if the person does not kiss her ass, she is not providing good care for the bat. She instantly attacked the student essays woman. Amanda Lollar who has not gone past the ninth grade who operates on bats who die thinks this woman is being cruel. Crazy. Amanda Lollar noticed someone called Lisa’s Creatures had a fruit bat. Da Vinci Essay? Instead of offering kind, supportive, polite advise Amanda Lollar told all her fans to attack the woman. Creative? The woman is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and wildlife educator using the bat to educate people. Amanda Lollar thinks it’s cruel that the bat is by itself in a cage.

Lollar forgets she kept her first imprisoned bats in a wood cabinet. She forgets she performs surgery on bats when she is not a vet and critical, hasn’t gone past the ninth grade. She forgets that she doesn’t pin bats’ broken wings so they can fly free. Instead she amputates them dooming them to life under her “care.” Lollar also forgets she recommended freezing bats to death. When Amanda Lollar first started with bats the true experts offered kind supportive advice. All Lollar does to mba essay others now is attack them. This is why people who really know her do not like her. Amanda Lollar lacks basic social skills and is not a nice person at critical all. This is probably why she dropped out of junior high school. Amanda Lollar of wrath essay, Bat World Sanctuary is posting a link about cyberbullying. Very ironic.

Amanda Lollar is posting nasty posts calling me fat, old, ugly, wrinkly, puffy, bald, crazy…. Da Vinci Essay? She posted death threats against compare contrast essay me. She posted on victimsofmisscummins and the nasty Facebook pages about me. She extorted me over the Internet. Code Critical? Very ironic indeed. October 15, 2012: My response to the supposed 46 “defamatory” statements from the court order. Phd Thesis Review? This is exhibit 3 from my motion to reconsider recusal.

I go item by code critical essay item to prove that the items are not defamatory. This is not a violation of the court order. Nurses Essays? It’s a new public document. This is the da vinci code basis of my appeal. None of the 46 statements are defamatory or breach of contract. Dewey Number? They are either the truth, not about Plaintiff or opinion and not statements of facts. Everything I said I backed up with photos, videos, government documents, Plaintiff’s own testimony and Plaintiff’s own documents.Exhibit 3 from da vinci critical, my motion to reconsider recusal. October 14, 2012: I was copying more of Amanda Lollar’s defamation against me when I realized something. Wrath? She’s probably spent at least $5,000 defaming me on da vinci code critical essay the Internet with her many web sites and such. She is literature review spending Bat World money to da vinci code critical essay do this as she has no income. How do donors feel about duke someone spending money meant for animals on defaming an da vinci essay animal rescuer?

Plus, she will lose my defamation case against her. Bat World will have to pay. Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary is holding a possibly rabid bat. Essays? She stated she thinks it has rabies based on the symptoms she is describing. *NEVER TOUCH A BAT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. Below is an da vinci essay old pallid bat. The bat crawled out of her bed while I was feeding other bats. I think the bat was hungry and contrast high, wanted food. I believe this bat is now dead. I am posting back all of my bat photos and videos. In Amanda Lollar’s initial complaint she stated that my videos and photos shared copyrighted and proprietary data. She stated I have no permission to critical take or post the photos.

She dropped all of those charges in the lawsuit because I showed proof that I had permission. Number? I also showed that they did not share anything copyrighted or proprietary. Code Essay? As the contrast college school essay temporary injunction is over and the permanent injunction doesn’t mention any videos or photos except the video of her trying to perform an episiotomy, I am posting them all back. Already I’m getting nasty comments from supposedly Amanda Lollar in disguise on my YouTube channel. Amanda Lollar is still spending Bat World Sanctuary money to buy fans. She buys fans. Code Critical Essay? It appears she made a lot of the “positive” reviews on her Guidestar account. I’m pretty sure she wrote all of the ones that start off with “Amanda is an amazing person!” It’s pretty obvious. October 12, 2012: Amanda Lollar is duke questions using Bat World donations to place ads to buy Facebook fans. If fans are donating it would make sense.

If they are not, they are just an ego booster for Lollar. I was given a coupon for da vinci code free Facebook ads. I ran and wrath, ad. I got fans but no donations so it wouldn’t make sense to continue. October 5, 2012: Randy Turner attorney faxed me a letter stating that I am violating the court order.

He stated I didn’t remove everything in the order. Essay? I went through all of my sites again. There is nothing in nature's wrath essay this page that is in the order. I am not violating the order. I did post the order. The order does not state I can’t post the da vinci critical order which is a public document. And again, everything in the order is the absolute truth. It is not defamation. Some items are about Randy Turner who is not a plaintiff in the case so that can’t be defamation.

Some are items government agencies or members of the public wrote. Again, that can’t be my defamation. Some are items Amanda Lollar herself wrote such as her manual. That can’t possibly be my defamation. In my appeal I of course have listed all of the items and shown that they are not defamation. I will be posting this public legal document on my appeal’s page linked above. I will be posting the actual sources of what I posted here. This is an email exchange between Lollar’s direct neighbor and duke mba essay, the City Manager. Her neighbor stated her building was gutted. Code? The City Manager said her personal items were removed.

Evans is the neighbor. Student? Rusher is the new owner. Lance is the City Manager. Below this I post the actual document so you can read it yourself. THEY wrote those things. That can’t be my defamation. From: Sharlet Evans To: Lance Howerton 01/17/12. FYI: Rusher spent Saturday gutting the da vinci critical essay building.

He is working in wrath essay the evening, also. Have you or Robert spoken with him yet, to see what his intentions are, for the building? Best regards, Sharley Evans. From: Lance Howerton To: Sharlet Evans Robert has spoken to both Michael and Jonathan Rusher about the building and has made them aware that the building cannot be used simply for warehousing. Critical? Robert also told me that they are working on the inside of the building and trying to clean it up and phd thesis, also get the rest of Amanda Lollar’s belongings out of the building. The Rushers told Robert that they understood what the uses of the da vinci code critical building could be and student nurses, that they had a couple of prospects that they might be able to put into the building. Hopefully, this answers your questions at this point. Lance Howerton City Manager. Here is a link to the document Link. October 3, 2012: I did a judicial information act request to get a copy of Judge Bonnie Sudderth’s request for vacation during the exact time of my trial.

The request was not made by critical Judge Bonnie. It was made by phd thesis literature review someone else on February 10, 2012. Da Vinci? This was after we had our court date set. The person who made the request was not on vacation that week. I don’t know what to make of this. The request was not made by the court coordinator.

I won’t say who made the request because I’m sure the person is innocent of literature, any wrong doing. It does make me wonder if the fact that Judge William Brigham donated to Judge Bonnie Sudderth’s campaign to critical essay be a Judge might have had something to do with it. Judge Sudderth was fair in her pre-trial motions. Dewey Essays? Of course she had Judge Brigham over see the temporary injunction hearing and my trial. I’d rather Judge Sudderth had been unfair in da vinci the pre-trial motions and fair for the injunction hearing and trial. Nothing I can do about it now. Just saw that the law firm of Bailey Galyen donated money to Judge Bonnie Sudderth. Someone pointed out to me that Randy Turner and his wife Patti Gearhart Turner were (are?) part of the Innocence Project I believe of Texas. Essays? The Innocence Project helps those wrongly accused of crimes who are in prison. Supposedly Turner worked to free innocent people from prison. I believe the client did pay him $300/hr.

This is extremely ironic which just shows you how personal Randy Turner has made this case. I’m sure he realizes his client is guilty of animal cruelty, animal neglect, violations of the health code, Animal Welfare Act, Texas Parks Wildlife Department not to code critical mention libel, defamation, yet he is aiding and iowa creative writing mfa, abetting her. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? He is helping someone who violates the law to harm an innocent person, me. I made honest reports with photos and videos. She was investigated.

She was not found to be innocent of all charges as she falsely claims. That’s why she sold the wild sanctuary building. In a letter to the City she claimed she couldn’t stand all the complaints against her so she’s moving out. The new owner as per the City Manager and neighbor “gutted” the building and “removed” Lollar’s personal belongings. I posted the email which proves this here.

I am merely copy/pasting the city official’s words. September 19, 2012: Bat World Sanctuary buying more ads on Facebook. Here is contrast college essay but one and it has a misspelling. September 17, 2012: Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary has been buying ads on Facebook to get more fans. Code Essay? Here is one of number, her ads. Amanda Lollar ordered parts of the transcript of the da vinci last hearing. Duke? I got a copy of it at a discount for that reason. Judge Jeffrey Walker stated that Judge Bonnie Sudderth requested Judge William Brigham to da vinci critical oversee my trial. I can understand why she would not want to literature review oversee my trial because Judge Brigham oversaw my temporary injunction hearing.

Judge Bonnie Sudderth stated at the hearing to amend and void the injunction that she would not have forced me to remove items I did not write, post or control. Judge William Brigham forced me to remove items I did not write, post, control and had not even seen. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? The Appeals Court is the only way to deal with this issue now. September 7, 2012: I just saw my appeal online. Essays? Here it is.Case number 02-12-00285-CV. I filed notice of da vinci critical, appeal twice. Court should be getting the creative mfa second notice soon. Da Vinci? I just sent in my Civil Docketing Statement.

September 6, 2012: Just looked at Judge Jeffrey Walker’s order on my motion to reconsider recusal. Duke Mba Essay? He wrote that my motions were not timely. I waited until after Judge William Brigham ruled in the trial to complain. Judge Jeffrey Walker is wrong. I did not know I could file a motion to recuse him or else I would have done it the da vinci critical essay second I knew he would be the Judge. Also, I filed the nurses essays motion before Judge William Brigham signed the order.

The oral order and written order are very different. On top of critical essay, this the Judge did not notify me on my right to recuse the Judge. While Judges cannot give legal advice they MUST advise pro se litigants of phd thesis literature, their rights. I’ve been in small claims before and if there is a substitute Judge, the substitute tells everyone they have the essay right to writing mfa recuse. I didn’t know I could do it in district court. Critical? Judge William Brigham did not notify me of this. Phd Thesis Review? I even quoted a case where a Judge failed to tell a defendant he could appeal his decision. The court ultimately ruled in the favor of the pro se defendant because the Judge had a duty to inform him of da vinci critical essay, his rights. Judge Jeffrey Walker even remembered the case I cited but still ruled against me. I don’t believe this was a fair ruling. I filed the motion to recuse the moment I realized that I could.

I filed it within two hours. In the written order Judge Jeffrey Walker cites TRCP 18 a(h)(1). There is no such rule. There is only TRCP 18 a(h). There is no (1). September 4, 2012: I just filed an wrath essay amended motion for new trial, modify court order along with a request for findings of fact and motion for telephonic hearing. Hopefully these will be set for da vinci essay hearings soon.

September 1, 2012: Randy Turner just lost a lawsuit. Compare Contrast College School? He thinks a Judge doesn’t understand the law. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? “Randy Turner, Phillips’ attorney, says he’s confident the compare school ruling won’t stand. “This will be a short-lived victory. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind it will be reversed by the Dallas Court of Appeals,” he says. “Problem is, we have a trial judge who unfortunately didn’t understand the law. I don’t blame her. She’s a family law judge and doesn’t deal with things like this.” The case had to do with family law. His client received a lot of da vinci critical, money for being in prison when he was innocent. Questions? His wife wanted some of the da vinci critical money because they were married while he was in prison and she had a baby with him. Last night I tried to get to my MySpace account but couldn’t. I thought it was a glitch. I tried again this morning and phd thesis literature, my account is gone. I didn’t even get an code essay email.

I bet Amanda Lollar reported my account saying it violated the court order. I just got the order around 5:00 pm yesterday. Here is a copy of literature, my MySpace page. Da Vinci Code Essay? If Amanda Lollar did indeed get my account deleted illegally, I will be adding this to my lawsuit against her. August 31, 2012: I just received the Judge’s signed order. I just removed all of the 100% truthful statements which I made about Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary. Every word I posted was the absolute truth. I believe Amanda Lollar just wanted them removed because they make her look bad. People have been reporting and complaining about Amanda Lollar for years. I replaced the missing items with ***.

I will be posting the Judge’s signed order. It’s a public document. You can see what I deleted from this page. August 25, 2012: I have not received Judge Jeffrey Walker’s court order yet but the creative writing mfa Plaintiffs have. They posted it online.

I lost my motion to reconsider recusal. Da Vinci Critical Essay? I don’t agree with the Judge’s ruling. I had new facts and evidence. Dewey Number Essays? Judge Brigham must be recused from overseeing over code my motion for new trial and objections to judgement. I filed my initial motion to contrast high recuse as timely as possible because they never told me Brigham would preside over my trial.

As a pro code critical essay se I should have been notified of my right to recuse Judge Brigham the second he showed up at dewey essays trial. I was denied a fair trial. Plaintiffs also posted part of the Judge’s previous order. I was supposedly sanctioned under Rule 18 (a)(h) 1. I can’t be legally sanctioned under this Rule as I read it. I didn’t file the motion to delay anything. Plus there is code critical no Rule 18(a)(h)1. Dewey Number? There is code critical no “1.” I just read a few articles on recusal and went through Rule 18 again. The only phd thesis literature reason I can think why I lost was because of da vinci code, timeliness. Duke Mba Essay? Again, I wrote and filed a recusal within two hours of knowing that Brigham would be the Judge in my upcoming hearings.

The articles did say that the da vinci essay proper way to deal with a Judge not applying law properly or reading exhibits is by appeal. August 23, 2012: This is questions tooo funny. I just received this “anonymous” email. “SOMEONE WHO HAS POSTED BAD THINGS ABOUT YOU HAS AGREED TO DISMANTLE ALL THE NEGATIVE STUFF ON-LINE ABOUT YOU IF YOU DO THE SAME FIRST THE BLOGGING HAS RUINED YOUR LIFE FINANCIALLY BUT YOU CAN TAKE THIS STEP TO MUTUALLY GET RID OF ALL THE NEGATIVE STUFF WHEN YOUR NEGATIVE CRAP LEAVES THE WEB SO WILL THEIRS.” One, all caps. Critical Essay? Trying to hide writing style. Two, intentional bad grammar. Again, trying to number hide writing style. Da Vinci? Who could this be?

How ever will I know what to remove? I’ve only essays posted negative yet totally honest things about Eric Shupps and Amanda Lollar. Those are the two who currently have posted negative things about me. I made this offer to critical Shupps earlier but he refused. Instead he posted more crap about me. Is this because the Judge signed the court order ordering WordPress to give me the identities of the college essay two WordPress bloggers who are most likely Shupps and Lollar. How extremely childish. At least they admit they caused financial damages. August 22, 2012: Amanda Lollar is still posting juvenile nasty comments about me on her websites/blogs. She is critical extremely concerned with my physical appearance. I’m starting to think she may be a lesbian.

She did tell me that she can’t wait to compare college high school essay get rid of her husband Larry. Da Vinci Code? She said after she divorces him she has no desire to be with a man again. These posts and comments are really going to make her look horrible in trial. I never made any comments about her looks. I only care about her actions toward animals. August 20, 2012: Just filed Defendant’s Motion to Reconsider Recusal of Judge William Brigham and sanctions. Literature? Here is the da vinci code critical filing. Creative? I believe I am legally entitled to recuse and disqualify Judge Brigham.

I also filed motion for telephonic hearing if it’s an option. August 18, 2012: Got back from Texas last night. Da Vinci Critical Essay? I lost my motion to literature recuse on technicalities. Plaintiffs lost their motion for sanctions because my motion was not groundless. Code? Judge Jeffrey Walker overall was fine. I still believe I was in the right with my motion. It was timely. There isn’t even a hearing date for my motion for new trial, objections to court order. I most certainly filed my motion to recuse at nature's essay least ten days before that hearing date. Randy Turner again tried to say that I wrote, posted some items which I most certainly did not. I couldn’t verify it in the court room but I did just now.

Before court I went to da vinci critical the clerk’s office to look at the docket and duke, filings online. 206 filings in this silly little meritless case.Here it is. Randy Turner obviously was trying to paper me to death. Da Vinci? In trial he said he’s never spent (wasted?) more time on a case ever. I personally have never sued anyone if I didn’t think I could get something out of it. That would be stupid.

I believe Randy Turner continued with this meritless case out of duke, stubbornness, ego and spite. August 14, 2012: Someone is da vinci critical posting a lot of blog entries as “Randy Turner Fort Worth Attorney” on random articles. I think Randy Turner gave more money to Reputation Defender. He is wasting his money. This will not help the search engine results for his name. He should make RD give him back all of creative, his money. They haven’t helped his reputation at all. August 10, 2012: I filed my response to Plaintiffs’ Motion for Rule 13 sanctions and response to my motion to recuse Judge William Brigham.

It’s here. Texas attorney Randy Turner’s filing was riddled with mistakes, errors and huge lies. Because he’s done this repeatedly, I don’t believe it’s a mistake. Da Vinci Critical? I believe he is intentionally lying to the court. He most certainly did that in the trial. He told the Judge I admitted to posting something in my deposition. I did not post that. I didn’t admit to posting it. It was written by an anon person.

Then Randy Turner cried crocodile tears. It’s bad enough when a woman does that but a man? Extremely pathetic and low. I’ve never met a more despicable attorney in my life, and I’ve met a lot of lawyers. The post in phd thesis literature question merely stated he was unethical which he is. We have a hearing this Friday. August 2, 2012: Attorney Randy Turner just filed a crazy response to my motion to da vinci code critical essay recuse and for Rule 13 sanctions. Again, he does not let facts stand in his way.

I did not add Eric Shupps to duke my Federal lawsuit. I don’t have the subpoena response to essay that item yet. Iowa? I would be suing Shupps because of code critical, his behavior after the trial. He is duke libeling me on da vinci the Internet as a private individual. They also sent veiled threats against me and my volunteers. Phd Thesis Review? I did add Dottie Hyatt to my Federal lawsuit. I added her because she’s on the board of directors. I was going to add her from the da vinci code critical beginning and I told her as such. I didn’t add her because she was a witness in the Texas lawsuit. That’s absurd.

I had to add the board of directors because it seems their DO Insurance was dropped. I need to go after them personally for my damages. The temporary injunction is now void as the trial is over. I can post those items if I like though I have not done so. A last note. Mba Essay Questions? The court of appeals sent me a letter saying that the court order has not yet been signed. Da Vinci Critical Essay? They can’t accept the case until the court order is signed. I will call them tomorrow to verify. I also got a copy of the Judge’s letter saying he won’t recuse himself voluntarily. Here it is.What’s this “Dear Jeff” stuff? Not even trying to hide how well they know each other.

August 1, 2012: I just emailed most of the users I received from my subpoena. I’m giving them two days to remove their blogs and comments. Student Nurses Essays? If they don’t, I add them to code essay the lawsuit. Most of the users were Amanda Lollar and Rebecca Dmytryk. Obviously I will still be suing these two. July 31, 2012: Here is a sampling of Amanda Lollar talking to herself about me in a few user names on duke questions her YouTube channel. Talk about code childish. How embarrassing.

No wonder she fought the subpoenas. BWSvMC: Repeating what KerryKessler posted: The symptoms of psychopathy include: lack of a conscience or sense of guilt, lack of nurses essays, empathy, egocentricity, pathological lying, repeated violations of social norms, disregard for the law, shallow emotions, and a history of victimizing others. Psychopaths cannot understand the emotional value people attach to certain words, only their? dictionary definition, thus their attempt? to use emotional words leads to consequential clumsiness. -Hare, R. (1999). Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us. MsJryan72: Mary looks toxic! Wow what an da vinci code essay evil human being? she is. Bottom is a long way down for her!!

Clara24CA: Oh, did I mention that it looks like her hair is doing everything it can to student nurses depart her wrinkling head? I’ve looked better the? morning after a sorority initiation.(Amanda didn’t even finish high school let alone attend college) Clara24CA: I’ve only watched 5 videos so far and I can CLEARLY tell this woman in insane. Who the da vinci code critical hell, qualified to scratch their nose in the field, doesn’t know that Iso (Isoflurane) is nature's wrath perfectly legal for civilian use almost everywhere EXCEPT California? And beat me with a judge’s gavel, but who the da vinci essay hell receives a certificate of being an “expert” in college high school anything? Einstein never received such a document, Dr. Stephen Hawking – to my knowledge – has never received such a document, nor any other individual, scholar or otherwise. I’ve seen Ms. Scummin’s (sorry typo) resume’ and if I laughed any harder? I’d be stuffing organs back up through my privates. She has absolutely NO room to be slapping anyone about education, in my opinion. WHAT A MORON!”

Talk about childish attacks on me personally. Amanda Lollar seems to be very into code critical essay looks. She really has a chip on her shoulder because she didn’t even finish high school. And why is she talking about her privates? That’s disgusting.

July 30, 2012: The identities of the John Does who’ve been libeling me are … Amanda Lollar, Rebecca Dmytryk and a few more. Mainly it’s bat lady and her friend Dmytryk. The data also proves they pre-dated the posts to essay appear to be out of statute of limitations. They aren’t. Amanda Lollar pretended to be a 24 year old girl named Clara from code critical, California who works with Bat Conservation. She also pretended to contrast high essay be Ms J Ryan born in 1972. Da Vinci Code Essay? Nope, just a 56 year old woman in wrath essay Mineral Wells, Texas commenting to herself.

She sure had some nasty and defamatory things to say about me. Lollar was literally having conversations with herself. Just got an updated Fish Wildlife response. Bat World has a FW permit for the flying fox but they lied on their application. They said Denise Tomlinson who lives in Florida will be in charge of care of the bat.

She lives in Florida. Bat is in Texas. Bat World also said ONLY personnel go into the fruit bat cage. How di Randy Turner end up in there? He’s not trained personnel, doesn’t even have his pre-exposure shots. July 26, 2012: Judge Jeff Walker will be hearing my motion to da vinci code critical recuse Judge William Brigham. I believe if Brigham is recused, that means the order, because it was never signed, must be thrown out. A new Judge can’t sign the order because he didn’t hear the case. A new trial with a new judge would be in order. Back to Texas. My friends at literature review the ACLU stated that Randy Turner and Amanda Lollar should have waited for the order to be signed before releasing news.

July 24, 2012: Just spoke with court coordinator. Judge William Brigham has not signed an order. Code Essay? He received my motion to recuse him which is why he did not sign the order. He wrote a letter to Administrative Judge Jeff Walker stating he will not recuse himself voluntarily, I think. I am now awaiting Judge Jeff Walker to nature's wrath essay set the hearing for motion to recuse Judge William Brigham. Judge Jeff Walker is supposedly the code one who appointed Judge William Brigham to oversee my trial for “judicial” reasons, whatever that means. Just won my hearing on dewey essays motion to compel Google to code critical reply to subpoena.

They will give me the John Does. July 22, 2012: I forgot to post this a while ago. A complaint was filed against school essay attorney Randy Turner. Code Critical? Not by me. Iowa Creative? I’ll be filing one later. Da Vinci Code Essay? Randy Turner admitted this in compare college high school essay email.

May 17, 2011: “The only other grievance filed against code essay me in compare contrast high my career was by a defendant I sued in a pro bono animal case.” I’m not the only one complaining about Randy Turner. July 17, 2012: Judge gave his oral order June 14, 2012. Still no signed order. I haven’t received a notice of code essay, hearing on my motion for new trial and objections to number court order or my motion to recuse Judge William Brigham. I will go through more of the items from the proposed court order. They are all the TRUTH. I will also call the court today to da vinci essay see what is happening. Bat World admits on contrast college high their facebook page they’re making money off benefit wines. Larry Crittenden posted this comment “Larry Crittenden: Doing my best to help [hic], it’s for the bats, you know. ;)” This is actually sad. When I was in the kitchen around midnight with Amanda Lollar washing up after feeding babies Larry Crittenden came downstairs from the da vinci essay bedroom with a bottle of red wine that was open. He then put the mba essay corked bottle of RED wine into the FREEZER.

One, you don’t chill red wine. True connoisseurs don’t even chill white wine. Two, if you chill any wine, you put it in the frig. Da Vinci? If you put a corked bottle of nurses, wine into the freezer it will either burst or spill out and freeze. Critical? He must have been drunk to college essay accidentally put it in the freezer. Amanda Lollar gave him a strange look when he did it. Da Vinci Code Critical? She said he drinks too much.

Then I told her he can’t put a corked bottle in creative writing the freezer. Code Critical Essay? She put it in the frig. Amanda Lollar herself also drinks but just beer. I’d see her drink 2-3 beers a night while feeding the unreleasable bats while watching movies. Sad lives to drink too much. I am going to go statement by statement from the order to show that what I posted was 100% the truth. Here is the first statement, ******* Yes, they do. Amanda Lollar admitted this in the trial, at hearings, in her deposition and in the following documents, even her own book and duke mba essay questions, website.

Here is proof that I told the truth. July 14, 2012: Went through my trial notes. When Judge William Brigham came into the court room he said paraphrased “I have been assigned this case by da vinci code essay District Judge Jeff Walker. There are judicial reasons for duke me to da vinci code essay hear this case.” I know Judge Bonnie Sudderth did not want to rule on student essays another Judge’s ruling. Da Vinci? I know that Randy Turner wanted Judge William Brigham to hear this case because they have a “relationship.” District Judge Jeff Walker will be the school essay one who reads my motion to da vinci recuse. This may not go too well.

I think it was Texas politics at play. My Texas relatives warned me. Two days ago I saw a case summary of my case on Judge Bonnie Sudderth’s personal website. It was not accurate. This is not Judge Bonnie Sudderth’s fault because she didn’t preside over the trial. I realize her intern was there during the trial but he didn’t see the exhibits and dewey number, was not the da vinci Judge.

I feel if Judge Bonnie Sudderth had presided over the case and there were no Texas politics, the outcome and case summary would have been very different. I asked Judge Sudderth to either edit or remove the case summary because it was not accurate. Number Essays? Again, there was no proof of any silly “Google bombs” because they are impossible and da vinci code critical, I didn’t even try to do that. I only do legal and proper SEO. Judge Sudderth kindly removed the case summary.

July 13, 2012: UPDATE: Just figured out how to get a new Judge. Just filed motion to recuse Judge William Brigham as the Judge in my case. Here is the filing. Here is a more legible version.I should have been given notice that Judge William Brigham would be the judge for the trial at least ten days before the trial started. I was not given notice. I would have objected for nature's wrath essay obvious reasons if I’d been given notice. Made a typo. Had to file a notice of errata here. I accidentally typed “motion to da vinci essay rescue” instead of “motion to recuse.” I do more rescuing than I do recusing.

Just found out that Judge William Brigham is still handling my case. That means he will read my motion for new trial, objections to judgment and compare high school essay, notice of appeal. This makes no sense. There is a MAJOR conflict of interest with Randy Turner and Judge William Brigham. Need to figure out how to get a new Judge.

Just saw Bat World Sanctuary’s 990 form from the IRS for 2010. Essay? Here it is. Contrast College High School Essay? This shows that Amanda Lollar lied in court to the Judge. Essay? She had more revenue than she claimed on the chart she made. I also see that Leslie Sturges and phd thesis literature, Kate Rugroden are listed as board members. I will be adding them to da vinci critical my California case. Nice to have everyone’s addresses here.

I already added the other board members last week. I contacted Sturges and she told me she was no longer on number the board. That’s not what this 990 says. She was a board member when I was injured. Take a look at the $25,000 cash she had at the end of 2010. When I was there she said she was so broke she was going to da vinci essay have to shut down Bat World. Why would she shut down her money maker? Bat World pays her rent.

Another interesting thing is the supposed amount of money she spent to rehab a few bats. She took in 422 bats and compare, released 234 bats at da vinci critical essay a cost of nature's, $128,000. That’s $547 per released bat or $303 for each bat she took in. I don’t think that’s real. Da Vinci Code? Plus, that would be a live release rate of writing mfa, 55% which would be horrible.

Mine is around 90% live release. I took in essay $2,500 in 2005 and rescued 1,300 animals or $2/animal. My animals are bigger, eat more food, must be housed separately. I did get some food donations but still. Plus how did she spend $19,000 educating people about bats? You take some bats to writing a school and talk for da vinci essay an hour or so. Not only that but they get paid for the presentations. This tax return was signed 12/11. That means they were late. More interesting things about student essays this tax return. Here is her exhibit which she gave to the Judge about her finances.

Mine is also in here. My chart shows the revenue based on her bank statements. Code Essay? It looks like she just made her’s up out of thin air. Here it is.I showed mine to the Judge and attached all of the iowa creative writing mfa actual bank statements. They were accepted as an exhibit. Da Vinci Code Critical? Lollar just handed this one page chart with no underlying documents. In order to prove defamation you must show financial damages, same with breach of contract. There were no damages. Texas, probably the dewey essays most unjust state in da vinci code essay the US.

I really thought CA or NY would be more corrupt but I’m obviously wrong. As per her chart which she presented to the Judge as BWS revenue 2007 $135,051, 2008 $124,848, 2009 $144,543, 2010 $132,775, 2011 $72,289. As per compare college high school essay, the summary of da vinci critical, her financial documents which I am allowed to share 2010 $93,198, 2011 $170,891. College High School Essay? She manipulated these numbers to make it seem that her 2010 income was higher and 2011 income was lower. Her 2011 income was more than double what she showed the Judge. As per her IRS form 2006 $110,000, 2007 $154,119, 2008 $130,610, 2009 $149,703, 2010 $145,348. All three of these reports are very different. Da Vinci Essay? I believe that means they are not true. I’ll get ahold of her 2011 990 form. July 12, 2012: More perjury by Amanda Lollar? In her deposition I asked her if B.A.T.S. owned the building at 115 N.E.

1st St. She said “no, Bat World owned the building.” B.A.T.S. transferred the building to Bat World right before she sold it this year. In court Amanda Lollar said she only sold the bottom half of the building. Number? She sold the entire building. Da Vinci Code Essay? Such bold faced lies and for absolutely no reason. Activity in Yahoo group WorldBatLine has decreased over the years. Phd Thesis Review? This happened before I ever went to Bat World.Here is the proof.

Amanda Lollar admitted in code trial she had no proof that I caused any damages or anything at Bat World. She also admitted she had no proof of financial damages. More proof that the Judge did not rule according to the facts and evidence presented at trial. Contrast? You must show damages and causation for both defamation and breach of contract. July 10, 2012: Someone just told me what Microsoft Certified means. It means someone paid Microsoft $150 to take a 90 minute test about Microsoft products. It doesn’t mean they were trained or worked at code essay Microsoft.

Sounds like a great racket almost like EST or Summit. There are many different tests you can take at different levels. Some offer cheat sheets. I mention this because that looks like the college high school essay only “training” Eric Shupps has. Code? I bet I could easily become certified in some Microsoft products.

Last week I asked Eric Shupps @eshupps of phd thesis literature review, BinaryWave SharePoint to stop libeling me. I said I’d stop responding with the truth if he would stop libeling me. Da Vinci Critical Essay? I did not Google bomb. Nature's Wrath? I did not write the articles. He continued to da vinci code libel me.

I then emailed him again telling him that I’m sending subpoenas out for the identities of the compare school Twitter, WordPress accounts. He Tweeted that he would not speak to me in email. He would only communicate with me publicly on Twitter. Code Essay? I tweeted the same to him on public Twitter as he requested. His reply was “did you write this?” Eric Shupps is dewey number all hat and no cattle. I will continue to post the truth every time he libels me. I will be adding him to my defamation lawsuit. What he said in critical essay court was protected but what he said outside of court is not. This is very interesting. This Twitter account is related to ones that are libeling me.

It is Kelly Bozeman’s Twitter account. She is the paralegal for dewey number attorney Randy Turner. Kelly Bozeman’s twitter account. Code Essay? Looks like she’s just a paralegal part time. Her business card and phone number are in there. Randy Turner defamed me and now it looks like his assistant is probably also defaming me via Twitter user Daisy Peachtree @peachtreedaisy. I just won my motion to extend discovery and add parties. I will be sending out subpoenas to get the identities of the people libeling me. I can add them to my CA Federal defamation lawsuit against Amanda Lollar and nature's, Bat World Sanctuary.

I believe Lollar et al were defaming me like crazy this week thinking I would not be able to da vinci critical essay send subpoenas to get the identities or add others to the lawsuit. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I saw what you Tweeted. Amanda Lollar, Eric Shupps and friends. Think wisely before you act. If you show up at my volunteers’ homes, they have been instructed to call the police immediately. If you post their addresses, I will post yours. I offered a truce last week and instead you continue to nurses harass me. Just to give people an idea about Amanda Lollar’s friends I may post the criminal rap sheet and mug shot of her female LA attorney friend. Amanda Lollar stated in court she is working with this person.

Amanda Lollar also admitted to working with Rebecca Dmytryk. Dmytryk who was kicked off the oil spill team also went bankrupt. She was then sued for bankruptcy fraud and lost. Because of her behavior the California Wildlife Center had to get a restraining order against her. I think the da vinci code critical essay order is linked below. Both of nurses, these women have histories of physical violence. These are Amanda Lollar’s friends. I just filed a notice of appeal.I filed a motion for new trial June 18, 2012. I had to file within 30 days of the end of trial which I did.

I must file my appeal within 90 days of the end of trial or September 14, 2012. I still have not received the Judge’s signed order. July 9, 2012: Legally I can’t sue witness Eric Shupps for any libel or defamation he said in court. I can try to get the court to go after him for perjury. Da Vinci Essay? He knew the software did not and could not show the iowa creative true author yet he said I authored the articles. He knew it was possible for people to take pdfs, photos, copy/paste text from my website and post them elsewhere yet he said I did that. He also lied and said that an article was posted 40 minutes after it was on my website. There’s no way anyone can ever know the exact minute I posted something on my website. Plus, he is da vinci code wrong. I only saw the mba essay Indybay articles for the first time when a Google bot alerted me to them after they were posted. I can however sue him for libel, defamation, slander that he said outside of the code critical essay courtroom.

That would be his recent tweets. That would also be the items he put on Amanda Lollar’s website about Google bombs. That was not part of court testimony. Those items are untrue defamation. They also do not prove that I set off a “Google bomb.” Google bombs are impossible today.

Oddly enough Eric Shupps and Amanda Lollar are trying to dewey number essays set off a Google bomb on Twitter. They are just spamming. Amanda Lollar has publicly shared a copy of my driver’s license. I have not shared her driver’s license. So far these people have libeled, threatened and harassed me. Da Vinci Essay? I have not returned the favor. Perhaps I should. Phd Thesis? One good thing is that Lollar and da vinci code critical, friends think that I can’t add them or any new libel to my lawsuit. For this reason they are being totally reckless and crazy.

I’ve copied all of it. They are wrong in their assumption. July 8, 2012: Soon I will start posting a ton of videos of Amanda Lollar’s deposition. Nurses Essays? She thinks it’s fine to post mine so I’m sure she be thankful if I return the code critical favor. I will share such videographic gems as “where does it say that I CAN’T perform surgery? Where?” and paraphrased “I only finished the wrath 9th grade” and “I learned everything from da vinci essay, trial and review, error!” I finally viewed her entire deposition video. I will also be doing a “best of” attorney Randy Turner. Code Essay? I had no idea he was chewing his fingers, staring at me, patting his belly, staring at me, laughing at a joke someone sent him via email… I’m amazed that he lied to the newscaster and said the stills of phd thesis review, him at code critical essay my depo are him but the descriptions I wrote are “all lies!” Why would I lie about someone let alone a nasty attorney? Plus, you can clearly see him do these things in the video. Why would I lie about something that was videotaped?

This is kind of ironic. Had he settled in mediation he could have gotten most of these things removed forever. Instead he chooses to literature review waste more of code essay, his time, money only to receive no money and all of the duke questions items and critical essay, then some stay online. Not very wise. The trial is over so the compare contrast college school essay temporary injunction is da vinci critical now void. I can repost the photos and videos. I will wait to compare college high essay see the da vinci final order before I do that. In the meantime I will post photos that weren’t in the preliminary order.

Some pics of duke, Amanda Lollar performing surgery. She is code critical giving the bat oxygen because it stopped breathing because she gave it too much anesthesia. Student Nurses Essays? She tried to suture the bat but ripped out the critical essay stitches. She ended up just putting some glue on the bat. Here Amanda Lollar is holding a bat which she told us most likely had rabies in iowa writing her bare hand. The temporary injunction said I couldn’t post the video. It didn’t say anything about stills. *** Here she is pinching and da vinci code critical, pulling the head of a baby bat with her finger nails. Later you would see some blood there.

Baby died though it was born pink. Amanda Lollar is pulling the baby by its head. Makes you wonder why it died. She said “she’s going to prolapse” at nature's this exact frame. Amanda Lollar is pulling the baby and the umbilicus. The placenta is still attached to the uterine wall here as you can see by the tight cord. You can see the vagina inverting.

It is pink. The placenta is dark red and still attached. That would mean the uterus was being pulled down through the vagina. The mom is kicking and da vinci code, screaming. Contrast College High Essay? You see her convulse then she passed out, thank god.

In Lollar’s book she says never pull the umbilicus yet she pulled it. Da Vinci Code? I think she meant to writing cut it with her fingernail but she forgot she was wearing gloves for once. You should never pull the cord because you can cause uterine inversion, prolapse. I will do a more detailed break down still by still. She said “the opening is da vinci critical too big” at dewey number essays this frame. The entire video is critical available online. July 6, 2012: Just received a letter from phd thesis, attorney Randy Turner of da vinci code essay, Bailey Galyen. I’d noted below that he sent a letter with the judgment directly to Judge William Brigham’s home address. Yes, he blacked out the address but he blacked it out character for character. I noticed that it was the same length as the Judge’s home address.

Judge William Brigham called up Randy Turner’s office and told them to send the letter to the court instead of his house as he doesn’t conduct business at student nurses home. Da Vinci Critical? Here’s the letter. Judge’s home address is not in it. I still wonder why they even had his home address. Kelly Bozeman said she didn’t know where to send the letter because Judge William Brigham was a visiting Judge. William Brigham retired in 1999 and has been a visiting Judge since that time. That means they haven’t had a case before him before as a visiting Judge. I assume that means they had his home address because Randy Turner is friends with the Judge. Turner did tell me that he’s known this Judge for nature's essay years.

Good ole boys? July 4, 2012: Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary continues to buy domain names in her quest to libel and defame me. She is buying domain names with my name in them and Randy Turner’s name. She still can’t get the domain names to pull up in the search results she wants. She’s wasting a ton of money buying all those names.

It is at least great evidence for my defamation case against her. July 2, 2012: Here is Eric Shupps resume, curriculum vitae. Just as I remembered, no education. A note. MVPs are volunteers. Critical? They don’t work for Microsoft.

They give “Most Valuable Professional” designation to compare college high school essay people who promote their products as volunteers. I do beta testing for some software and I am also an MVP. It doesn’t mean much. Based on his resume he has jumped around from one job to the next for many years. Not very stable. I also noted that he started working in 1985. He was born 11-4-1971. That means he started working at 14.

Sounds like another possible high school drop out. That would explain all the grammatical errors in his resume and the fact that he tries to sound “educated.” Is it common to drop out of high school in Texas? It is very, very uncommon where I live. Da Vinci Code? Lollar is the first person I’ve known who dropped out of nature's, high school. Just read through Eric Shupps of BinaryWave trial transcript.

Here is da vinci my cross examination of Eric Shupps of BinaryWave, Sharepoint. The minutes make him look really bad. Dewey Number? He comes across as totally crazy. I’m amazed he’d allow Amanda Lollar to post them. It is extremely clear he does not know what he is critical essay talking about. He admits he’s not an expert. He admits he’s never used the software before for a client. He also comes across as a want-to-appear-to-be-a-know-it-all. He uses basic words incorrectly. I think he’s trying to appear “learned” by using bigger words but he doesn’t know the meaning, such as “Google bomb.” I think he has a chip on his shoulder because he didn’t go to college, just like Amanda Lollar. Duke Mba Essay? Randy Turner, Amanda Lollar, Eric Shupps.

Three very similar ego-centric people. The perfect storm. PS, Turner did go to college and da vinci code essay, law school. I’m not saying he is not educated. College High School Essay? He just has a similar personality to the other two. Some of the trial transcript of my cross-examination of da vinci essay, Eric Shupps of BinaryWave. Eric Shupps: I’m sorry, Your Honor. I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask questions. Judge William Brigham: You’re not. You’re to nurses respond to the questions Ms. Cummins asks you.

(BY MS. CUMMINS) Have you ever been an expert witness in deposition for authorship? Q. Have you ever been an expert witness for authorship before? Q. So this is your first time? Eric Shupps: Yes. Q. Well, then let me ask you a question: If you were to give this software program the possible authors of Groucho, Chico, and Harpo Marx and then you gave it a copy of Moby Dick, and asked them which Marx Brothers wrote of the Marx Brothers wrote it, would it have to pick one of the Marx brothers? Eric Shupps: Yes, it would.

That’s what closed class attribution is essay all about. Q. So you just stated that you’re not an expert? Eric Shupps: I believe I have maintained that all along. Yes. Q. Do you realize that this software is a beta software?

Eric Shupps: Of course, yes. Q. Again, do you have some physical proof or evidence that can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I absolutely wrote and posted those articles on Indybay? Eric Shupps: There is no evidence that would exist to that. Q. A few last questions. You stated earlier that this is the first time you’ve been an dewey number expert witness in of law, correct? Eric Shupps: Correct. Q. Code Critical Essay? How many other times have you done authorship analysis of online content? How many other reports have you done for compare contrast college high school clients for da vinci code critical essay pay?

Eric Shupps: For clients for iowa writing pay. None. Q. Da Vinci Code? So this is the nature's wrath essay first time you’ve done one of these for a client, and it’s the first time you’ve been an expert witness in court, correct? Eric Shupps: That is correct. Q. And just so we’re clear, are you 100 percent certain that I wrote all of the blogs in da vinci critical Animal Advocates that you used that you attributed to me? Q. Okay. Nature's Essay? So you — have you ever heard of the term garbage in, garbage out? Eric Shupps: I’m very familiar with that term.

For the da vinci critical essay life of me I don’t know what possessed Eric Shupps to agree to be an “authorship” expert in this case. He is clearly not an authorship expert. He’s probably an expert on Sharepoint software, beer and whiskey. He’s also never testified in deposition or court before. This is the first time he used this free beta software for student a client. Even the author of the software said it should not be used to determine authorship or used in a court of law. I’m also shocked that attorney Randy Turner would put this guy on the stand. Da Vinci? He didn’t help his case.

When the Judge read the verdict he only mentioned the handwriting expert, not Eric Shupps. Dewey? I am not shocked that Amanda Lollar is now posting all over the Internet that Eric Shupps is an “expert” who “helped” her case. Clueless. She is just showing the world that she had no case. I googled for five minutes today. Code Critical Essay? Others have called him out about being an insecure jerk. Student Nurses? In one crazy exchange he asks someone if the new SharePoint has a plethora of new amenities. The guy says ya. Code? Then Eric Shupps grills him on the definition of “plethora.” Juvenile. I think Shupps was just jealous that he didn’t get to check the new software out first.

This reminds me of Amanda Lollar intentionally using the latin names of common bats instead of the iowa creative mfa regular name. She thinks it makes her look “smart.” I also saw that he just got a business loan for BinaryWave from Lighter Capital. Don’t they realize that Eric Shupps went bankrupt? He declared BinaryWave to be worth nothing. He defaulted on code critical essay a previous business loan. Why would anyone loan him money?

When I first looked at dewey number essays Eric Shupps @eshupps #sharepoint Twitter email mvp of BinaryWave’s resume and website I felt something fishy. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? It seemed really fake. Wrath Essay? When I met him in court my feelings were confirmed. Code Critical? Okay, first I incorrectly thought he was my process server so I said “hello.” Did not recognize him without the questions jeans, belt and cowboy hat. Essay? Anyway in court he basically just bullshitted about “Google bombs” when he didn’t even know the basic definition. He also bullshitted about the duke questions authorship software. His presentation was laughable yet he kept insisting. My gut feeling was correct. I ran one records check and da vinci, found a recent bankruptcy filing. Duke Mba Essay Questions? Here it is, a public document. His SS# is not listed.He ran up a bunch of credit cards, bought two trucks with loans, had a big loan on his little house, has an ex-wife, owes her child support, has a current wife, has two kids and is only 40.

He admits in his filing that his company BinaryWave is worthless. Essay? He admits he barely makes any money, definitely not enough to support his “lifestyle” of fine beer and whiskey and traveling abroad. That explains his behavior in court. He acted like he knew that I knew he was a fraud. So many frauds. Bat experts, IT experts… Eric Shupps stated that he had to take care of his dad who was dying of cancer. Nature's Wrath? That doesn’t jive with the bankruptcy docs or his Facebook page.

He filed for BK October 2010. His dad died January 2012. Plus, you don’t vacation around the world when your dad is dying. I didn’t leave town at all when I took care of my grandmother. I only see a small medical bill for a child in the docs. Story teller just like his clients. How do these people live with themselves with all the stories they tell? I’m trying to figure out code critical, how to duke questions get the courts to go after someone for perjury.

Donations were not down at Bat World as Lollar stated. They were way up. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? Lollar even made a fake chart for the Judge. Judge William Brigham has not sent his final judgment to the court as of today. He probably received it June 26. It should only take a day to review mail it. Perhaps he is da vinci code critical rewriting it so it doesn’t include prior restraint and third party writings. I sued Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary for my personal injury claim June 2012. They did not respond so I filed a request for default. Nurses Essays? I emailed their Los Angeles attorney twice about the case and no response. He responded today to say that he is not representing Lollar or Bat World.

The attorney representing them is not with Chubb. Code Critical Essay? I don’t know this for certain but it sounds like Bat World lost their insurance. I don’t blame Chubb. If they had any idea what they were doing at Bat World, they never would have insured them. Compare Contrast School Essay? I have EO insurance for my license. If I don’t renew in time or don’t renew, it does not cover me for past losses. Maybe that is what happened? She was denied a renewal and lost previous coverage. Lollar now has what I believe is a young attorney who passed the da vinci code bar 12/2009. He works out of wrath essay, a 600 sq.ft. Code Critical Essay? studio condo in Westwood. He doesn’t work for a firm.

June 29, 2012: Just received a copy of the proposed court order. This proves that the nature's wrath essay case was meritless. It also proves that the Judge did not read the exhibits. Da Vinci Code Critical? In court Judge Brigham ordered me to remove items in Exhibits 17 and 18. Exhibit 18 was items written and posted by others on websites I don’t control.

This proposed order does not have one word from compare contrast college, Exhibit 18. On top of this every item they want removed is the truth. There are 46 items, all are the truth. Most are not even statements of da vinci code, fact. Some are personal opinion. A few items have nothing to compare high do with Plaintiffs. Most were written by Lollar herself or government agencies.

Here it is. It is unconstitutional as it contains prior restraint. Da Vinci Code? They cannot force me not to post something in the future. It is also overly broad and against third parties. They cannot force me to remove items written by others. They want the rabies report against Bat World removed. That was written by compare college essay a government agency in code 1999, over ten years before I knew her.

She wants to hide all the negative things people have said about her over the past 18 years. She wants me to remove her 1994 manual where she recommends freezing bats to death which is inhumane. She believes her own manual is “defamation.” SHE wrote it! She wants me to remove this “***.” Lollar wrote this in a court document, “Defendant has made it impossible for Plaintiffs to remain in Mineral Wells because of her rampage of complaints to the city and health dept.” Lollar also wrote that she is leaving Mineral Wells because she can’t be bothered with all the complaints against her. I posted her letter to the city. In court she said three people have been complaining about her for years. She wants me to remove this *** Lollar brags about having a captive breeding colony. Writing Mfa? She posts their genealogy in her book and online. Da Vinci? The warden stated she is letting the bats breed in writing.

Those are the two main topics she wants removed. Both are the absolute truth. Here’s another *** Yes, she is. Her bats have tested positive for rabies. She is not checking people’s cards. Number Essays? She admitted this in court. She tried to blame Kate Rugroden for that saying it was her job.

Another ***There are photos of her with dirty nails. She does not wear surgical gear to perform surgery. I posted photos and videos. Code Critical Essay? I was comparing her to my vet who always dons proper sterile surgical attire. Another “***.” True.

Bat experts have stated in books that her method is inhumane. The bats suffocate to death because the Iso is not mixed with oxygen in a nebulizer. Nature's Essay? Iso can only da vinci be used legally with a nebulizer. It is not safe to administer without a nebulizer and mask. Another “***.” I posted video of her holding a bat she stated probably has rabies in her bare hand.

One more, “***.” I’m talking about compare contrast college school attorney Randy Turner. The veterinary board is the one who told me Lollar was committing animal cruelty. Code? Again, the truth. It’s also odd that Turner sent this proposed order to the home address of the Judge. Ya, they’re not “friends.” Judge is in Burleson, Texas which is public info.

Judge Brigham has been retired since 1999. Nurses? It appears that he doesn’t use computers or the da vinci critical Internet. I just received a copy of an email which Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary sent to members of the public. What she wrote is libel and defamation which I will be adding to my lawsuit against her which I filed in California Federal court. Here is my response. I did not leave after a few days but after ten days.

I was not disgruntled. I was disgusted by what I saw. I saw her possessing and giving rabies vaccinations to bats. I witnessed her trying to perform surgery on bats. Mba Essay Questions? I saw bats in code pain and questions, agony who later died. The agencies did NOT find the complaints to be without merit. Health dept gave her instructions to follow which she has not followed. She told the USDA that only her vet would do open cavity surgeries from da vinci code essay, now on. She had even more problems with the health dept.

More complaints were filed so she decided to leave town. Compare College High School? She sold her building at 115 N.E. 1st St. January 2012. As per city communication the new owner gutted it and put her personal belongings on the street.

As per Lollar in trial someone then reported that to the police. There were two video cameras in the room during my deposition. The second half of the deposition recorded on the wide angle view camera was destroyed, lost, whatever. I had to file motion to compel. They filed a protective order. Judge Bonnie Sudderth ordered them to da vinci code critical essay give me the video. Iowa? Instantly Randy Turner said the second half was destroyed, deleted, whatever. Da Vinci? They obviously destroyed the evidence intentionally. If there was nothing on the video, why did they destroy it?

I have never Google bombed. It’s impossible to student nurses essays do that since 2007. Their expert Eric Shupps has no idea what he is talking about. See Wikipedia for Google bomb.Big difference between that and critical essay, proper SEO. Lollar’s two vets were trained by number her. They don’t know any better.

Her vets don’t have any other bat training with true bat experts. Her one vet did not even know that it’s inhumane and illegal to freeze a bat to death. He admitted he hasn’t been successful pinning bat wings or using nebulizers with anesthesia. Critical? Other true trained bat vets have no problem doing this. Essay? Obviously, blind leading the blind. The one intern who testified is code not a wildlife rehabilitator. That was her first experience with bats. She also doesn’t know any better. I have no history of literature review, victimizing people on the Internet. I go after stock criminals and people who abuse and neglect animals, such as Amanda Lollar.

I witnessed animal cruelty. Da Vinci? The Texas Veterinary Board told me she committed animal cruelty. I found a dead one winged bat under her desk. It’d been dead for days. That is animal neglect. One of her pallid bats was extremely malnourished and shaking. I saw her giving rabies vaccination which is student essays a violation of the health code. I saw her trying to perform surgery on bats. Code Critical Essay? Bats were dying. If it is rare for a Judge to contrast college high essay read a verdict immediately after the end of trial, I believe it’s because the Judge was going to rule against me before I even uttered my first word in court.

Judge William Brigham also over saw the temporary injunction hearing May 4, 2011. Randy Turner came up behind me and said paraphrased “I’ve known this Judge for code essay years. He’ll sign whatever I put in front of iowa writing, him.” And he did. Judge William Brigham signed an da vinci code overly broad temporary injunction which was void, unconstitutional, overly broad and included prior restraint. Duke Mba Essay? I doubt he even read it before he signed it.

I saw him flip through the four pages in da vinci code less than ten seconds. At the end of her email Amanda Lollar asks people to review spam the search engines. She is asking people to spread her libel and defamation far and wide. The sites she links to include libel and defamation. I am currently suing her for libel and defamation in Federal court in essay California. Writing? I will be adding these items to essay my suit. June 27, 2012: If anyone would like a zip file of my websites, just email me.

I’ll send you the link or the file. Amanda Lollar of iowa creative writing, Bat World Sanctuary and now Eric Shupps of Binarywave are libeling and defaming me. They are stating that I created a “Google Bomb” about Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary. Here is the true definition of a Google Bomb. Da Vinci Code? “The terms Google bomb and Googlewashing refer to nurses practices, such as creating large numbers of links, that cause a web page to da vinci critical essay have a high ranking for searches on unrelated or off topic keyword phrases, often for comical or satirical purposes. Nature's Wrath? In contrast, search engine optimization is the practice of improving the code critical essay search engine listings of number essays, web pages for code critical essay relevant search terms.” Big difference between Google Bombs which are now impossible due to algorithm changes and proper search engine optimization. Eric Shupps would know that if he were a true SEO expert. Obviously he is not.

Amanda Lollar on the other hand is contrast college high trying to critical essay spam the search engines. Fortunately she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Bat World and their other websites have cookies in nature's them. June 20, 2012: I took a lot of notes during the trial. Here are a few bits of information.

The following three people have been complaining about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary for years. They are Mineral Wells City Councilmember Margaret Colton. Historical Society member Carolyn Hogg. Neighbor Sharlet Evans. Code Critical Essay? I do not blame these people one bit for compare contrast college high school essay complaining. I’m just amazed the City backed down from da vinci essay, taking action. Every time Lollar gets in trouble she hires an duke mba essay questions Animal Rights attorney to help her. If people like a City Councilmember, Historical Society member and her neighbor are complaining, you know there is something very wrong. Critical Essay? I was not the only person complaining. More from the trial.

I showed Amanda Lollar the email she sent to the City stating that she’s sick of student, all the complaints against her. She’s moving. She did not mention me as the reason for critical moving but the complaints of others. I then showed her the email where they talk about gutting her building and removing her possessions. She said “they didn’t gut it.

There was newer carpeting in there.” I’m sure the carpeting smelled horrible and had to be removed. Then she said “someone was supposed to come and nature's, take my items but the new owner put my things on the sidewalk. Then someone called police about the items on the sidewalk.” Amanda Lollar should have added herself as a defendant in this defamation law suit. Code? Her own words are worse than mine. I questioned Amanda Lollar about the many complaints about her over many years. She said some weren’t her fault. She put up some bat boxes and guano accumulated under them. She said it wasn’t her responsibility to clean them. The boxes were reported and were removed.

In her website she talks about compare how the program was a success. No, it wasn’t. I believe 98% of what’s in da vinci critical her website is all make believe from the “successful” TNR colony to the “successful” bat boxes. I’ll be posting about essay portions of the trial. Code Essay? Amanda Lollar had three people state that she was doing a fine job with the duke bats. Code Critical? They were her vet and two interns. One intern was also a vet. Both vets said that Amanda Lollar taught them all they know about bats. That means the only things they know about bats came from Amanda Lollar. Of course they will say she is doing a fine job. Wrath? They don’t know any better.

They have not trained with true bat experts. The other intern is not even a rehabber. She also only knows what Amanda taught her. Essay? Lollar’s vet actually did not know that it’s inhumane and contrast essay, illegal to freeze a bat to code death. He admitted he’s pinned bats’ wings before but things didn’t work out questions, too well.

True bat experts can successfully pin bones. He admitted that he hasn’t had the best success using a nebulizer with anesthesia with bats. Bat experts don’t have a problem doing this. The other intern vet said she’d never done an episiotomy before. Then how would she know if it’s proper or not? Even then Lollar’s own book says don’t pull the umbilicus, cut too much or the bat could prolapse. Here’s an analogy.

A mother tells her three little kids that the earth is da vinci flat. A scientist with years of literature, study tells the public that the earth is in fact round and the mother is da vinci critical essay wrong. The mother brings her little kids who tell the public that the earth is flat. Phd Thesis Literature? Does the testimony of the three little kids prove that the critical earth is number essays actually flat and the mother is correct? No. The three little kids don’t know any better because the only thing they know about the da vinci essay earth is from their mother who is clueless.

I looked at the report from Plaintiffs’ handwriting expert again. She made three reports. The first two state the signature is literature only “probable,” not “strongly probable” or a positive identification. The one she brought to court has no statement at all. It is da vinci code critical essay only her qualifications and contrast, copies of the signatures. She was not willing to put in writing that she thought the signature was mine. Critical? Why? I believe because she knows it’s not. Wrath? Any lay person can just eyeball this and see the difference. Expert said because the signature on da vinci critical the contract is smooth, that proves it’s not a forgery.

The problem with that is all of my known signatures are not smooth. Someone told me earlier that a handwriting expert will give you any result you want. That definitely seems to dewey be the case. Someone just emailed me about Amanda Lollar being nominated for the Animal Planet animal person of the da vinci critical year. She basically nominated herself. She had Dottie Hyatt send in the nomination. She did not win. Iowa Creative? Is that really an code essay honor when you nominate yourself and don’t win? I can only mba essay questions imagine what she wrote in her own nomination.

June 19, 2012: I filed subpoenas to get info about Lollar. I have to file a notice of subpoena with her attorney. That gave him the heads up to quash the subpoenas. Knowing that he would do this I also filed information act requests to get the same info. Essay? The agencies complied. As per phd thesis review, Fish Wildlife Services Amanda Lollar lied in her deposition about having a FWS permit for the Indian flying fox. They are an code essay injurious species so you need a FWS permit to comply with the student nurses Lacey Act. The government doesn’t want these bats to da vinci code critical get loose and destroy crops.

Here is her import/export permit. It is not a permit to have a flying fox at Bat World. This is the only permit they could find for her. Is she possessing an injurious species without a proper Fish Wildlife permit? She would need a permit that complies with 50 CFR 16 the Lacey Act to have an Indian flying fox.

Still from mba essay, a news item. Mary Cummins of da vinci, Animal Advocates Appealing Texas Court Ruling. Cummins reported Amanda Lollar of essay, Bat World Sanctuary to da vinci essay authorities for alleged animal cruelty and dewey essays, animal neglect. She posted her reports and da vinci, public documents online and was in turn sued for essays defamation, Bat World Sanctuary v Mary Cummins case # 352-248169-10. Code Critical? Substitute Judge William Brigham ruled in favor of Plaintiffs. Cummins is nature's appealing this ruling. “Everything I stated about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary is 100% the truth backed up with facts and da vinci critical, physical evidence.” Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2012. Mary Cummins, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in review Los Angeles, California reported Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, Texas for alleged animal cruelty, animal neglect and health code violations. Cummins posted her findings on da vinci critical essay her website In Cummins’ appeal she stated the essays items in question were results of Freedom of Information Act posted requests on her website.

She posted complaints and essay, reports made by others about iowa creative writing mfa Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. *** Cummins also stated in her appeal that she posted reports bat experts had made questioning Lollar’s procedures on her website. Lollar recommended freezing bats to da vinci critical essay death in her original manual which is inhumane according to the American Veterinary Medication Association Guidelines on iowa writing mfa Euthanasia. Judge William Brigham will soon sign an order to force Cummins to da vinci critical remove items from writing, her website and da vinci critical, others. Judge Brigham stated in court “a permanent injunction on the items Plaintiffs’ 17 and 18.” The items in Exhibit 17 are the duke questions results of information act requests. The order will also include Exhibit 18 which are items written by others posted on websites owned by others who were not a party to the action. Cummins stated, “the order as stated would be overly broad. I am the only named defendant. As per Federal Rules of da vinci critical, Civil Procedure 65 (d) the court cannot force me to writing mfa remove items written by code critical third parties on websites I don’t control.

It’s ludicrous to think that I am being held liable for supposed defamation written and posted by college high others on other people’s websites.” Cummins has filed an appeal, alleging that the da vinci critical Plaintiffs did not show the essential elements for a claim of defamation or breach of contract in court. The appeal alleges there is a conflict of interest between Plaintiffs’ attorney Randy Turner of nurses essays, Bailey Galyen and code critical essay, Judge Brigham, and college high essay, that a new trial with a different Judge is in order. On June 18, 2012 Cummins filed a motion for new trial and da vinci critical essay, motion objecting to the court order. Phd Thesis? Cummins intends to appeal the decision to the Second Court of Appeals of Texas. June 18, 2012: Just filed a Motion for new trial, objection to court order.

Amanda Lollar just sent out some press releases about the case. Her releases are actually causing more traffic to da vinci critical this page and my other page. I’ve now been interviewed by dewey quite a few freedom of speech people and animal lovers. I think this case will be making people take a closer look at Bat World Sanctuary. Just saw there was a video with the Channel 33 article. Here it is. Since when is da vinci code essay reporting someone for animal abuse and posting about it a “digital smear campaign?” This is dewey essays how they try to quiet whistleblowers. Notice video of the episiotomy is in this video. That is one of the videos Amanda Lollar doesn’t want anyone to see and now it’s public. Collage of essay, stills from the video. June 17, 2012: My website was hacked again.

They didn’t want me to notice so they merely deleted the complaints made by government agencies and questions, individuals about Amanda Lollar. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? Also, they removed all comments on the Star Telegram article. People were posting some filthy untrue things about me. I’ve notified the newspaper that I will be sending a subpoena to get the identities of the posters so I can add them to literature review my California lawsuit. I’ve been interviewed by a couple of freedom of speech groups. They are of course upset by critical essay the order. Nature's? The order as stated would be overly broad and unenforceable. June 16, 2012: Just spoke with a freedom of speech attorney. If the Judge signs an order ordering me to remove other people’s blogs, posts, websites, it would be overly broad. “Injunctions may not be directed to non-parties in litigation.” In this instance some of the da vinci essay non-parties are anonymous. Mba Essay? The ones that aren’t anonymous are in critical essay states other than Texas. Turner just didn’t want to have to sue the real people who wrote the mba essay articles.

The Judge also stated that Lollar was world renown. That makes her a public figure. Defamation would have to critical stand up to a higher standard. I believe Randy Turner lied to the judge and court. I believe that is perjury. I asked him if he went into the fruit bat enclosure. First he said yes. Number? After I asked him if he had his pre-exposure shots, he changed his story.

Then he said he just looked in from the critical outside. That’s not what this photo shows. Here’s another copy for people not logged into phd thesis literature review Facebook or not friends with friends of his wife.. He’s in the enclosure touching a bat. He admitted he does not have his pre-exposure card.

Lollar cannot allow anyone in there with proof of vaccination. Fruit bats can also carry, get rabies. He’s not even wearing gloves. Code Critical? His wife posted this. Bigger photo here. Duke Mba Essay? I’ve just been told that he can be disbarred for committing perjury. I have saved the time/date stamp of the photo and photo info. It looks like perjury to me. Perjury. Definition. “The deliberate, willful giving of false, misleading, or incomplete testimony under oath,” “Criminal law, the offence committed by a witness in judicial proceedings who, having been lawfully sworn or having affirmed, wilfully gives false evidence,” “deliberate or willful uttering of untruths when under oath in a court or similar tribunal.” I believe attorney Randy Turner committed perjury.

He willfully lied under oath. First he admitted he was in the enclosures. After I asked him if he had shots, he changed his story so he wouldn’t get his client in trouble. He lied to the court. It was intentional. I responded to the Star Telegram article here. I asked the reporter to da vinci code change two items which were untrue and libelous.

1. I was never accused or convicted of “cyberstalking.” I was sued for defamation and student essays, breach of contract only. Cyberstalking is a Federal crime. You just stated I committed a Federal crime. Please, remove that. 2. The videos were not “libelous.” Libel is da vinci critical essay defamation that is printed. It cannot be a video. I posted the videos. They speak for essay themselves. Code? Please rephrase it so it doesn’t seem that the videos were libelous.

The Judge never said that. No one ever said that. 3. Nurses? I did not and they never proved that I used “robots to game Google.” That is impossible. Google uses captcha. Robots can’t get beyond captcha.

See wikipedia. Their “expert” Shupps is not an expert. He’s never been an expert in code critical essay a court case before. 4. Compare Contrast? In court Plaintiff stated she gave human rabies vaccinations to humans. I asked her “so you gave the human rabies vaccination to Sarah Kennedy?” She said “Yes.” I never said she injected it into people. She does possess the human rabies vaccination which is illegal. Critical Essay? Only Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and Veterinarians may buy, receive and essay, possess it. 5. Ms. Lollar never went to restaurants or movies before. She has always been a recluse. She never leaves her cave.

She told me because people in town have hated her since 1995. I invited her out to da vinci code critical restaurants while I was there and she said no. I saw her in court. She has not lost any weight. She has no problem making huge lies. Essays? She was crying in court. Minutes later in the hallway she’s calling me names with a big smile on code critical her face. She’s a total actor. 6. All complaints were not dismissed. The Texas health dept gave her a huge list of instructions that she must follow.

They told her to compare college high remove items on her website such as “bats don’t carry rabies.” Yes, they can carry rabies. It’s irresponsible to state they don’t carry rabies. She was also instructed to have people wear gloves.She did not follow their orders as you can see from her photos and videos. 7. When Bat World was being investigated, I said “they are being investigated.” I dated every statement I made. The statement is essay still on my website but it has a date of when she was investigated. 8. The police report which I have did not state that the toddler stomped the bat. It’s not in literature review the city report or animal control report either. Lollar made that up. Code Critical Essay? The incident occurred directly next door to her wild sanctuary on 115 N.E. 1st St. The toddler was at 113 N.E.

1st St. The report is in student essays my website. That location is two blocks from Lollar’s other building but is next door to where her wild bats are located. Newspaper article Lollar hired a lawyer who then threatened to sue the City if they did not find the report groundless. Critical? Here’s the letter 9. I did not Google bomb. Check wiki. It’s been impossible to Google bomb since 2007. They changed the algorithm. 10.

Eric Shupps of Binary Wave is not an expert on authorship. Phd Thesis Review? He’s never testified as an da vinci critical expert in a trial or deposition. Literature Review? This was the da vinci code essay first time he used this free beta software JGAAP for a client. The author of the student nurses software stated it has limitations and should not be used in a court of law. The author stated it is da vinci essay a closed system.

You must give it the names of possible authors then it chooses the most likely. It does not identify the true author. It cannot be used with multiple authors for a document. The samples which they stated were samples of my writing were not 100% my writing. Some were other people’s articles, some included huge passages of quotes from others. A few people edited my articles. Garbage in, garbage out.

11. I stupidly told Turner that as soon as I got the video of my deposition I was going to turn my attorney in for nodding off and Turner for touching my hand. Right after I said that, that portion of the phd thesis video was destroyed. If nothing happened, why did they destroy the video? Judge ordered them to give me the video. Turner instantly responded with “well, a couple of hours of the second half of the wide angle view is missing.” Lollar’s husband took the da vinci essay video. Both videos were missing huge chunks. Duke? I had to file a motion to compel, he filed a protective order. If nothing was on the video, why did he fight turning it over?

12. The video I posted of Turner clearly shows him sleeping and staring inappropriately. I sent you a link. I’m sitting to the right of my video camera. You see him follow my crotch as I sit down. He would even stare inappropriately in court. Here’s an email I sent to him telling him to knock it off. I have a lot more video of him acting inappropriately. Code Critical Essay? I have video of my attorney yawning. I’ll post them.

June 15, 2012: Randy Turner called up a Texas newspaper to give them the story. He also called up channel 33, whatever that is. Amanda Lollar called Mineral Wells Index. They all called me for comment so I sent out a press release. Randy Turner has been libeling me. He said I lied and actually just sold my home for $1.1M. The new owner just sold my old home.

I sold it in iowa 2008. Turner also said that I put libel on thousands of websites. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? Bullshit. Amanda Lollar said she was facing financial ruin. She’s making more money than ever before. Creative Mfa? Always the code victim. Writing? Two peas in a pod. Egotistical, unstable, nasty individuals. Randy Turner cried in court.

He lied and da vinci critical essay, told the judge I wrote “isn’t it ironic that Turner’s wife is on the ethics committee when Turner is so unethical.” Then he cried. What an actor. Amanda Lollar is also a total actor. She turned on the water works and shed some crocodile tears. Immediately after her sob fest I see her in the hallway. She calls me names and taunts me mean girl style along with her posse.

Then her husband Larry Crittenden says “how does it feel to get your ass whipped by a ninth grader.” One, I’m appealing with good cause. Two, I have two lawsuits against literature review Lollar. Three, even if I lose my appeal they can never get anything out of me, can never remove the main websites. So far I’ve spoken with three lawyers and a judge. Code Critical Essay? They all said this is just Texas good ole boy. I should have won the case. I’ll post my motion for new trial, appeal tomorrow. Press release about the case. Mary Cummins appealing unjust Texas court ruling. June 14, 2012 Judge William Brigham ruled in nature's wrath essay favor of da vinci code essay, Plaintiffs in the case Bat World Sanctuary v Mary Cummins case # 352-248169-10.

Cummins had reported Lollar to authorities for animal cruelty and animal neglect which she witnessed while at Bat World in Texas. She posted her reports and public documents online and was sued for defamation. Phd Thesis? Cummins is appealing this unjust ruling. Mary Cummins an da vinci code essay animal rescuer in Los Angeles, California reported Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary for animal cruelty, animal neglect and contrast high school, health code violations. Cummins witnessed Amanda Lollar performing surgery on da vinci code bats when she is not a veterinarian and hasn’t gone past the student nurses ninth grade. Bats were dying under Lollar’s care. Cummins posted her findings on her website Cummins also posted the results of Freedom of Information Act requests on her website.

She posted complaints and reports made by others about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. Code Critical? *** Cummins also posted negative reports bat experts had made about Lollar’s procedures. Lollar recommended freezing bats to death in her manual which is illegal and inhumane according to the American Veterinary Medication Association. Lollar also recommended the improper use of anesthesia which Lollar admitted caused some bats to die. Amanda Lollar then sued Cummins for student nurses essays defamation.

Plaintiffs in court did not prove that Cummins defamed Lollar. The essential elements of a defamation cause of action that must be proven in Texas are, (1) The defendant published a statement of fact, (2) The statement was defamatory, (3) The statement was false, (4) The defendant acted negligently in publishing the false and da vinci critical essay, defamatory statement, and (5) The Plaintiffs suffered damages as a result. Plaintiffs did not prove that Cummins made all of the statements. Most of the items were the results of information act requests. They were public documents written by others. Cummins contends that everything she posted was the absolute truth. Plaintiffs did not prove that the items were false or that they suffered any financial damages. Cummins was also sued for breach of contract. The essential elements of a breach of contract cause of action that must be proven are, (1) There is a valid contract; (2) The Plaintiffs performed or tendered performance according to the terms of the contract; (3) The Defendant breached the contract; and (4) The Plaintiffs sustained damages as a result of the breach.

Cummins contends she never signed a contract. Mba Essay? Plaintiffs’ own signature expert report stated that the signature on the contract was only critical essay “probable.” It was not “strongly probable” or a “positive identification.” Plaintiffs did not perform according to the contract. Cummins actions would have never been considered a breach. Literature? Plaintiffs showed no financial damages. Even though Plaintiffs did not prove defamation or breach of critical, contract Judge William Brigham ruled in favor of Plaintiffs.

The Judge will soon sign an college high school order to force Cummins to remove items from her website and code, others. The items are the results of creative, information act requests. They are complaints made by da vinci code critical others about compare contrast school animal cruelty, animal neglect and violations of the health code. The order will also include websites owned by others who were not a party to the action. Cummins stated “I clearly did not defame Amanda Lollar or Bat World Sanctuary. I reported her for animal cruelty and da vinci critical essay, neglect.

I provided photos and videos to authorities besides detailed reports. I believe Lollar just wants to wrath hide these complaints from the public. Most of the items they want removed were written by others or are on websites I don’t even control. I cannot possibly remove other people’s websites or content. This order is overly broad.” Cummins continued “I most certainly did not sign their contract. Their own expert handwriting report did not state that I signed it.

The authorship report by their so-called ‘expert’ Eric Shupps is also flawed. Shupps has never been an expert witness before in any case. He used a free beta software called JGAAP. The author of the program stated it cannot be used for court cases because of its inherent limitations. Shupps also used the writings of others as samples of my writing. Garbage in, garbage out. Da Vinci Essay? On top of this Shupps accused me of planting a Google bomb. Contrast College Essay? Google bombs have been impossible since 2007.” When asked about the ruling Cummins replied, “I’m shocked because Plaintiffs did not show the essential elements for a claim of da vinci code critical, defamation or breach of contract.

Then again I’m not shocked. Before one hearing Plaintiffs’ attorney Randy Turner told me that he’s known this judge for years. Wrath Essay? He insinuated that the Judge will automatically rule in his favor, and he did. Critical? There was a conflict of interest.” Cummins stated she is contesting the Judge’s order, requesting a new trial and appealing the decision. Cummins is currently suing Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary in Federal court in California for creative writing mfa libel and essay, defamation case # CV-08081. June 15, 2012: Got back from Texas last night. Essay? Judge Bonnie Sudderth was supposed to hear this trial. I show up and see Judge William Brigham come out of the door and da vinci critical, I knew I would lose.

Texas attorney Randy Turner told me before the duke mba essay temporary injunction hearing over which Brigham also presided “I’ve known this Judge for code essay years. He’ll sign anything I put in compare college high front of him.” Judge Brigham then signed an overly broad void unenforceable injunction. Judge Bonnie Sudderth said she would never force me to remove posts I did not make on websites I don’t control. I lost the case today. I just wrote a press release. I was told the Judge supervisor also a male Judge swapped out Sudderth for Brigham. I’m sure Turner and code essay, Brigham were behind this. June 8, 2012: I was searching for number Amanda Lollar and Bat Word Sanctuary’s assets. Critical Essay? I also searched for phd thesis the assets of da vinci critical, her husband Larry Crittenden and BWS board of directors. They are all liable for Lollar’s actions financially and legally. I found some interesting things here.

Seems 115 N.E. 1st St also includes 117 N.E. 1st St. There is also a property in Bosque, Texas which looks like the site for the Bat Castle as per Google satellite image. I intend to collect whatever judgment I receive in this case and the other cases. Amanda Lollar keeps libeling me. She just posted this, “Bat World Sanctuary Thank you for your wonderful comments everyone!

You are all fantastic. I should add that the claims of literature review, our building being “gutted,” that my “personal belongings” were “removed”, that we were evicted and chased out of town by the health department are completely fabricated by our harasser. The bottom part of the building is being remodeled by a new occupant and what was being carried out were garage sale items that we donated to a church. We were never contacted by the heath department or any city officials. All of the bats (and Norbert) are completely safe and da vinci code essay, sound just like they always have been. We will keep you posted as the trial progresses, that’s a promise!” That is not the nature's wrath essay truth. Amanda Lollar stated that my claims to da vinci essay the health dept caused her to leave town. The health dept has complained about her for YEARS! The City has written up the student nurses essays building numerous times. Da Vinci Critical? The building was gutted and cleaned by the new owner.

Her personal belongings were removed as per the City Manager. I never said she was evicted. Student Nurses Essays? She sold the code critical essay building. She was indeed contacted by the health dept and nature's, city officials many times. Norbert lives behind the code critical essay building on Oak, not the one on 1st St.

Delusional! June 6, 2012: Here are the compare contrast emails about Amanda Lollar being forced out of town and her building had to be gutted. Here are the essay emails. If the building was so bad that it had to nature's essay be gutted, why didn’t Texas Parks and Wildlife Department do something about it? There were 30,000-50,000 bats in there. Seems one of the people who complained was directly next door at 113. She runs an essay art gallery. I can’t imagine how horrible that must have been next to the smelly sanctuary.

Plus, that is where the toddler was bitten by a rabid bat. Phd Thesis Literature? I doubt the gallery owner wants her patrons to get rabies just from visiting her store. Da Vinci Critical? Thank you, gallery owner for reporting her. I just received more results of subpoenas and information act requests. This is a doozy! I contacted an attorney in Los Angeles from CAPS.

She is creative a friend of a friend of mine. Turner was listed as an attorney for CAPS. The attorney stated he was not counsel for CAPS and he shouldn’t put that on his resume. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? Anyway, I sent her some emails about mba essay questions my case asking for help. What did she do?

She violated the attorney/client privilege and sent them to Randy Turner whom she knew was opposing counsel. She also libeled me in her forward. What did Randy Turner do? He forwarded that email to his friends. Da Vinci Essay? My email stated that Turner’s client is not what she appears to be which is the truth. Turner somehow interpreted that to nurses essays mean that I’m dangerous? He emails his friends paraphrased “If I am found in the Trinity River, you know where to start the investigation.” Anyway for unknown reasons Turner forwards this to Amanda Lollar and others including attorney Donald Feare. Lollar then forwards it to Mineral Wells police stating because of this email she fears me. WTH?!

I will be reporting the Los Angeles lawyer to the bar for violation of the attorney/client privilege by sharing my email. I emailed the attorney the truth of the matter of my case and she shared it with opposing counsel. Can’t get any lower than that. Da Vinci Essay? On top of compare college high school essay, this the da vinci code female attorney sent me some truly bizarre and rambling emails about phd thesis literature her ex-husband to which I of course never responded. I filed the following documents with the court. I did not post this until after trial was over. Defendant’s trial brief,Defendant’s witness list, and da vinci essay, Defendant’s motion for malicious prosecution and abuse of process. Finishing up my preparations for trial. My trial notebook, exhibits, witnesses are ready.

January 5, 2012: Bat World Sanctuary was just “recognized” by iowa writing American Sanctuary Assocition here. This is obviously one of those accreditations you just buy like being a Super Lawyer or a Power Attorney. BWS doesn’t even meet the standards.***I looked at other members of this group. They give tours of da vinci, sanctuary animals. That’s also against duke mba essay questions their standards. Being accredited by code critical essay this group would be a negative thing, not a positive thing. *** Amanda Lollar maybe sold the property at 115 N.E. Wrath Essay? 1st St. January 4, 2012. She left her items in the building so the new owner tossed them out.

The property is code valued at $39,250. That would mean she sold it at a loss? This is fishy. A local developer named Michael Rusher who is on the City council bought it.Here’s the document. June 2, 2012: I searched real estate records for the 115 N.E. Number Essays? 1st building. Here is the result.

BATS sold the da vinci code building to Bat World Sanctuary October 2011 for $56K taking out a new $45K loan. 80% loan due in four years. Supposedly it’s an arm’s length transaction meaning the two parties buyer and seller are not related. The price should be market value. I believe this also proves that Amanda Lollar did not tell the truth in her depo. I asked her if BATS owned the building. She said that Bat World Sanctuary owned it. They transferred it.

As per this doc they didn’t do that until recently. BATS bought the building in 1992. Lollar transferred it in 1997 with a value of $14,000 or so. I’ve requested underlying documents but do not have them as yet so this is my personal belief at essay the moment. She just transferred it to BWS 10/2011 for $56K. Da Vinci Code? That means there was a profit of $42K. Did BATS or Amanda Lollar take the profit?

It most certainly was not an arm’s length transaction. Something is fishy here. I have a feeling Lollar is trying to hide money and assets because of my two lawsuits against her and I may win her lawsuit against me. Possibly more forgery by nurses essays Amanda Lollar. In her supposed police report against me she told the police I sent threatening emails and letters. I only threatened to sue her in critical essay email. I never sent her a letter ever. Did she forge documents to make it look like I threatened her? The report states “due to the content of the literature emails and letters, she is afraid of Ms. Cummins.” She is obviously making up a story. Plus, I can barely afford to da vinci critical fly to Texas for hearings.

I can’t afford to fly to Texas to harass her in student nurses person. June 1, 2012: Seems Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary are again in trouble with the City of da vinci critical essay, Mineral Wells. Student Nurses? People were complaining about all the guano under her building. She told the City that she is moving out of both buildings in da vinci code one to compare contrast high school two years. She says “I can no longer run a world class organization with the constant distractions of essay, having to defend our work protecting the environment and the bats.

The burden has just become too overwhelming.” “World class organization?” Her work protecting the environment? Her building is a public nuisance, threat to public safety and it smells horrible! Delusional? Amanda Lollar claims everyone who visited Bat World when I was there gave her proof of immunization. I didn’t give her proof. Neither did other interns. Lying to government officials again.

End of 2011 Amanda Lollar claims she excluded bats from the building at 115 N. E. 1st St. January 2012 Someone gutted the “wild sanctuary” building. They are removing Lollar’s possessions from the essay building. I will call and see if the building was sold or if she was foreclosed upon. She took money out of the da vinci code building December 2011. This is funny. Supposedly attorney Randy Turner told Amanda Lollar to call the police on me! The police went to Lollar’s house in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Lollar stated I was harassing her and posting about nature's her. She wanted them to enforce the injunction! I doubt her attorney told her to call police. She asked the da vinci code critical police to do something about it. They didn’t investigate or do anything about it. Iowa Writing Mfa? I’m in California. The websites are in California.

I am posting the truth. The police did accidentally give me Lollar’s social security number and driver’s license number along with her DOB, height and weight. They should have redacted that. I even told them to redact any personal or confidential info. I will make sure this document doesn’t even up in any court docs. In Federal court in CA today Judge Dolly M. Code? Gee stated that Defendants name calling was paraphrased “childish, juvenile, something a five year old would do.” She looked at Lollar’s attorney and said this should be settled in mediation by an adult. Phd Thesis Literature Review? I cannot get an injunction on essay John Does in Federal court. I have to list their names. I will refile on the John Does. The person I name and sue must also legally control the website in question.

For all these reasons Bat World never should have gotten the first injunction against me. Wrath? At most they could have asked that I remove what I control. Judge William Brigham was wrong. Lollar’s CA attorney stated they have and will remove libelous posts, comments Lollar made. Lollar lied to her attorney.

He said I was only at Bat World 4-7 days. I was there ten days. He said the authorities cleared her of all wrong doing. Definitely not true. Critical? Judge took it under submission. While I was in Federal court I listened to student nurses a case on copyright infringement. Guy was trying to claim copyright to a series of yoga poses. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? Judge and other side said you can’t copyright a process or yoga pose. Plus, the other side gave them permission to use the contrast school essay positions. Sound familiar?

Judge Gee was great. She said with a smile “You can’t expect me to code critical set case precedent for yoga positions to be copyrighted or patented.” Crazy someone would even try to do that. May 28, 2012: Called up ACLU Texas again asking for last minute help. Nature's Essay? They said I seem to da vinci critical be doing a fine job by myself. They told me to be sure to tell them the outcome of the duke case. Why am I even a member?

Just found this review of da vinci critical, Judge Bonnie Sudderth. This looks promising. Here it is. To those saying I won’t receive a fair shake in Texas, you may be wrong. I believe lawyers at the Tarrant County Bar Association made these reviews. A friend just pointed out that the Judge was reviewed by Texas lawyers who are members of the Tarrant County Bar Association. While she was fair, just and attentive to Texas lawyers, that doesn’t necessarily mean she will treat me a non-native pro se the same way. So far she seems to iowa creative be fair and just. Nothing I can do about critical essay it now. May 23, 2012: Was just at my mail box.

Picked up the Judge’s order on Motion for Summary Judgment. There is no explanation in there. It just says denied. Also got notice of trial set for June 11. I believe we go first but I see another case there. I’m assuming June 11-15.

I already booked my flight for those days and have readied my witnesses. Judge Bonnie Sudderth did not send an order on creative the two motions to amend the temporary injunction. Da Vinci Essay? Perhaps she won’t write an order on iowa mfa those motions and will wait until trial. She didn’t send in orders for the other motions she ruled on. I don’t really think there’s a need. Her rulings are in code the minutes. Student Essays? Written orders aren’t needed. Was reading a great book on da vinci code critical essay bats. Just realized that Amanda Lollar does not have the biggest bat sanctuary of any kind in student nurses the world. The Memphis Zoo has a bat sanctuary with over 400 bats.

They even have a breeding colony in there. Amanda Lollar can’t say she has the da vinci largest bat sanctuary in the world any more. She also can’t say she is the only one who has a breeding colony. This breeding colony started in student nurses essays 1995. I’m sure Amanda Lollar knows about this sanctuary. They have unreleasable bats in there. Results coming in from my subpoenas. Critical? Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary gave me a supposed email she supposedly sent to Nicole Carion of CA Fish Game about me.

Turns out Amanda Lollar never sent that email to Nicole Carion as per Nicole Carion and the results of my subpoena. Did Amanda Lollar just forge yet another document? Sure seems so. Lollar has no shame at college high school essay all. On top of da vinci essay, this Lollar gave to student me in discovery in my CA case some text from the email. Critical? It doesn’t even match the text from the supposed forged email. She swears in her depo she sent one email to CADFG about me. She even said that her attorney told her to send the nature's email to Fish Game,i.e. Da Vinci Critical Essay? “On the advice of legal council (sic).” I highly doubt Randy Turner would tell his client to send a defamatory email to Fish Game about me. One, it’s defamation.

Two, it has nothing to do with the case in essay Texas. Amanda Lollar is just a petty, juvenile, vindictive person. I was just comparing the supposed email to da vinci essay other emails to/from Amanda Lollar. Sig file spacing is off. The item they gave me was a .doc file. If she just printed the email out it would have been a paper file or pdf.

A doc file most likely means she edited it. I can clearly tell she did not print it from her email program. Essays? All of the emails I gave to her were printed out of da vinci critical, my email programs. Number Essays? Amanda Lollar previously forged an email to me. It was an obvious forgery.

She was caught forging a contract in the Talking Talons case because she got cocky. She put the current logo on the document instead of the code essay one they had when the compare contrast college high school document was supposedly signed years earlier. May 22, 2012: Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary sells her how to rehab bat manual, the pdf version and the printed one. I don’t sell my manuals, neither do others. We offer them for free to help wildlife and wildlife rehabilitators. I asked for permission to post these free manuals online. Da Vinci Essay? I only wrote the tree squirrel, ground squirrel and skunk manuals.Link to student essays free manuals. May 17, 2012: I just went through the temporary injunction again to make sure I wasn’t violating it.

I have not reposted any of the photos or videos. I have not posted content from the pages which were deleted. This one is a little hard to tell or prove because the pages are gone. Da Vinci Code Critical? They were taken down before I even saw what was in the pages. I have not posted any techniques developed by Bat World Sanctuary. Most of the “techniques” that are in her book were actually developed by others. Remember she likes to take credit for the “port-a-bug” which was developed by someone else.

She also likes to take credit for euthanizing bats with Iso. Bat people were doing that years before Amanda Lollar had even seen a bat. Many manuals existed before her first 1994 manual which gives bad advice. Her vet is credited in the manual which recommends freezing bats to death. Blind leading the phd thesis review blind. He’s a vet and should have known better. May 16, 2012: In court on May 10, 2012 Texas attorney Randy Turner stated that he never threatened to sue any websites. Code Critical Essay? He of course lied. I realize he’s not under oath but I would think he must tell the truth to Judge Bonnie Sudderth. This is from a response from ACLU-NC to Randall Turner, “It has come to review our attention that you have sent a demand to Indybay that it remove a webpage from it’s website” ” and da vinci code, have threated to review add Indybay as a defendant in your lawsuit against Ms.

Mary Cummins if it does not immediately comply. Code Critical Essay? Indybay will not remove these materials.” ACLU-NC and literature, Indybay said NO! They were one of the few websites which refused to be bullied by Turner’s idle threats. Notice, he did not add them as a defendant. Was just told that some Judges never grant a motion for summary judgment.

Others hand them out like Halloween candy. It’s possible I lost just because this Judge never grants them. I was also told that the other side only has to show one piece of evidence to da vinci code critical essay win the summary judgment. Plaintiff showed that in iowa creative writing mfa one part of one deposition Plaintiff stated they never gave the rabies vaccination to a person. Of course she’d previously stated that she did. Da Vinci Code Essay? She did indeed give the rabies vaccination to Sarah Kennedy aka wingedsonar.

When I say “give” I don’t mean “inject.

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It also offers multiple scholarships for professional editing and critiques each month, on code critical essay, manuscripts of nurses up to 5,000 words. What do all successful writers have in common? Practice. At The Write Practice, Joe Bunting and his team help you develop your writing rhythm and grow into your voice and identity as a writer. Kylie Day’s blog is a great place for those who are in the midst of writing a novel. With tips on outlining and story structure, and code critical essay a dose of inspirational posts about the writing life, this blog will help you on your path from story idea to complete manuscript. Tweetspeak Poetry is the go-to site for “the best in poetry and poetic things.” Here, readers and writers alike can indulge in beautiful poetry, writing workshops, book clubs and more. This is also a great place to find resources for teaching poetry. Writer Mandy Wallace believes that when it comes to writing, you can’t wait to become inspired or for luck to strike.

Just “Show up, shut up, and write,” and sooner or later it will all come together. Wallace’s blog documents the writing lessons she’s learned and offers practical guides for upgrading your own writing. The one constant when it comes to writing? It all comes down to review the people: you as a writer, your characters and their development, and the audience you seek to connect with. At Writerology, Faye Kirwin combines her expertise in writing and psychology to help you hone your craft, understand people, and write amazing stories. Authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are dedicated to da vinci critical creating one-of-a-kind resources that writers will actually use. Their books and nature's wrath blog posts focus on helping writers become better storytellers, and their One Stop For Writers library is teeming with tools for planning, researching and writing your book.

Just like their characters during perilous times, writers must weather the storm of essay their profession — and shifting industry tides. Run by a group of authors, the Writers In The Storm blog provides inspiration and tips for writers during all stages of the process. Frustrated their analytical articles about duke mba essay questions books and movies were rejected, founders Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton decided to create Writer Unboxed in code critical 2006 so they could freely publish their observations. It has since grown into contrast school essay, a thriving community where writers of all levels can contribute their thoughts on the craft of writing. Write to Done is all about learning to da vinci critical write well. Founder Mary Jaksch brings the creative mfa, age-old advice to keep writing to a whole new level, noting that it’s not practice that makes you a better writer — it’s practice directed in a positive way.

You may speak English fluently, but the language can still be quite a mystery. Grammar Girl is the go-to guide for all things “grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.” She has a popular podcast, too. Kathy Steinemann loves words. On her blog, she shares master lists of adjectives and offers tips for avoiding overused words and da vinci being more descriptive and compare contrast school essay original in your writing. Scribendi is focused on the art of editing and proofreading. Their resources for writers cover everything from grammar, to finding inspiration, to the mechanics of writing. On the first of da vinci critical essay each month, Cathy Bryant posts an review, extensive list of da vinci essay competitions, contests and calls for submission. She notes whether they’re paid or not, for quick skimming. This site is a great one-stop shop for all recent writing opportunities. Elna Cain believes you don’t need experience to be a successful freelance writer — you just need a passion for writing. On her blog, she shares tips and strategies to help new freelance writers succeed.

You have questions, they have answers. Team members and guest contributors at Freelancer FAQs address all the things you’ve ever wanted to mba essay know about code freelance life, including marketing, getting started, recommended resources, money management and literature review more. You love to write. But in da vinci code critical order to be a successful freelancer, you need to work those business muscles. That’s where Freelance to Freedom comes in. Founder Leah Kalamakis offers articles and student nurses essays e-books that teach everything from client management to da vinci code critical setting up your business website.

At Freelance to Win, Danny Margulies wants you to phd thesis stop compromising and start living a life of da vinci code critical essay freedom — all by building a freelance career. Danny is an essays, expert at da vinci critical essay, landing gigs on Upwork, and dewey essays his blog shares all the latest tips on how to da vinci essay use this platform for ultimate success. It’s been around since 1997 and is still going strong: Freelance Writing has an extensive archive of number essays articles, tutorials, media and resources all geared to helping you build a successful career. Its jobs listings get updated daily, so you’re always in the know about new opportunities. Hope Clark believes writing can be a realistic career for all writers. Her weekly newsletter lists the best competitions, grants and other well-paying markets, and her platform has grown to include a blog and da vinci essay a bi-weekly paid newsletter with even more high-paying opportunities per issue. Within six months of nature's starting her freelance writing career, Gina Horkey was earning $4,000 a month. Now, she wants to help others achieve their dreams of making a real living off freelance writing.

Check out her free five-day kickstart course. Lauren Tharp has found a way to write as a freelancer full time and is dedicated to helping other writers do the same. With bi-monthly newsletters, a blog, and a podcast, LittleZotz is a great source of practical tips for your freelance life. At Make a Living Writing, Carol Tice helps writers move up from da vinci critical essay, low-paying markets and phd thesis literature earn more from da vinci essay, their work. With her blog, e-books and paid community, you’ll find awesome advice, support and resources to grow as a freelance writer. At Pen Pro$per, Jennifer Brown Bank shares more than 15 years of professional writing experience to review help others reach financial success with their writing. As one The Write Life reader said, “With an outstanding array of diverse topics, tips and tricks of the writing profession, this is a blog well worth bookmarking!” “Your life is YOUR life. Da Vinci Critical Essay! You should be able to do whatever you want with it.” So says Karen Marston, founder of Untamed Writing, her internet home for helping people build a freelance writing career they love without sacrificing their freedom.

You’ll find a full archive of student blog posts, resources and da vinci code critical courses to develop your writing skills, fearlessly approach clients, and maintain a successful career. With over 600 posts in its archives, Writers in Charge is filled with resources and nurses leads for freelance writers who are looking to be well-compensated for their work. Don’t miss founder Bamidele Onibalusi’s master list of 110 websites that pay writers. Around since 1997, Writers Weekly is a tried-and-true resource for freelance writers. It offers regular updates on paying markets, as well as expert interviews and success stories. At Writing Revolt, Jorden Roper is leading a revolution to da vinci critical essay help freelance writers and bloggers make serious money. Her site is filled with actionable articles, courses and resources that will help you become better at writing, pitching and landing great clients. For business, sales and marketing-focused writers, HubSpot is a great place to stay on top of the latest research, insights, and strategies for connecting with your audience and making them fall in love with your brand. Founder Kristi Hines brings you the duke mba essay, latest strategies, trends and how-tos in digital marketing. Da Vinci Critical Essay! Kikolani is duke questions, a must-have resource for business and professional bloggers who want to make their brands stand out. If you’re looking to grow your expertise in critical marketing communications, MarketingProfs is the place to go.

It offers articles, podcasts, training events and more, so you can learn to use strategic, data-driven marketing. Seth Godin’s blog might not be specifically about iowa mfa writing, but his daily bits of wisdom on business, marketing and life will help you approach your work in new ways. His posts never fail to inspire an energy to “Go, make something happen.” Shelley Hitz believes everyone has a message, and code critical she’s on a mission to essay help you reach your target audience and build your author platform. With her blog posts, podcast and Author Audience Academy, you’ll find tons of content on da vinci, book writing, publishing and marketing. Author Joanna Penn has built a best-selling writing career, and she wants to help you do it, too. Her site offers a wealth of resources on self-publishing and platform-building — from her articles and ebooks to her popular podcast library of author interviews. On the Beautiful Writers Podcast, host Linda Sivertsen features authors and thought leaders about their writing, business and publishing adventures. With a touch of spirituality, these conversations are great listens for those interested in creative contemplation.

We all love writing, but sometimes platform building and promotion don’t feel as natural. That’s where Create If Writing comes in; host Kirsten Oliphant shares tips and tools on how to build an authentic platform for your creative brand. With author interviews and dewey number essays a huge archive, I Should Be Writing chronicles the journey to becoming a professional author. Conversations focus primarily on speculative fiction and traditional publishing. Looking to be a published indie author? This podcast is for da vinci code you. Each week host Simon Whistler interviews some of the top names in self-publishing, so you can create success for yourself.

63. Science Fiction Fantasy Marketing Podcast. On the Science Fiction Fantasy Marketing Podcast, the duke mba essay questions, hosts interview successful authors, engage in group discussions and dive deep into specific writing genres and niches. This is a smart listening option for those looking for solid discussion around the da vinci code critical, science fiction and fantasy markets. Hosted by a writer who’s just starting out and another who is mba essay, a best-selling author, the Self Publishing Formula podcast features interviews with some of the biggest names in the self-publishing game. Critical Essay! Listen for contrast college essay tips on da vinci code critical, writing, publishing, marketing and mba essay more. Ben Hess is an award-winning producer, director and da vinci code essay screenwriter. After hitting a creative wall, he decided to start Story Geometry, where he interviews esteemed writers on their craft. On the Story Grid podcast, author Shawn Coyne and “struggling” writer Tim Grahl discuss the art and science of writing a story that resonates.

There’s a blueprint for great novels — and these co-hosts seek to writing crack the code. Throughout the nearly 400 episodes in its archive, the many hosts of da vinci code critical essay The Dead Robots’ Society gather to discuss their writing journeys and offer tips on the writing process. They also occasionally invite guests on the show. On The Worried Writer podcast, Sarah Painter investigates how authors overcome anxiety, distractions and worried feelings on iowa creative writing mfa, their way to publishing success. Listen to this podcast if you’re looking for practical advice on managing self doubt. On The Writer Files, host Kelton Reid uncovers the secrets of productivity and da vinci critical creativity of some of the most well-known writers. If you find yourself stuck, plagued with writer’s block or just need to get those writing gears turning again, this podcast is for you. On Writer 2.0, A. C. Fuller sits down with bestselling authors and publishing experts like literary agents and book marketers. This show offers great content around both traditional and self-publishing, as well as the writing journey. This show brings you inside an actual writing class, where you can hear other people tell their stories, witness breakthroughs, and hear the ins and wrath outs of learning to da vinci write well.

In these weekly 15-minute episodes, writers Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells talk about all things writing. They often have season-long themes — check out season 10 for a masterclass-type season on mfa, creating a story. On the Your Creative Life podcast, co-hosts Vanessa Carnevale and Kimberley Foster help writers connect to their creativity. With discussions on publishing, platform building and da vinci code essay different genres of writing, this is writing mfa, a choice place to find inspiration. Publishing veterans Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris created this online space to offer wisdom and tips for navigating the increasingly complex (and sometimes predatory) publishing world. Whether you’re an indie author or looking to land a traditional publishing deal, check out da vinci critical essay, their archives and resources. Christine Frazier takes a scientific approach to writing a best-selling novel. She deconstructs popular books to pinpoint the common elements they share. These findings are then incorporated into the “master outline” for a better, research-backed novel. Follow along for insights on plot, word counts and character development. Stephanie Morrill knows a love of writing often starts at a young age.

That’s why she created Go Teen Writers: to provide encouragement, community and school essay wisdom to aspiring teen writers who want to learn more about how to critical essay finish a novel and nature's get it published. 77. Da Vinci Code Essay! Helping Writers Become Authors. Consider K. M. Weiland your writing and publishing mentor. With hundreds of blog posts, instructional ebooks, and an exclusive e-letter, her website is the perfect place to nurses find the answers to all your questions. She also responds to every email she receives (really!) about writing, publishing and marketing fiction.

Former publisher Jane Friedman explores the code essay, intersection of publishing, authorship and the digital age. With more than 15 years in mfa the industry, Friedman knows her stuff — and code her blog is a wealth of information on how to embrace “the future of authorship.” Author Jenny Bravo offers personal anecdotes and guidance for writers who want to compare contrast high take a leap into the publishing world. From her blog full of tips to her “Blots and Plots Party” Facebook group, to her Busy Writers Starter Kit, Jenny is code essay, here to help you realize your dream of student essays writing a book. At My Story Doctor, author David Farland offers tips and workshops on how to write your story and get it published. He offers strategic advice on the business of writing, covering topics like how to get great deals and make the most of your publishing opportunities. At Nail Your Novel, bestselling ghostwriter and book doctor Roz Morris shares her best traditional and self-publishing tips as well as musings on the writing process. Be sure to check out her radio show “So You Want to Be a Writer?” The team at Novel Publicity believes every story should be told, and da vinci essay have its own platform and loyal fans.

With that core belief in literature mind, it provides guidance on da vinci code essay, writing, marketing and publishing. Essay! Posts cover everything from social media strategy and book design to finances and author blogging. Chandler Bolt believes everyone has a book inside them. With proven systems and strategies, the Self-Publishing School blog will walk you through writing and publishing your book, even if you don’t even know what you want to write about critical essay yet! It took Kristen Kieffer two and a half years to finish her first draft — then she realized she had made every mistake in the book. She vowed not to let these personal lessons go to waste, so she created She’s Novel, a blog and resource hub that helps writers more-easily navigate the journey of crafting brilliant novels.

You’ve written your book. Now what? Standoutbooks has tons of articles, templates, tools and resource recommendations for getting your book published and marketed to the max. While you’re there, grab your free Book Marketing Plan and Press Release templates. At The Book Designer, Joel Friedlander uses his experience in book design, advertising and graphic design to help writers “build better books” and get published. Along with his extensive blog archive, check out his book design templates and Book Launch Toolkit. What better way to get book publishing advice than from an essay, agent himself? From resource recommendations to eight years (and counting!) of blog archives, The Steve Laube Agency website is full of advice for writers who are taking their first steps into the world of publishing. Writer’s Digest is home to many resources, competitions, and communities. Their editor columns are quite popular, and we particularly like The Write Life contributor Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents, featuring all types of information on finding literary agents, sending query letters, building an author platform and marketing your book.

For more than 20 years, Writer’s Relief has helped creatives successfully submit their writing to literary journals, book publishers, agents and da vinci code critical more. The staff’s blog is full of publishing tips, and they also have a paid-subscriber-only classifieds section listing contests, conferences and residences. Chronicles is a thriving community for phd thesis literature review science fiction and fantasy writers. Community members gather to discuss favorite books, authors and common themes in science fiction and fantasy writing. The Fiction Writing Facebook group is a community of nearly 10,000 writers.

Here, you can post your writing for critical critique or reviews, and veteran members can announce details about upcoming book releases and published pieces. Inkitt is mba essay questions, a data-driven book publisher and community where writers can share their work and find an critical essay, audience for free, even if their novel is not yet finished. Mba Essay Questions! Inkitt’s algorithm analyzes reading behaviors to understand whether a novel has a strong potential to become a big success. If readers love your work, Inkitt will offer you a publishing deal. 93. Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Whether you’re just beginning to write or a best-selling pro, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group is here to help you overcome whatever doubts and insecurities might keep you from being your best. The Now Novel program offers a structured, straightforward way to get your book done. Critical! With a step-by-step process that takes the guessing out of what to do next, personalized mentorship and community groups for even more support, you’ll be an author in no time.

Prose is literature review, a social network platform for writers who want to focus on the work — not the superficiality of da vinci code social media. Phd Thesis Literature! This is a great place to publish your work, connect with other authors, and participate in writing challenges. Over 27,000 writers of all levels of expertise have joined this buzzing community, founded by author Kamy Wicoff. At She Writes, you can create your own profile, build your network, share your work, get expert advice and feedback and critical discuss all types of topics in the forum. Talentville is the online destination for screenwriters and phd thesis review storytellers. This community focuses on code, bringing together people across the industry — from novice script writers to top agents and producers — so high-quality work can be easily discovered. This community is focused on duke mba essay, supporting emerging writers. Da Vinci Code! They publish works from writers who don’t have published novels and phd thesis literature haven’t been featured on larger platforms yet. Da Vinci Critical Essay! Be on wrath essay, the lookout for their annual anthology, which features the 10 best emerging writers in the country.

Two Drops of code critical essay ink is a literary blog accepting submissions from writers of almost any genre. The editors also post book reviews and blog posts about writing and the publishing industry. At Wattpad, “Stories are made social.” Hailed as the dewey, world’s largest community of writers and readers, members are free to post and read original stories and engage in conversation with each other. This is critical, a great platform to build buzz around your writing. What writing sites would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below! This post contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase through our links, you’re supporting The Write Life — and we thank you for that! Marisol Dahl is a New York-based freelancer in iowa creative writing communications and code critical brand strategy, and loves exploring minimalist blogging and college essay social media practices at her site Mindful Minimal. Unconventional Guide to da vinci code essay Freelance Writing.

While it’s easy to start a freelance writing business, it’s much harder to actually run one. This guide will help your business thrive — not just survive. Once again, we are deeply humbled and grateful to essays be listed among the best of the best (in my opinion) of blogs/websites for code essay writers, readers, authors, and poets. Mba Essay! Congrats to da vinci essay our colleagues that made this list, and thank you to nature's wrath essay The Write Life staff for your hard work in the blogosphere, and for putting this extensive list together. Scott Biddulph/Editor-in-Chief @ Two Drops of Ink. Just wanted to give a huge, warm thank-you to everyone who nominated Re:Fiction for this list, and to TWL for curating this great resource. It’s an honor to have made it. Hop over to code critical essay our website to share the love! Thanks so much for college high including us in da vinci essay your Creativity and Craft section.

We wish your readers many inspiring reading and writing moments! Yay! Thanks so much for including me, you beauties #128578; Honoured. Delighted to be delivering valuable content to writers–and honored to be included here, among so many outstanding leaders and encouragers in the field. Thank you for all you do here at The Write Life to help writers find success! Wow! What an amazing list. I’m humbled that my two sites, Elna Cain and FreelancerFAQs, made the cut this year! Thanks to all that nominated these sites! I see a lot of sites I visit regularly and some awesome new ones.

Looking forward to checking them out. Thank you so much for including Writing Revolt and for another amazing round-up of dewey essays websites for writers! #128578; Lovely to be included among such great resources for writers. Many sites that inspire the Now Novel team here. Thanks, Marisol! Wow!

What an honor to be included on this list alongside so many rockstars. Essay! Thank you! You guys are terrific for dewey number putting this list together each year, and it is just so humbling to be on it. Critical! Thank you for phd thesis literature review the kind words regarding our work at Writers Helping Writers and One Stop For Writers. Here’s to a terrific year for writers, and thank you for code critical all the great content you have here at The Write Life. #128578; Thank you, Marisol, for the list. There were a few I was not familiar with and this makes it easier to find other quality sites. We are thrilled that Two Drops of Ink was included for the second year. We would welcome guest posts from any of the other writers from the list – or you.

Marilyn L. Davis, Assistant Editor: Two Drops of Ink. Wow, such an honor to be listed here among these awesome websites and resources! Thanks so much for bringing this list together, my friends!! And a huge hug to creative everyone who nominated the lionhearted blog for critical essay this list. Y’all are amazing and you keep me going. Here’s to many more writers bringing fun and courage into their writing lives! #128578; Thank you so much for including the IWSG on your list!

We’ve been working so hard the past few years to make it the best site ever for writers. Absolutely fantastic roundup! Thank you for putting in contrast school the time and effort to da vinci code critical compile this list. I’ve shared it with all of my followers and can’t wait to dive in and follow some new brands, too. I’m an article and text book published writer; retired and phd thesis literature desiring to write articles again.

Therefore, I seek only to code critical write for the sake of compare contrast college high continuous publication. Code! Would like an agency wishing to see my articles for potential publication; at college high essay, my age, I seek no type of writing means in order to publish. Essay! Please send me an e-mail that wishes to see my articles. I do not wish either my e-mail or my comments to be published. My total interest is to have my articles reviewed for publication. Phd Thesis Literature! I’ve written and published articles in the past and code critical essay would like to continue doing so again. I’m a senior citizen and still enjoy writing. A direct e-mail on nature's, submission would be appreciate; for example this article, “Hell in da vinci code Heaven”. Thanks for including me! One idea for the future is to include how OLD each site is — gives you a sense of how much information you’ll find on their blog/site.

Ooooh! Interesting addition. Thanks for the suggestion, Carol! -Jessica, Editor, The Write Life. I started reading your blog now, and I must say it is one of the best blogs or writers.

And I agree the high, older the blog, the better the content. Thank you everyone for creating content that helps people like me dream about becoming a writer some day. What a great list! We’re honored to be included! Marisol—Chiming in to thank you, too. Between us, Anne and I have made all the mistakes (and keep making more) so our readers don’t have to.

Bruised but resilient, we tell it the way it is (with humor) and report first-hand from the publishing/writing trenches. So glad you caught wind of this year! I had trouble emailing you two from the contact section of your website. Just wanted to let you know #128578; Congrats again! -Jessica, Editor, The Write Life. Awesome list! I’ve been able to add to the list of sites I’m planning on pitching ideas to, which is so exciting for me, (beginner extraordinaire!) Thanks so much! Wow! What a privilege to be alongside such wonderful resources. And what a font of information for all writers! Looks like I know what I’ll be immersing myself in this morning : ) Thanks for this!

Great blogs here. Would have loved to da vinci essay see my website listed here, but travel writing is duke mba essay questions, such a small sub-genre of the da vinci critical essay, whole freelance writing field, so not surprised. My website is number, listed in da vinci essay the Writer’s Digest Top 101 Writing Websites for 2016. It’s for compare contrast college essay aspiring travel writers bloggers, and is primarily about marketing selling travel articles, although the information is generic and can be used by freelancers who write in other genres too. I’d like to cordially invite any novice travel writers to my website to code critical learn more about how to break into the competitive travel writing arena. Nice work with this list The Write Life website. I refer all of the writers I’m coaching to your website!

Keep up the good work! We’ll keep an eye on duke, it for code critical essay next year, Roy! Thanks! I feel so honored to be included in this list. It’s been a goal of iowa writing mfa mine for years. Thank you so much and thank you for all the great content you share for writers here. Thanks so much for the list. Code Critical! I’m going to check out college school essay, as many as I can. So helpful and much appreciated 3. So happy to be included. It’s cool if I make myself a t-shirt, right??

Excellent. I would add Cooks + Books ( for the publishing side and also Brooks Editorial ( for essay creativity and craft! I also LOVE the Sell More Books Show for podcast. #128578; What a great list. Definitely bookmark-able!

Also I especially like the way you put this: “This post contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase through our links, you’re supporting The Write Life — and we thank you for that!” You’ll also get a free copy of number essays The Freelance Writer’s Pitch Checklist.

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Andrew Horner and critical essay, the Fantastic, Amazing, Magnificent Reverse Job Application. This reverse job application has a happy ending! Click here to read more about it. Though I'm no longer actively looking for a job, I plan to compare contrast high leave the code essay, site up for posterity's sake. Two years out of college and still jobless, I was on the verge of having my dreams crushed foreverthus bypassing the decades of mba essay, thankless paper-pushing that typically lead to this result. No employer would give my résumé a second glance, no Human Resources manager would line up an code interview for me; even the recruiters were slow to return my calls. My dreams of review, being hired fresh out of college began to code critical essay appear little more than feverish nonsense, the flickering flame of a candle in mfa, a tempest of uncaring and essay, unforgiving societal expectations. The time spent earning my Bachelor's Degree seemed a sorry waste; twinges of duke mba essay questions, regret laced my every memory of the past sixteen years. My world was a dark place.

I headed for essay the drive-through at McDonald's, eager to take the first few steps toward the early onset heart failure which would make the remainder of my pathetic existence more bearable (if only review due to its brevity), thoughts swimming through my head. Also, I just really wanted some Chicken McNuggets. Da Vinci Essay! I couldn't figure out why nobody was interested in hiring me. I was young and inexperienced, but surely that's what entry-level jobs were for? I'd sent out mba essay, volleys of applications to a slew of companies, all of da vinci code essay, which I was qualified to work for, none of compare college high essay, which ever responded.

My insistence on writing individual cover letters, tailored to the recipients of every individual application, seemed more and da vinci essay, more foolish the longer I dwelled on it. I knew my talents would be an excellent addition to essays virtually any business, but the entire job-seeking process had eaten away at every shred of self-confidence I once possessed, leaving me an empty husk of a man. As I attempted to relay my order to the hostile, incoherent voice squawking out from the drive-through menu speakers, I could feel bitterness forcing its snaky tendrils into the folds of my mind. It was in essay, this moment of student nurses essays, bleak desperation that I rediscovered myselfin a burst of insight, I realized that for these past two long, painful years I had been content to lie to da vinci myself, to tell myself that it was okay to grovel. I had been pretending that it was acceptable for phd thesis literature me to humbly ask somebody to do me the favor of hiring me, then to silently move on after the inevitable rejection. But no more! It was time for me to be honest with myself. I drove home in a euphoric daze, my drive-through order secure inside a grease-drenched paper bag in the seat next to me.

As the shock from my epiphany faded away, I realized that I now knew exactly what needed to be done. I pulled into my neighborhood, parked on the curb, flung open the front door, dove for my laptop, and began composing my reverse job application. This is a reverse job application. I am done asking people to hire me, for several reasons. Da Vinci Code Critical! First and foremost, it clearly doesn't work. Second, it closes me off to a lot of student, potentially amazing opportunities; I can only find and apply to so many jobs, and there are doubtlessly hundreds of thousands out da vinci essay, there that I would be a great fit for. Third and finally, the application process undermines my value as a worker. I have gone my entire life consistently producing excellent results at every task I set my mind to, and quite frankly, employers should be coming to me, not the other way around. These points in mind, I have decided to invert the job application process.

You are reading this now, no doubt because you are curious what sort of character honestly believes that he is entitled to have companies send him job offers despite a complete lack of professional work experience or any demonstrations of dewey, his purported talents. You are right to be curious, so I have taken the liberty of sketching up some diagrams to da vinci code critical illustrate exactly what it is that I bring to the table as a potential employee. I'm sure you are already racking your brain trying to dewey essays think up a job position to da vinci code essay offer me that will pique my interest, but in the unlikely case that you are not, I am confident that a quick review of my credentials in this format will win you over. Once you've made up your mind about how much you want me to work with your company (before you ask, yes, infinitely much is indeed an acceptable answer here), please review my listed qualifications and criteria for prospective employers. If you do not currently meet any of these, I encourage you to liberally institute company-wide changes until you do. Obviously, I will favor those job offers which fulfill my listed preferences, but you shouldn't worry too much if you don't meet all of them; just be sure to duke mba essay let me know exactly what it is da vinci code that you feel your company has to offer me. Once you've put your offer together, submit it via the form at the bottom of this page. Wrath Essay! Job offers submitted by any other method will be ignored, along with incomplete or nonsensical submissions.

I will review job offers as they are submitted. If your offer does not receive a response within a day or two, it is probably because I was not impressed with your terms, job description, or writing style. Feel free to resubmit your offer, but please bear in mind that first impressions are important, and subsequent offers are more likely to be outright ignored. In the da vinci code critical, event that your offer does strike my fancy, I will contact you to discuss the student, details of the job and code critical essay, schedule an interview to number ensure that your company meets my standards for critical essay employment. Should the dewey number, interview process go well, I will be available for code work almost immediately (I may require one to two weeks for relocation, depending on the distance and terms of the job).

We will live happily ever after, or something to that extent.

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Free Essays on Canadian Stereotypes. Canadian Stereotypes Essay As I write this, I sit inside my igloo with a warm glass of maple syrup next to me and my moose “Rex” curled up in a ball just outside. Just hearing that sentence probably made you think of a Canadian even though, except in rare cases, none of it is true about me. Stereotypes. NATIONAL STEREOTYPES THE ENGLISH Personality tests indicate that national stereotypes are constructed on code critical essay the basis of prejudices and rumours.

Themselves consider them to be superior in all respects to anyone else in dewey number, the world, allowing other nations to da vinci code critical, assume a number of qualities, becoming less. English 1301 3 December 2011 The Negative Impact of Stereotypes Stereotype - a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in phd thesis literature review, common by members of a group (Dictionary). In simpler words, stereotypes are judgments based on actions of an individual or small. and they are just like most Canadians , they are good-hearted, hard working and friendly. One main difference separates Newfoundlanders from the rest of essay Canada. Newfoundlanders are engulfed in stereotypes and nurses, tasteless jokes. This paper will discuss the Newfoundland stereotypes , how Newfoundlanders feel. Content Analysis Of Gender Stereotypes in Magazines.

Content Analysis on code critical essay Gender Stereotype Usage in Magazines Research Question It only mba essay questions takes a second to attach a strong feeling or idea to da vinci critical, a character in literature review, a movie, advertisement, or video game. Many characterization used are based on the assumed stereotypes , and da vinci code critical essay, are usually one-dimensional. people. It’s the first trait I boast when others want to know what makes me unique. My maternal grandmother (Nana) is full-blooded Agundan (Native- Canadian tribe) and my paternal Grandmother (Grandma) is half Cherokee. My various roots are intertwined with my culture, morals, traditions, and have helped. Microfinance and Gender Is there a Glass Ceiling on Loan Size. Jean-Michel Servet, Rodrigo Soares, Oystein Strom, the participants to the Third International Workshop on Micro?nance (Groningen, August 2010) and the Canadian Economic Association Annual Meeting (Ottawa, May 2010), and three anonymous referees for helpful discussions and phd thesis, suggestions.

Isabelle Agier is grateful . Representation of Women in Canadian Parliament. 1921, men were the only members of the code essay Canadian parliamentary system. With the first Canadian women being elected into the Canadian parliament in 1921, women have had the ability to participate and become elected into the House of Commons. Since then, Canadian women’s participation in the House of Commons. showed among generations, supported by a time-lag study (which are on our mind the most relevant). Phd Thesis? Secondly, we will show an understanding about stereotypes that give directions to beliefs. Then we will go further by responding to the saying that ‘today’s young workers don’t have the same values that. more than one. (1) Final way would be the economy blaming that older people are slow out of date and are not helping the economy at all. (1) The stereotypes of older people that believe people to da vinci code, believe these things are that they are slow, they can’t work, hard of hearing and there are a few jobs that. Stereotypes Stereotypes have been around since the literature review making of America; they have portrayed many groups whether it be a race, ethnicities, or even a gender. Da Vinci Critical? Stereotypes are used to degrade and ‘promote’ the many groups negatively which still continues today. It is agreeable that there are many stereotypes.

2011 6:18 AM ET [pic]A poster campaign by Ohio University's Students Teaching About Racism in Society fights the use of essays Halloween costumes that stereotype ethnic groups and cultures. (Ohio University's Students Teaching About Racism in Society) | | | | |Facebook. The Canadian Economy in the Post-Depression Period. Continentalism: The Canadian Economy in the Post-Depression Period” In the 1930 depression hit Canada and brought down international trade and investment. Da Vinci Essay? In the end of the decade depression didn’t seem to be going away and with the war starting new policies were needed to prepare Canadian economy for. past social norms. The sociological imagination is a useful concept when analyzing gender inequality, it causes the gradual shift toward equality in Canadian society.

This concept allows for compare contrast, a thorough analysis of individual issues in the greater societal context by applying different perspectives in the. Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet. Associate Program Material Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Please complete the code essay following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and student nurses, should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet. Part I Select three of the identity categories. National Stereotypes and Identities. Stereotypes are a big part of code our national identity. The way others see us as a nation also influences the way we see ourselves as a nation. Stereotypes may be wrong, but they are nonetheless quite important for our identity. When you hear the word Austria you sure think about mountains, skiing or Mozart. is today. Immigration is a key to the success of the Canadian economy, as many of our current practices have been ideas originating from Europe, and Asia, and the rest of the world.

Without having immigrants in duke, the Canadian workforce, the Canadian government and businesses would not be where they are. family in postcolonial Pakistan, English ruled our lives. .. want to get anywhere in this field.. Code? You know, you have to learn to talk like a Canadian .. Essays? .. Da Vinci Code Critical Essay? This was in nature's, 1975 when I first came to Canada, at my first job-as an code editorial assistant in a television station. I get upset even now-22. myself I started to believe that, I saw a truth in those stereotypes . I felt guilty for being here like I didn?t belong and was trespassing in nature's, someone else?s country.

In my social studies classes I didn?t learn anything that contradicted those stereotypes . I thought all we did was cross the border and steal. Stereotypes in Catholicism To make a stereotype is to critical essay, make a generalization of a certain group or people that is often false that have a positive or negative outlook on them. Stereotypes can be made about nature's essay a certain race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Code Essay? One of the biggest religions practiced. imbalance in society, as the two races are unable to coexists. For example, though Kakatso has the knowledge and resources, he refuses to help the four Canadian escapees because of revenge. White supremacy causes a cultural imbalance in society. Student Essays? When the passenger talks to da vinci code essay, Kakatso, the superior tone and choice. Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet. ?Associate Program Material Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in duke, an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet.

Part I Select three of the identity categories. causes of the canadian great depression. various. The connection between Canadian economic and American Economic was too strong and critical essay, Canadian economic was not healthy enough due to the excessive dependence on raw materials. Nature's Wrath? Lastly, the crash of da vinci code critical stock market is also one of the reasons too. Duke? Body A Canadian economic dependent on the U.S. too. The Right to da vinci code critical, Exist in review, a Relationship with More Than Two Individuals in Western Society.

parts of North America. To further legitimatize polyamory based on religion, it can be in fact considered under existing laws of the land such as the Canadian Charter of code essay Rights and Freedoms specifically under Fundamental Freedoms and nurses, Equality Rights and within the United States Constitution primarily the. Stereotypes Of Canadians Dancing For The Devil 2. ? Stereotypes of Canadians Is there a typical Canadian personality? How are we influenced by stereotypes ? I. “Dance with the Devil” by Edward McCourt Synopsis The Reverend Dugald Cameron meets the devil face to da vinci critical, face in old Raftery’s hut on the top of Dead Man’s Butte, wins the dewey confrontation, and in. counterproductive since this particular Swedish woman was not a secretary. Stereotypes Stereotyping involves a form of categorization that organizes our experience and guides our behavior toward ethnic and national groups. Stereotypes never describe individual behavior; rather, they describe the code behavioral. ? Canadian Stereotypes When most people think of the term ‘group’ they think of number a sports team, a church group or even the “popular” group at school, but not everyone classifies their race, culture or religion as a group.

Spending eleven years of my childhood growing up in Canada I never classified. Stereotypes of Women in the Hip-Hop Culture. College Writing I Sec. 39 15 March 2010 Stereotypes of Women in the Hip-Hop Culture Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there were no stereotyping in code essay, America. Stereotyping has been around for quite a long time and women in wrath, particular have been stereotyped for numerous reasons. There. based on da vinci code Kingston o Satire on upper0class, waspy university - Hard to make a living as a Canadian novelist o Many Canadian writers moved away or set novels in Canada but were indifferent to actual Canadian geography o Very small audience in phd thesis literature review, Canada - Vincent Massey asked him to be dean of Massey. Rafter WE2 20 October 2013 Stereotypes Should a person be judged upon the color of their skin and how they look and dress? Everyday people are being judged because of how they appear. This does not mean that they are exactly what they are perceived to be.

Stereotypes offer a very limited one-sided. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. ? Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Canadian Broadcasters of Culture The CBC is a publicly owned media outlet funded (in part) by da vinci code essay taxpayers. The CBC was formed in the context of a very different historical moment than now. Given that the Canadian mediascape has changed, should. Stereotypes Stereotypes are thoughts adopted about a person or a group of people that may or may not be true. Phd Thesis Literature? In reality a stereotype does not really have a definition. Different people view stereotypes differently. Researchers and psychologists have different definitions what a stereotypes can. Although demeaning and offensive racial stereotypes were pervasive in popular media of every kind during the da vinci 20th century, most observers would agree that the media is much more sensitive to representations of race today. But the pernicious effects of that stereotyping live on in the new racism arising.

and culture of a country. The Canadian Film Industry, which may further be expanded to the media industry, is review, a fantastic example of how the code critical history of something in a country can shape and influence the creative writing mfa identity and culture of the country. The history of the Canadian Film Industry allows us insight. ? From the da vinci essay period of the mid 19th Century Aboriginals and Natives in America have faced widespread stereotypes and creative mfa, omissions as well as outright being the ones suppressed in critical essay, society by the Western white colonizers, what can be seen here is a trend on nurses essays how the public has been fed with films that. Healthcare in Canadian Prisons According to a 2008 Census, there are approximately 31,612,897 people occupying the country Canada. Keeping this in mind, for code, every 100,000 people, 131 of these citizens are incarcerated. Student? This means there are roughly 31 to 32,000 prisoners of this country. There are 192. helped make the code critical essay events as equal as they are today It was tough being a women during the wrath essay 1920s but even tougher to be a women athlete. There were stereotypes that surrounded the da vinci image of a women participating in duke, sports, “It was considered immoral and overtly masculine for women to run, jump and exert themselves. compare the language and code essay, themes used in one to better assess the contrast high school other.

In American history, the Indian is a character that is stereotyped. These stereotypes may arouse from the critical essay fact that mainstream knowledge of the character comes from popular films with extreme generalizations. However, well-educated. Source one exhibits Sir Arthur Currie the successful Canadian military commander of Vimy Ridge in 1917. The picture in which he is portrayed in displays him to be a stern and serious yet calm, collected, and victorious. He was the first Canadian to iowa, attain the rank of full general.

His great accomplishment. Comparing Emily Carr and Carol Geddes. Carr and Carol Geddes, in their essays, “Sophie” and “Growing up Native,” explore the effects that the imposition of da vinci code critical essay white culture has on Aboriginal Canadians . Both Sophie and Geddes struggle with poverty and discrimination. Sophie, uneducated, resigns to these conditions never fighting back; she has neither. Mental Illness Stigma in iowa creative, the Media. that, continue the critical representation of people with mental illnesses as unpredictable, child-like, hyper-sexual, dangerous, evil and violent, says the Canadian Mental Health Association of Ontario. These movies put a out a negative stigma about essay mental illness that is code critical, not what it truly is. They also say, Whether. she played an overweight mother of a low-income family. The show related with a lot more people, but the compare contrast college high essay message was fat people can't be successful. Code Essay? Canadian researcher Gregory Fouts reports that over literature three-quarters of the female characters in da vinci, TV situation comedies are underweight, and only one in twenty.

Canadian Brew Evan Yusep Mrs. Woytiuk 12/20/11 People say that Canada lacks a unique identity, but Strange Brew took this opinion as a challenge with its extreme, satirical exaggeration of the student stereotypical Canadian . Everything from the language to essay, clothing is review, a Canadian exaggeration. The plot. people. Though Kirk Lazarus plays a black man in the tributing film Tropic Thunder, he is originally a oscar winning Australian.

The film stereotypes the Australian people by giving Lazarus the typical blonde hair and bright blue eyes with light to tan like skin color. When Chino is offended by. Rhetoric and da vinci code critical, Stereotype Essay There are many different groups of people that are being stereotyped in our society everyday. The stereotypes are found in politicians, tattooed persons, feminists, and senior citizens. I am going to try to explain how these four basic groups that we see. definitely the phd thesis literature review hardest part of attending residential schools for the non-English speaking students. They were forced to read, write and speak the European- Canadian language and would be punished if they spoke their native tongue; however, English was not the only language they were forced to learn; Latin was. • High violence against crimes that go unspoken in society • 30% wage gap in between the women and da vinci critical essay, men • Societal pressures on gender stereotypes —i.e. Role of genders in contrast college high school essay, the home FORMAL AND INFORMAL PLACES OF LEARNING • Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Concordia • Lack of education. Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet. ?Associate Program Material Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet.

Part I Select three of the identity categories. Oppression of First Nation People. prejudiced as. Code Critical Essay? These prejudices have lead to stereotypes and even forms of discrimination and racism. Unfortunately, the majority of the beliefs are negative and have been widespread amongst non First Nations people. Some of the unfortunate cultural stereotypes that exist in today’s society are that First.

his 1962 essay, “Canada’s Long Term Strategic Situation”, Dr. R. College School Essay? J. Sutherland took the code unusually bold step of duke mba essay questions predicting the stable foundations of Canadian defense policy for the next four decades, even though he was writing at the height of da vinci essay Cold War tensions and amid revolutionary developments in nuclear. Why do stereotypes exists in today’s world. Most of the nurses people today are over the black and white issues or people coming from essay other countries into America. The United States took a huge step in history.

The United States has its first African American president, Barack Obama. Writing Mfa? The Republican voters. The topic of Canadian culture is highly controversial. This subject raises the question: What is Canadian culture? In fact, the Royal Commission on code essay Publications of 1961 rejected the term “ Canadian culture” entirely and instead used the terms “the Canadian experience” and contrast high, “Canada’s national identity.”. interpersonal and embodied ageism. I will discuss the various consequences that this can and da vinci code, does have for our society with the aid of the theories of Stereotype Embodiment and and the notion of the Looking Glass Self. I will then apply the theories of functionalism, symbolic interactionism and conflict as.

?Associate Program Material Stereotypes and Prejudice Worksheet Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet. Part I Select three of the essays identity categories. have that kind of support system, helping them through their life; helping them discover who they are. Critical? “According to the Canadian Medical Association, thirty-two percent of Canadians have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, and exposure to intimate partner violence or a combination of these while. Stereotypes Pashley Sims PHI 103 Shana Goodson 8/2/2013 Stereotypes Stereotype is when people are judging someone on literature how they want to be. In today’s society many people feel as if they can judge a person if that person is not what they should be. Many times I have judged a person on their religious. ? Stereotypes and How They Relate to Group Dynamics Christelle Baptiste HUS3201 02/26/2016 Abstract Stereotypes and da vinci code, How They Relate to Group Dynamics Even though if people did not perceive themselves as belonging to groups, then there would be no order to dewey number, society, stereotyping is da vinci code essay, directly. Stereotypes and Prejudice Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet. Part I Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3. ? Associate Program Material Stereotypes and dewey essays, Prejudice Worksheet Please complete the following exercises, remembering that you are in an academic setting and should remain unbiased, considerate, and professional when completing this worksheet. Part I Select three of the critical identity categories. Professionalism Within Canadian Hockey.

Professionalism within Canadian Hockey John Dowbiggin Susan Markham Starr March 25th 2011 Introduction Canada is a country symbolized by many things such as the maple leaf, our animals and especially the sport of hockey. Canadians have fallen in love with the game of hockey because Canadian history has.