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Research paper tips high school

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Crafting High School Research Papers: A Step-By-Step Guide

Research paper tips high school

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anti-orihime essay Alright, this is just a really random fanfic that I came up with. randomly. I don't know. Writing is fun, as you'll all find out. Yeah. I don't own Bleach . I'm too unreliable to create a new chapter of anything every week. Paper Tips School. Lol. I respect those manga-ka.

They have high expectations. I also don't own Sky Flakes, Jell-o, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and Pi. The bell rang for class, and students quickly started to enter the classroom. Okay class, get your notebooks out, we have a persuasive essay to write. The class groaned, and Ms. Ochi grinned. Aw, come on guys, it's an easy prompt.

Just school uniforms—either you like them or you don't. I don't really care, but it does have to be written in English. Orihime smiled. Yay, English! Writing in English is so much fun!

Ichigo rose his eyebrows at her. Inoue-san, you actually like writing? Really? She looked over at him with happily amused gray eyes. Essay On Importance Of Education In 150. Of course! She rose her right fist up triumphantly. Research Paper Tips School. I get such a. fun thrill out of essay on the masque, writing! It's like painting or drawing a picture, yet just with words. Uryu, who sat behind Orihime, yet next to Ichigo, adjusted his glasses and paper tips high school lightly grinned.

Yeah, but, Tatsuki mumbled, your art is kinda— Alright class, you are only given one hour to write, and we're going to personal essay academic, start in five minutes, so get ready. Ms. Ochi began to pass out the papers with the prompt on them to the front rows of desks, and one by one each person had their persuasive prompt of school uniforms passed back to them. Research Tips School. You all have your papers right? Okay, then you may start in personal five, four, three, two, one. Orihime read over the paper, and began to brainstorm. School uniforms? That's so silly! We already have uniforms so. this will be easy! The gingery auburn haired girl grinned to research paper tips school, herself, and she began to write her essay. The only sounds in the classroom were the scratches of setting, pens and research pencils, and the silent giggles of Orihime's random brain at work.

The issue of school uniforms is a wide issue among teenagers nowadays. Uniforms give a sense of unity to a person and their peers, yet also gives up a person's sense of individuality. Personally, I can relate to on importance of education words, the topic of paper tips, wearing uniforms because my school does use school uniforms. Gatherers Setting. Orihime stopped writing and looked out of the class's widow. The sun was high in the afternoon, and the blue sky shined brilliantly. She looked out onto the school's track and research paper school baseball field. Essays On Today's System. Suddenly, she thought of a movie she had watched with Tatsuki the other day. Paper Tips School. It was a fairytale, yet it was also a high school mafia love story, which really hooked her in—for the most part. Dance Music Essay. She went back to paper school, writing.

Our school uniforms are like the usual—well, for girls a skirt with a button up shirt or sweater vest. Essay Of Education. Boys also wear a button up shirt, but they wear pants instead of skirts. It's kind of like that guy from the movie where the research paper school, guy and special essay the girl are running away from the gangsters but they know where she lives and steal her cherry pie filling. Then they find the bad guy and have this very explosive car chase, and paper high then it's happily ever after. Orihime looked up at essay words, the clock.

It had only been fifteen minutes since the bell rang, and she absentmindedly chewed on her pencil eraser. Research Paper Tips High School. She felt her stomach grumble. She was hungry. But, she went back to writing. Special Essay. But, first, you have to start with once upon a time. So, once upon a time there was a young boy with the name of Sky Flakes. He liked eating lemons with avocados, and liked to research high school, swim in a big pool of special teacher essay, salt.

Though, one day, when he was swimming, the salt burned his eyes as he swam, so the pool got flooded with pudding. Research Paper Tips School. Then, his sister, Queen Sun-Tan Lotion, ran in cone essay setting circles because it was raining gum drops, which really hurt when they hit your head. So, Sky Flakes and Queen Sun-Tan Lotion, also known as Blehhhk ZEBA Point Two Squared By Pi, along with their furry pals Table Chair and Teacup, flew to the beach to go skiing. Research. Though, it wasn't skiing season, so they went deep sea fishing in the Sahara Desert. But, they didn't have their hunting licenses, so they went back home. All the while, the cheeseburger worked on his homework, and got a penguin minus as a grade. Hello? The phone started to ring. Goodbye! The giant robot with orange hair and missiles that exploded from the secret treasure chest fell down in the sky.

The tortilla chips were stale, and all the personal goals, kids began to cry. Research Paper Tips High. Then, the nun started to fly. They applauded. The backpack was red. Then it magically turned invisible. Orihime stopped writing, and essay on importance in 150 words looked at the clock again. Paper High. Thirty minutes since the bell rang.

That means she only had around thirty-five minutes until the education system, essay had to be turned in. She nibbled on her bottom lip nervously. She'd have to hurry if she wanted to finish her piece of writing! As I ran around in rectangles, I sprinted backwards and made two sand castles. Research Paper High. They looked like green Jell-o, but the back flips made them disappear. It started to rain, and I decided to go swimming, but Sky Flakes was being a big meanie and made me fly away in my scooter. He drank the Pepsi, and crushed the can by essay slamming it into his forehead. Then his sister, y'know, Queen Sun-Tan Lotion a.k.a.

Blehhhk ZEBA Point Two Squared By Pi, jumped up and down on her head. Teacup ran while listening to his iPod with only the song My Humps in the background. The turntables turned on the light. Paper Tips High. Finally, Sky Flakes fell asleep, and I got to drink coffee with lettuce and masque pickles in between the bread. Research Tips High School. It was good.

One, five, eight, three, seven ate nine—that's scary! She set down her pencil and shook her hand out. Dance Essay. All this writing was cramping her up! Orihime glanced at tips high school, the clock once more. Oh no! Ten more minutes! She was greatly satisfied with her literary work, but there was still some touch ups to be made. Quickly, she finished writing her essay. And then, the yeti in irish the closet wasn't really a yeti but the Loch Ness Monster. Then I found the zipper to the costume and it was actually Big Foot. I got his autograph on my arm, and he started playing the guitar.

Then a drum solo with chopsticks and research school an eraser. The girl looked back at the prompt, then back at cone gatherers setting, her paper. Oh yeah, you couldn't forget the conclusive paragraph! So, in conclusion, seven ate nine, and school uniforms show a united pride, but also leaves a student's sense of personal identity at home. Though, I prefer school uniforms, because they remind me of that one guy from that movie, and research paper high school that movie was cool. So, I guess I think school uniforms are cool. Essay Masque. The end! Orihime looked up for the last time after a quick proofread, and paper tips high school found that her timing was perfect.

Okay class, pens and essay goals pencils down. The essay is over. Ms. Ochi looked over at the clock then back to research paper tips high, her students, Well, since you were all good and quiet, I guess I can let you all out five minutes early. Ichigo yawned, and stretched his arms up, thankful that the hell-writing was over.

That sucked big time. I personally don't give a damn. Night approached as Ms. Ochi graded paper in her classroom desk in front of the class. She had just gotten through with Uryu's and Ichigo's essays. She could tell who had more enthusiasm about there grades—Uryu's essay was a perfect seven paragraph paper written in great English handwriting, while Ichigo's was only three paragraphs, saying how lame uniforms were and in music essay very lazy penmanship.

Finally she got to Orihime's test. She knew off the bat that her essay was going to be. Paper Tips High. interesting. Honestly, that girl—she needs to join a creative writing class or something. 'Blehhhk ZEBA Point Two Squared By Pi'. her imagination is out there, that's for sure. Though, she had to admit that Orihime's essays were always the most fun to read. Laughing at system, the oblivious humor behind it, she read the paper over again. Yeah.

That was crap. And the ending sucked. Whatever. I contemplated posting this or not, but yeah. Lolz. School. Okay pplz you guys can review or not. Reviews are greatly appreciated, but this was kinda just a random thing.

I was just bored and started writing something totally irrelevant. I hope some of cone essay setting, you people find it funny. Research Tips. I kinda did. Please review, would be greatly appreciated! It was weird writing something Bleach that wasn't IshiHime too.

Lol I had to add in Ishida-kun somewhere.

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resume with patents This application claims priority of a provisional application, Ser. No. 60/008,700, filed Dec. Research Paper Tips High School. 15, 1995. The invention relates to special electronic resume storage and retrieval systems and paper tips school, methods. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. Resumes are a primary communication medium between employers and on importance words, job applicants (candidates). Employers annually spend billions of dollars to solicit resumes using newspaper advertisements, job fairs, college recruitment seminars, and other methods.

In response, job applicants spend billions more to compose, typeset, print, and ship those resumes. Unfortunately, present resume delivery practices are expensive and frustrating for job applicants. Paper Tips. Identifying potential employers, obtaining addresses, producing resumes for each, and finally delivering them is burdensome and time-consuming. The success rate for such efforts is essays on today's, discouragingly low, and the associated expenses can be quite significant. This makes the school entire process quite inefficient from the applicant's point of view. Employers, too, suffer from the inefficiencies of essay academic, resume collection and handling. The solicitation, receipt, storage, management, search, and retrieval of dozens, hundreds, and in research high school some cases thousands of resumes can be a difficult, unwieldy, and expensive burden on the employer. Physical, paper-based resumes are often stored in desk drawers and filing cabinets. The numerous limitations of present resume practices include consumption of substantial physical space; difficulty in searching through large quantities of paper documents; the near-impossibility of correlating applicants whose resumes may vary widely in organization, content, and teacher essay, clarity; and tips, the lack of uniformity in the search process from one practitioner to another.

From the above discussion, it is clear that a very significant need exists for essay an improved method of resume solicitation, sorting, delivery, handling, and management. Yet prior attempts to resolve some of these problems have achieved only limited success. Document scanners have been used in research some attempts to reduce the gatherers setting physical space consumed by physical resumes. However, search methods do not work well on scanned images because scanned resumes are stored as pictures, not searchable words or text. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been used in some attempts to research paper tips school convert paper-based resumes to gatherers setting pure text. However, employers are typically unwilling to forgo the traditional resume because of the widely held belief that the research high school ability to academic review the format, style, and presentation of the resume itself is of value.

Still other attempts have employed the paper tips high aforementioned OCR conversion to allow the use of keyword search methods on the resulting text of academic goals, full resumes, in an attempt to find those which contain key words or phrases. However, such methods have proven inefficient because of the nature of written language. As just one example, an employer seeking applicants residing in the state of paper high school, Indiana will find numerous false matches when searching with the standard postal service abbreviation IN. The letter pair in appears frequently in the English language (many times in this sentence alone), yet most such matches in essay on the the full text of a resume would have little or nothing to do with the searcher's true intent. A further difficulty with keyword search methods is the requirement that the research paper tips school words or phrases in academic question must match with near-perfect accuracy. The diversity of job applicant writing skills and vocabularies causes many resumes, which otherwise might describe applicants with similar attributes, to be written using very different terms and phrases. Such wide variation causes keyword search methods to often erroneously exclude qualified applicants--without notification to the searcher--while simultaneously including unqualified ones.

Prior attempts at research tips applying computer technology to resume management have been limited in scope, applicability, and usefulness. For example, many have been intended for gatherers essay setting use only by employers, employment specialists, or headhunters. Job applicants themselves are completely excluded from accessing such systems. One prior attempt, described in U.S. Pat.

No. Paper School. 5,164,897 to Clark et al. (incorporated by personal essay academic goals, reference), is illustrative. The first sentence of the prior art section of this patent describes the prior art as applying to employment agencies (sometimes called search firms). The preferred embodiment section of the patent then describes a system designed for use by such agencies and firms--without direct applicant involvement of any kind. Other attempts have allowed applicants to initially enter some data, but make no explicit provision for ongoing involvement. Such approaches can result in outdated information and questionable results. Other attempts have required the installation of specialized computer hardware and/or software, or personnel training at research tips school the employer's place of business. The difficulty in learning and on today's education, using the system often effectively restricts access to just those who have been appropriately trained.

Other attempts have incorporated rudimentary computer-based searching methods. The most common method involves the aforementioned keyword searches on the contents of entire resumes, such as offered by research high, Online Career Center, Indianapolis, Ind. and TMP Interactive, Framingham, Mass. Irish Music Essay. The inherent limitations of such methods have already been discussed. Another attempt at incorporating computer-based searching methods is seen in the services available from Intellimatch, San Jose, Calif., (Internet address: Research Paper Tips High. This attempt accepts weighted ranking data provided by applicants and employers. There are several disadvantages of this type of method: First, the user interface for interacting with such ranking systems can be complex, non-intuitive, unfamiliar, difficult to learn, and slow to essay masque operate.

Second, there is no objective reference for ranking standards--individual applicants are asked to rank themselves, leading to an extremely subjective collection of personal opinions. Third, employers are asked to rank their requirements in a like fashion, again without reference to an objective standard. Fourth, these highly subjective data are then compared to each other, compounding assumptions upon assumptions and research high, often yielding startlingly mismatched and valueless results. Another attempt at cone essay providing resume services on the Internet is provided by Beverly Hills Software, 469 South Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212, (Internet address: http://www.Bhs.Com). This attempt prompts applicants to high enter text-only information using a template. However, keyword searches still involve searching the entire contents of resume data; no searching by fields is available. A visual template is provided for applicant data, but the resulting pure text is sorted as one large text file, like other systems. There is also no provision for academic charging or collecting fees. Some of the aforementioned examples have attempted to incorporate various remote connection means. Research. Such remote methods have traditionally been limited to text-only resume storage and keyword-based searches of the full resume text.

None have succeeded in addressing all of the problems described above. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION. The invention provides a method of and apparatus for of education words storage and retrieval of resume images in a manner which preserves the appearance, organization, and information content of the original document. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and research paper tips, apparatus for storing formatted summaries or outlines of resume images, and efficient searching and subsequent selection of the resume outlines and their associated resume images. One embodiment of the personal academic invention provides a user interface for creating the research tips high school aforementioned resume outlines which is based on personal essay goals a familiar paper-based method already in common use, thus reducing the tips high training required to effectively use the system. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for teacher essay computer-assisted searching of the aforementioned stored resume outlines in paper tips high school a manner which minimizes the need for specialized equipment and training.

In one embodiment, such searches can be or suspended, and resumed at a later time. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and cone essay, apparatus for enabling the automatic and continuous execution of the searches through resume outlines, thereby determining when a potentially qualifying applicant has entered their resume outline and resume image and enabling employers to research tips school be automatically notified thereof. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and special teacher essay, apparatus for coordinating the terminology and vocabulary used by applicants and tips, potential employers in special the entry and searching for research paper tips high the aforementioned resume outlines. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for the controlled expansion of the terminology and vocabulary used by applicants and potential employers in the entry of and searching of the aforementioned resume outlines. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems, such as the special essay Internet, the World Wide Web, or other commercial connectivity services, for research high applicant submission of outlines or resume images, or employer searches through outlines or viewing of essay of education words, resume images. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems to automatically notify applicants or employers under certain conditions, such as the expiration of a time interval or occurrence of an event.

One embodiment of the invention employs common and commercially available computer hardware and software to reduce or eliminate the research tips high school need for essay on importance of education specialized equipment by and training of the applicant or employer. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems for billing and payment for high services. Other features of the invention will become apparent to those of ordinary skill in the art upon review of the following detailed description, claims, and drawings. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS. Preferred embodiments of the essay academic invention are described below with reference to the following accompanying drawings. FIG. 1 is a block diagram illustrating a system embodying the invention. FIG. 2 is a block diagram of a server included in the system shown in FIG.

1. FIG. 3 is an example of a resume outline form sent from the server of FIG. 2 to an applicant's client machine included in the system of FIG. 1. FIG. 4 is an example of a search request form sent from the server of FIG. 2 to an employer's client machine included in the system of FIG.

1. FIG. 5 is an example of a summary of a resume outline sent from the server of FIG. Research Tips School. 2 to an employer's client machine in response to a search request. FIG. 6 is an example of a vocabulary assistance process in accordance with one embodiment of the invention. FIG.

7 is an example of a resume image stored by the server of FIG. 2. FIGS. Irish Dance Music Essay. 8A, 8B, 9-11, 12A, 12B, and 13 define a flowchart of tips, a process performed by the server of FIG. 2. in accordance with one embodiment of the special teacher invention. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS. This disclosure of the invention is submitted in furtherance of the research tips high constitutional purposes of the U.S. Patent Laws to promote the progress of science and useful arts (Article 1, Section 8) FIG, 1 shows a resume storage and retrieval system 10 embodying the invention. The system 10 comprises a server 12 including a memory 14, and a database 16 defined in the memory 14. The server 12 can be a minicomputer, a microcomputer, a UNIX (TM) machine, a mainframe computer, a personal computer such as an of education Intel (TM) PC, 286, 386, 486, Pentium, P6, etc. (TM) personal computer or clone, or Apple (TM), Macintosh (TM), or PowerPC (TM) personal computer or clone, or any other appropriate computer.

The memory 14 is preferably long term memory (e.g. hard drive, disk drive, tape unit, CD-ROM, etc.). The server 12 includes typical components (FIG. Research Tips School. 2) such as a CPU or processor 18, input devices such as a keyboard (not shown), and mouse (not shown), output devices (not shown) such as a monitor and printer, RAM 20, ROM 22, serial ports (not shown), parallel ports (not shown), and communication hardware 24, which may either be internal or external, such as internal communication cards (e.g., modem card or network card) or external communication hardware (e.g., external modem), etc. In one embodiment, the communication hardware 24 connects the server 12 to the Internet, so that the server 12 defines an Internet node. More particularly in one embodiment, the server 12 is a World Wide Web server connected to the Internet. In this embodiments the server 12 has a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system such as UNIX (if the server is a UNIX machine), Windows NT, LINUX (if the server is a personal computer), etc.

The system 10 further includes a job applicant's client machine (or applicant's client machine) 26 in selective communication with the server 12. The job applicant's client machine 26 is connected to irish dance the server 12 via a communication link 28. Various possible types of research paper tips, communication link can be employed for the communication link 28 between the server 12 and the applicant's client machine 26. For example, the communication link 28 can comprise a hard wired connection, a telephone connection, a satellite RF, or other wireless connection, an Internet connection, a local area network or wide area network connection, a combination of the preceding, or any other desired type of connection. Many applicant's client machines 26 can communicate with the server 12 at special teacher essay the same time. Different applicant's client machines can connect with the server using different types of research paper tips, communication links 28. For example, one of the personal goals communication links 28 can be a hard wired connection while another one of the communication links 28 is a telephone connection. After the communication link is established, communications can take place over tips high school, the link using any of various protocols, such as e-mail, FTP (file transfer protocol), TCP/IP (Internet protocol, which can be used with HTTP-hyper text transfer protocol, or GOPHER), ASCII, X-MODEM, Y-MODEM, KERMIT, any variation s on these protocols, or any other appropriate protocol. During a session, the server 12 communicates to the applicant's client machine a resume outline form 30 (FIG. 3) to be completed by irish music essay, a job applicant.

The form 30 has a plurality of fields 31 relevant to paper tips high employment, using which typical information found on a resume is summarized by special essay, the applicant, The form 30 has fields that are similar to paper tips school blanks found on traditional job application forms available from essay masque, employers. In the illustrated embodiment, the paper school form 30 has various sections, such as a personal information section 32, an essays optional information section 34, a position desired section 36, an education section 38, and an employment history section 40. Other sections can be used, as desired. Each section has various fields 31. For example, in research paper tips the illustrated embodiment, the personal information section 32 has fields 39, 41, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, and 56 for the job applicant's first, middle, and last names, address, city, state or province (e.g., the two letter postal service abbreviations), zip code or postal code, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, respectively; the personal optional information section 34 has fields 58, 60, 62 and paper tips school, 64 relating to citizenship, fields 66 and 68 relating to security clearance, and cone gatherers setting, a field 70 for a social security or social insurance number; the position desired section 36 has a field 72 for research tips school job title, fields 74, 76, 78, and 80 relating to the type of employment sought (full time permanent, full time temporary, part time permanent, or part time temporary), fields 82, 84, 86, and 88 relating to compensation requirements, and essay on importance words, a field 90 relating to the date when the applicant will be available for research paper the new position, the education section 38 has fields 94, 96, 98, 100, 102, 104, 106, and 108 relating to majors, degrees, school names and locations, and grade point averages (multiple copies of fields 100, 102, 104, 106 and 108 can be included for teacher multiple colleges attended); and the employment history section 40 has fields 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 118, and 120 for employer name, employer city, employer state or province, previous job title, start date for paper tips that position, and masque, end date for that position (multiple copies of fields 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 118, and 120 can be included for research tips school multiple prior positions). Other or additional fields can be used, as desired, or synonyms can be used in place of the words shown in FIG. 3 adjacent the fields. For World Wide Web applications, the form 30 is an HTML form, and has submit and clear buttons 122 and 124 using which the applicant can either send the information from the filled fields to the server, or can clear the form and start over. The form 30 further includes a vocabulary assistance button 146, the function of on importance of education in 150, which is paper high school, discussed below. Upon receiving the form 30, the job applicant fills in (using his/her machine 26) as many fields 31 as desired, including some mandatory information such as name and contact information (address and/or phone number) in section 32. The applicant also effects creation of a graphics file 126 (FIG.

7) of the applicant's resume for receipt by the server. The graphics file 126 contains all the formatting, fonts, and margins of a traditional paper resume, and essay, is of great assistance to employers wishing to gain some insight into the professionalism of an applicant. Paper Tips High. The graphics file can be, for example, in special essay a file format identified by one of the following extensions: .GIF,.TIF (or .TIFF), .JPG (or .JPEG or .JPE),.BMP,.TGA,.EPS,.PCX or another form of graphics file that maintains the appearance, format information, and font information of the original document. The applicant can create the paper tips graphics file in any appropriate manner at a location 134 remote from the irish dance music essay server 12. For example, the applicant can create the research school graphics file using a scanner 128 (FIG. 1), by scanning his or her actual printed resume. Alternatively, the applicant can use a facsimile machine 130 (FIG. 1) to fax his or her actual printed resume to a facsimile machine 132 in the possession of the administrator of the system 10 (e.g., located at the location of the server 12).

The facsimile machine 132 creates graphics file 126 that is stored by the server. In one embodiment, the system administrator can convert the graphics file from a fax format to one of the above mentioned graphics file formats. Masque. Preferably, however, the server 12 itself will automatically perform the research tips high conversion from fax format to a more appropriate format such as described in the previous paragraph, so that human intervention is not required. In this preferred embodiment, the facsimile machine 132 may comprise a fax card housed in the server 12. In another embodiment, the cone essay system administrator can receive a mail copy of a printed resume, and research tips high, can scan it into the server 12 for the applicant using a scanner 133 in the possession of the system administrator (e.g., located at the location of the server 12).

The server 12 receives and stores in essays education the database 16 the graphics file 126 as well as an entry defined by the summary information filled in on the form 30 by the job applicant. In one embodiment, the graphics file 126 can be communicated to the server using a different protocol than was used for transmitting the summary information. For example, the summary information can be sent from the high school applicant's client machine 26 to the server 12 via HTML, and the graphics file 126 can be sent from masque, that applicant's client machine 26 to the server 12 via e-mail. Any other combination of protocols can be used, at the applicant's option. The form 30 is useful in that it provides searchable information. The information of the graphics file 126 cannot be easily searched. In addition, the form defines fields 31, so that searches can be performed by field, by prospective employers. Further, the form 30 is of a format known to both applicants and employers (i.e., a format like a traditional employer's job application), so that the need for research paper training applicants and employers in using the system is avoided.

Instead, applicants can easily fill the form 30, and dance music, employers can easily search the database. In a preferred embodiment, the employers search the database using a form 136 (FIG. 4) that is paper tips, very similar in appearance to the form 30 presented to applicants The forms 30 and 136 provide a standard framework to irish music be used by all applicants, and all employers. The server 12 associates or links the summary information entry from the form 30 with the tips school graphics file 126 submitted by essay, the applicant's client machine 26. In other words, if a search by an employer turns up the school summary information for a particular applicant, the graphics file 126 containing an image of that applicant's resume can be easily pulled up as well. The form 30 and graphics file 126 may be transmitted by the applicant's client machine during a single session.

It is also possible that the applicant may fill out and transmit the special essay form 30 during one session, and paper, then upload the teacher essay resume image during another session. Or, the applicant could fax a resume at research tips school some later time. In other words, it is not required that the essay two actions occur during a single session. The system further comprises an employer's client machine 138 in selective communication with the server 12. The employer's client machine is connected to the server 12 via a communication link 140.

Various possible types of communication link can be employed for the communication link between the server 12 and the employer's client machine 138. For example, the communication link 140 can comprise a hard wired connection, a telephone connection, a satellite RF, or other wireless connection, an Internet connection, a local area network or wide area network connection, or any other desired type of connection. Several employer's client machines 138 can communicate with the research paper server 12 simultaneously. Employer's client machines 138 can communicate with the server 12 at the same time that one or more applicant's client machines 26 are connected to personal academic goals the server 12. Different employer's client machines 138 can connect with the server 12 using different types of communication links 140. For example, one employer's client machine 138 can be communicating with the server 12 using a telephone connection, while another employer's client machine 138 communicates with the research tips server 12 using an Internet connection. Employers may prefer to essay on importance of education words use a telephone connection, instead of an Internet connection, because of paper school, less security risk in transmitting credit card information. If an Internet connection is academic, used, some security precautions are taken in the preferred embodiment. For example, a secure server can be used for the server 12, or encryption can be used (e.g., using PGP--pretty good privacy encryption, such as is provided by ViaCrypt (TM) software, or some other encryption method). Upon connection, the research paper tips high server 12 provides the employer's client machine 138 with search form 136 (FIG. 4).

The search form 136 is preferably similar to the form 30 filled by applicants, as described above, and preferably includes fields 31 corresponding to fields contained on the form filled by applicants. After filling in the search form, entering search terms in essay on the the fields of importance to the employer, the employer sends the search form to the server (e.g., by pressing a submit, send, or search button 142 on the form in a HTML application). This results in the employer's client machine 138 providing a search request to the server 12 and initiating a search of the summary information in the database 16. As was the case with the applicant's form 30, the form 136 also includes a clear button 144, in an HTML application, using which the employer can clear the form 136 and start over. The search parameters are defined by the filled search form 136 The filled search form 136 indicates which fields 31 are to be searched for which keywords.

For example, based on which fields 31 are filled with which keywords, a search query can be constructed which takes the logical OR of each word contained in a field, and which takes the logical AND of each of the fields 31. Other logical and paper tips high, weighted combinations are possible. In one embodiment, if an dance music employer fills in US in the citizenship field, and fills in Engineer, Scientist in the job title field, a search query can be constructed requiring that qualifying applicants be U.S. citizens AND be engineers OR scientists. Alternative appropriate systems for creating search queries can also be employed. For example, different fields 31 can be assigned different importance weights.

It may be more critical to have a close match in the city field in the Personal Information section than to have a close match in the compensation field. Tips School. In one embodiment, employers are able to indicate logical connectors between keywords, such as engineer NOT chemical (e.g., if an essays education system employer is looking for any type of engineer other than a chemical engineer) In a preferred embodiment, the employer can use natural English (without logical connectors), and the server 12 creates an appropriate search query. Upon completing the search, the server 12 communicates to paper tips school the employer's client machine an amount of the summary information for entries that satisfy the search parameters (search query). Preferably, contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number, e-mail, fax number, etc.) of qualifying applicants is suppressed at this stage, In one embodiment, the essays on today's education system information presented to the employer for each entry that satisfies the tips high school search parameters is summarized information, for easy and quick review in a standardized, compact, format. An example of summarized information is shown in FIG. 5. Relevancy ranking is essay academic, performed in a preferred embodiment. The relevancy ranking identifies entries in the database 16 which, while perhaps not perfectly matching the criteria specified in the search form 136, are substantially similar enough to be of potential interest to research high the employer. Relevancy ranking can be performed in a manner such as performed by: CPL Retrieval Engine, sold by essay on importance of education, Personal Library Systems, 2400 Research Blvd., Suite 350, Rockville, Md.

20850; NexTrieve Indexing Engine from Nexial Systems, St. Annastraat 4, 6109 RH, Ohe en Laak, The Netherlands; MetaMorph Text Retrieval Engine sold by Thunderstone Software--EPI Inc., 11115 Edgewater Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44102; InTEXT Retrieval Engine, sold by InTEXT Systems, 715 Sutter Street, Folsom, Calif. 95630; or Fast Data Finder, sold by Paracel Inc., 80 South Lake Avenue, Suite 650, Pasadena, Calif. 91101, or any other appropriate manner. Summarized information (as shown in FIG. Research Tips. 5) is provided for the best matches to the search request, after taking into account the relevancy ranking described above The maximum number of matches supplied to the employer's client machine can be set to irish dance music essay any appropriate number by either the administrator of the system 10, or the employer performing the search. In one embodiment, the employer can request summarized information for research tips additional, less relevant, entries than those initially presented.

The server 12 then queries the employer's client machine as to special whether to present graphics files 126 of resumes associated with the tips high school entries that satisfy the search parameters. The server does not present the gatherers essay setting graphics files 126 of the resumes or the contact information for entries that satisfy the search parameters until payment is made or authorized by the employer. The employer may establish an account, and provide billing information (such as by providing a credit card number) to the administrator of the system 10 at one time, and will then be able to research school subsequently log in using a password, and order contact information and graphics files without having to again transmit a credit card. In this manner, the employer can connect once using a telephone connection or secure connection, transmit the billing information, and subsequently use an insecure connection. In a preferred embodiment, no password is required of employers unless they choose to set up an account as described above. In this preferred embodiment, they can search without establishing an account, but can only obtain contact information and graphics files if they provide billing information such as a credit card. Means other than passwords can be employed to establish secure access to the server 12.

For example, the essay on the masque employer can transmit to a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address, or can initiate a dialup connected to a specific telephone number and transmit billing information for that session without setting up a password. The server 12 is capable of storing employer's search requests, and periodically later repeating the search (update searching). Thus, additional entries matching the search parameters can be located in the event the database has been modified and contains new entries that satisfy the search parameters. If the employer desires the research paper school ability to store search requests and perform update searches, he or she will be required by the server 12 to obtain a user name and masque, password, so the employer can be identified by school, the server in a subsequent connection session. The server 12 is special, also capable of suspending execution of a search request upon receiving a suspend request from the research paper school employer's client machine, and of resuming the search at a later time upon receiving a resume request from the employer's client machine 138. For example, the employer may view the summary information for essay on importance in 150 words a certain number of hits (entries that satisfy the research paper high search parameters) and wish to take a break before more closely studying the results, or before looking at less relevant matches. Special Teacher Essay. Again, if the employer desires the ability to research tips school suspend and later resume search requests, he or she will be required by the server 12 to obtain a user name and password, so the employer can be identified by the server 12 in a subsequent connection session. The server further comprises vocabulary assistance capability for assisting an applicant in filling form 30, or for assisting an employer in formulating a search request using form 136. The vocabulary assistance routine provides to the applicant's or employer's client machine alternative terminology which can be selected for filling the form 30 or the form 136. An example of vocabulary assistance is illustrated in FIG.

6. If the applicant or employer requests vocabulary assistance while filling the job title field 72 (e.g., by pressing a vocabulary assistance button 146 or 148 while the cursor of the machine 26 or 138 is in cone essay field 72), alternative terms to those filled in the field will be presented (e.g., by presenting a menu, such as a pop-up menu, to the machine 26 or 138). The applicant or employer can then select alternative terminology from the menu, which will then be added in the field. Alternatively, instead of using the vocabulary assistance while initially filling the form 136, an employer may be dissatisfied with the results of a search, and may then return to the form 136 and initiate vocabulary assistance on one or more of the fields. The vocabulary assistance routine of the server 12 preferably learns related terms over time. The vocabulary assistance routine can operate in a manner similar to spell check routines found in research paper tips high school word processing programs. The server also sends reminders to essay of education in 150 applicants, after some time has passed, that they should update their summary information and tips school, graphics files.

This can be via e-mail, or any other desired manner. FIGS. 8A, 8B, 9-11, 12A, 12B, and 13 define a flow chart illustrating operation of a system according to one embodiment of the invention. At step S1, a determination is made as to whether a client has connected to the system. If so, the in 150 words system proceeds to step S2; if not, the system proceeds to step S7. At step S2, the server sends a main menu to the connected client, and requests a selection. After performing step S2, the system proceeds to research paper school step S3. At step S3, a determination is made as to whether the user selected to enter new applicant data. System. If so, the system proceeds to step S12; if not, the system proceeds to step S4. At step S4, a determination is made as to whether the user selected to update existing applicant data.

If so, the research paper high system proceeds to step S25; if not, the system proceeds to step S5. At step S5, a determination is made as to dance essay whether the user selected to begin a new search of applicants. If so, the system proceeds to research tips school step S34; if not, the special teacher system proceeds to step S6. At step S6, a determination is made as to whether the research paper school user selected to continue a previously suspended search of applicants. If so, the system proceeds to step S29; if not, the system proceeds to essays on today's education system step S64.

At step S7, a determination is made as to whether it is time for paper tips school an applicant to update the information they have provided to the server, If so, the system proceeds to step S8; if not, the system proceeds to step S9. At step S8, the server notifies applicants that it is recommended that they update their resume information. After performing step S8, the essay system proceeds to step S9. At step S9, a determination is made as to whether it is time to continue suspended searches. High School. If so, the personal system proceeds to step S10; if not, the system proceeds to step S11. At step S10, suspended searches are performed. Tips High. After performing step S10, the system proceeds to step S11. At step S11, a determination is made as to whether the operator of the system has requested a system shutdown (for maintenance, or some other reason). Special Essay. If so, the system shuts down; if not, the system proceeds to research paper tips school step S1. At step S12, a new applicant identification number is gatherers, assigned by the server, and the server sends to school the client a request for irish dance essay a selection of a password After performing step S12, the paper school system proceeds to step S13.

At step S13, the system receives a response from the cone gatherers client. After performing step S13, the system proceeds to step S14. At step S14, the server prepares an empty resume outline form. After performing step S14, the system proceeds to high school step S15. At step S15, the server sends the resume outline form to on importance of education in 150 the connected client, and research tips high, requests that the applicant fill out the form. After performing step S15, the system proceeds to step S16.

At step S16, the server receives the response from the special essay client. After performing step S16, the school system proceeds to step S17. At step S17, a determination is made as to whether the client requested vocabulary assistance. If so, the system proceeds to step S18; if not, the on today's education system proceeds to research high step S19. At step S18, the requested vocabulary assistance information is added to the resume outline form. An example of vocabulary assistance is shown in FIG. 6. For example, if an applicant has listed cellular and satellite in the job title field, and requests vocabulary assistance for the job title field, the server will generate a list of alternative terms such as development, firmware, software, and systems, and will transmit that list to on today's system the applicant's client machine, The client can then select any of the listed vocabulary assistance terms for high addition to the job title field. Vocabulary assistance is available for many of the essay on the fields on the outline form. After performing step S18, the system proceeds to step S15.

At step S19, the tips school server stores the of education words information filled in the resume outline form in the database After performing step S19, the system proceeds to step S20. At step S20, the server sends to the client a list of available resume image reception methods and requests that the applicant select a method. After performing step S20, the system proceeds to step S21. At step S21, the server receives the response from the client After performing step S21, the paper tips system proceeds to step S22. At step S22, the server prepares to receive the resume image from the client using the selected reception method. After performing step S22, the system proceeds to step S23. At step S23, the server receives the resume image. After performing step S23, the system proceeds to step S24. At step S24, the server stores the resume image in the database.

After performing step S24, the system proceeds to step S2. At step S25, the system sends to the client a message requesting an on today's education applicant identification (user name) and password. After performing step S25, the system proceeds to step S26. At step S26, the server receives and verifies the password and ID. After performing step S26, the system proceeds to step S27. At step S27, the school server retrieves the existing resume outline information from the database for this applicant. On Importance Of Education Words. After performing step S27, the paper tips high school system proceeds to step S28. At step S28, the server fills the empty resume outline form with the essay on the outline information retrieved from the research paper high database After performing step S28, the personal system proceeds to S15. At step S29, the server sends to the client a message requesting a client ID (user name) and password. After performing step S29, the system proceeds to research tips high step S30.

At step S30, the server receives and verifies the ID and password. After performing step S30, the system proceeds to step S31. At step S31, the system server sends to the client a list of this client's suspended searches and requests that the client make a selection. After performing step S31, the system proceeds to step S32. At step S32, the server receives the high school selection from the client. After performing step S32, the system proceeds to step S33. At step S33, the server fills the empty resume outline form with selected search criteria for cone setting the suspended search which was selected for execution. Research Paper Tips High School. After performing step S33, the system proceeds to step S35.

At step S34, the server prepares an empty resume outline form. Personal Essay. After performing step S34, the system proceeds to step S35. At step S35, the server sends an outline form to the client and requests that the research tips high school client return the form with desired search criteria. Cone Gatherers Setting. After performing step S35, the system proceeds to step S36. At step S36, the server receives the response from the client After performing step S36, the server proceeds to step S37. At step S37, a determination is made as to whether the research high school client requested vocabulary assistance. If so, the system proceeds to essay setting step S45; if not, the system proceeds to step S38. At step S38, a determination is made as to research tips high school whether the client requested suspension of the essay academic goals search.

If so, the system proceeds to step S46; if not, the system proceeds to step S39. At step S39, the server searches the database of existing resume outline information After performing step S39, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S40, the paper server summarizes compliant resume outlines, sends the summarized outlines to the client, and requests desired action. For example, the desired action can be a request that the employer select whether to modify the search, or to view a entire (not summarized) outline satisfying the search parameters. On Today's System. After performing step S40, the system proceeds to research paper tips step S41.

At step S41, the on today's education system server receives the response from the client. After performing step S41, the system proceeds to research school step S42. At step S42, a determination is made as to whether the client chose to modify the on today's system search criteria. If so, the system proceeds to step S35; if not, the system proceeds to step S43. At step S43, a determination is made as to whether the client chose to view an research paper tips high school entire outline. If so, the academic system proceeds to step S44; if not, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S44, the server sends to the client a list of available resume outline delivery methods, and request selection by the client.

After performing step S44, the system proceeds to research tips high step S49. At step S45, requested vocabulary assistance is added to the resume outline form. After performing step S45, the system proceeds to personal essay academic goals step S35. At step S46, the server sends to the client a request for client ID (user name) and research paper tips school, password. After performing step S46, the system proceeds to step S47. At step S47, the server receives and essay of education in 150, verifies the client ID and password. After performing step S47, the system proceeds to step S48. At step S48, the paper server stores the search criteria.

After performing step S48, the system proceeds to step S2. At step S49, the server receives the irish essay response from the client. After performing step S49, the system proceeds to step S50. At step S50, the server sends a complete resume outline to the client. Paper School. By complete resume outline, what is meant is essays, non-summarized information, in a format such as is shown in FIG. 3, except with contact information suppressed.

After performing step S50, the system proceeds to step S51. At step S51, a determination is made as to whether the client chose to purchase the resume image associated with the research paper tips high school resume outline that matched the search criteria. Essay. If so, the system proceeds to high step S52; if not, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S52, the server sends to the client a message asking if the employer has an essay words existing account, After performing step S52, the system proceeds to step S53. At step S53, the server receives the response from the client. After performing step S53, the system proceeds to step S54. At step S54, a determination is made as to whether the client indicated that employer does have an existing account. If so, the system proceeds to step S55; if not, the system proceeds to step S61. At step S55, the server sends to the client a request for account ID and password. Research Tips High. After performing step S55, the cone system proceeds to step S56.

At step S56, the server receives and verifies the response. After performing step S56, the system proceeds to research paper high school step S57. At step S57, the server sends to the client a list of essay on the, available resume image delivery methods, and requests selection of one of those methods. After performing step S57, the system proceeds to research paper step S58. At step S58, the server receives the response from the client. After performing step S58, the system proceeds to step S59. At step S59, the masque server retrieves the resume image from the database. Research. After performing step S59, the system proceeds to step S60. At step S60, the server delivers the resume image to the client via the method selected by the employer After performing step S60, the music system proceeds to step S40. At step S61, the server sends to the client a request for a credit card or other billing information.

After performing step S61, the system proceeds to research tips high school step S62. At step S62, the server receives the response from the client. After performing step S62, the essays system system proceeds to step S63. At step S63, a determination is made as to paper tips high whether the essay client's billing information can be confirmed by a bank or other appropriate financial institution. Paper Tips School. If so, the system proceeds to step S57; if not, the system proceeds to step S52. At step S64, a determination is made as to whether there has been inactivity for too long of a time. If so, the irish dance essay system proceeds to step S65; if not, the system proceeds to step S2. At step S65, any searches that are in progress are suspended, and the connection is terminated with respect to paper tips high school this client. In compliance with the statute, the invention has been described in language more or less specific as to structural and essay academic, methodical features. It is to be understood, however, that the invention is not limited to the specific features shown and described, since the means herein disclosed comprise preferred forms of putting the invention into effect.

The invention is, therefore, claimed in any of its forms or modifications within the proper scope of the appended claims appropriately interpreted in accordance with the doctrine of research paper high school, equivalents.

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Crafting High School Research Papers: A Step-By-Step Guide

An Exam Reader#039;s Advice on Writing. Lakeland High School. During my experience as a Reader, I have learned a few things about writing that I would like to share with other teachers. I hope you’ll find my observations helpful as you think about paper tips high, encouraging your students to do their best on system the writing section of the AP English Literature Exam. Students should not begin writing until they fully comprehend the prompt and/or the passage. Mere parroting of the prompt often leads to floundering around instead of developing a clear direction.

I recommend that you advise your students to paper tips school, write directly on personal academic the passage and make quick notes and outlines in research the margins. This planning enables most writers to organize their ideas more efficiently. I have found that teaching students acronyms for reading and writing strategies (DIDLS, TP-CASTT, etc.) can work wonders. (These terms are discussed in teacher essay the AP Vertical Teams Guide for research paper tips school English , 2002.) While your very best students might not need them, less able students can find them useful ways to essay of education, begin. Research Paper Tips School! I often suggest that my own students not only mark up the passage, but also use the margins to fill in some of the cone essay acronym steps. This active planning takes an extra five minutes or so, but I’ve found that it’s well worth the time. Students who fail to read closely frequently wind up paraphrasing rather than analyzing the passages. Planning helps them stay focused.

Although AP Readers are instructed to research tips school, read the essays education system entire essay and research high, not to be prejudiced by a weak introduction, a strong opening paragraph can be a real asset to a student’s paper. When answering the irish essay free-response part of the research tips AP English Exams, writers should answer the question quickly and avoid beginning with ideas that do not relate directly to the prompt. The following hypothetical introduction for Question 1 on the 2002 AP English Literature Exam provides an example of what not to do: “All people at some point in essay time have encountered a great deal of trouble in their lives. I know of so many people who have been embarrassed by parents that will wave at you from across a room. I have a friend who told me that her parents did this very same thing.” Such generalities often signal a writer’s inability to respond in a thoughtful manner, suggesting that the rest of the paper also may be incoherent or rambling. The Reader might begin to suspect that the student is just trying to bluff his or her way through the question.

One-sentence perfunctory introductions—especially ones that repeat the wording of the research paper prompt—also work poorly, suggesting to essay masque, the Reader that the student isn’t particularly interested or doesn’t care. I recommend that teachers tell students to research paper tips, create an essay on the introduction strong enough to earn a grade of 3 all by itself. That means that students should learn ways to answer the research paper high school entire prompt—not simply repeat it—in the masque introduction. This indicates to the Reader that the paper could be heading into the upper-half zone. One way to help students improve their beginning is by providing them with several introductory paragraphs from papers that have earned a wide range of scores and asking them to identify stronger and weaker openings. Tips High! (Sample papers are available on the Exam homepage for the course.) Rubrics especially designed for introductory paragraphs also can be helpful. After having students collect examples of several strong openings, you may want to ask them to develop their own rubric for introductory paragraphs. Use paragraphs and topic sentences.

Although it may seem like a small matter, students should indent paragraphs clearly. On The! A paper without indentation or with unclear indentation often confuses a Reader. Paragraphs create the fundamental structure of the essay, and without them good ideas can get muddled. Most essays I’ve seen that do not use paragraphs tend to be full of confused and research school, rambling thoughts. Many writers find topic sentences a useful tool both for of education organizing paragraphs and also for helping Readers navigate through the essay. Research Paper Tips High! To score at least a 3, students would be wise to make use of essay pertinent references from the text. Encourage them to use specific quotations to back up their assertions. Research Tips School! However, remind them that they must explain their quotes clearly and demonstrate how they are relevant to the question. It is on importance in 150 important for young writers to realize that offering long quotes without explanation bogs down the essay and can give the undesirable impression that the student is trying to fill up space rather than answer the prompt!

Short, choppy sentences without variety indicate a student who has little background in grammar and style, perhaps someone who has read and written minimally. Teach students how to connect ideas with transitional wording, participial phrases, appositives, subordinate clauses, etc. Research Paper Tips School! I ask my students to imagine children making the same tower or castle each time they played with blocks. Personal Essay Academic Goals! They soon would become bored. Likewise, both writers and readers get bored when everything is formulaic, lacking some individual pizzazz! I suggest asking them to experiment with different sorts of syntactical devices to tips school, help them develop a sense of style. An arsenal of appropriate vocabulary and analytical wording reveals a brilliant mind at essay work, but writers should make certain that the words fit. Some students stick in big words just to research paper school, sound scholarly.

Ironically, some of their papers score only essays education a 2 because they lack clarity and sometimes say nothing of relevance to the prompt. I advise my students to use the active voice as much as possible as one remedy for repetition and other superfluous wording. I also suggest encouraging them to develop a mental thesaurus, so they will have a large variety of words available as they compose.

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How to Write a Career Research Paper: Tips for Students & Teachers

English and Comparative Literary Studies. This handbook is a guide that I’m hoping will enable you. It is geared, in paper, particular, towards the seventeenth-century literature and culture module but I hope you will find it useful at essay on the, other times too. I would like to stress, though, that it is high school, not the only way to do things. It may be that you have much better ideas about personal essay academic what makes for a successful essay and have tried and research paper high tested methods of teacher essay executing your research. There isn’t necessarily a right way and so I hope you will not see this as proscriptive and research tips high school limiting. You should talk to all your tutors about what makes for a good essay to get a sense of the essay, different ways that you might construct an essay.

1. Essay writing (p.2) 2. Close reading (p. 4) 4. Constructing an tips, argument (p. 8) 5. Help with this particular assessment (p. 9) 6. Grade descriptions (p. 10) 1. ESSAY WRITING (and historicist writing in particular)

Essay writing has four stages: reading, planning, writing and proof-reading. Excepting the last, you may not find that they are not particularly discrete but rather interlinked and mutually informative. If any stage is skipped or done badly, though, it will impair your work. 1) Read the text and make sure you understand it. Use the Oxford English Dictionary online to look up any words you don’t understand or if they are operating in an unfamiliar context.

Available on the Warwick web: 2) Do a close reading. Dance? Make a list technical features (cf. the page in this booklet entitled ‘close reading’; refer to the section on poetic form in research tips high, the back of your Norton Anthologies pp. 2944-52). Ask yourself: ‘how does the text achieve its effects?’ Then ask yourself: ‘how do those poetic effects relate to the meaning of the text?’. 3) Do some research, particularly on the historical theme, period, cultural group that you’re interested in. You could begin with a general history and then do a literature search for more specialist books and on today's education articles. It may help you to narrow your research to a particular theme or idea that is suggested, hopefully by your reading in 1) and 2). Rather than trying to find out about the whole of seventeenth-century culture, limit your research to research the restoration, cavalier culture, medicine, the family or whatever. (See the handout on research).

4) Be careful when you take notes so that you will make no mistake, when you come to writing and essay referencing your work, about what is paper high school, your work and what is gatherers, someone else’s. Research High? Read and be clear about the university’s rules on plagiarism which are laid out in the blue booklet ‘Essay Writing and irish Scholarly Practice’ which you can get from the general office. 1) Begin by making a spider plan of research all your ideas and the relationships between them. IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPIDERS FORGET THIS BIT. 2) Then write out a paragraph (which you will not include in your essay necessarily) called ‘MY LINE OF ARGUMENT’. Essay? This will be information to yourself (so it can be very boringly and functionally written) about what you intend to say. Ideally this should be a single big idea, which you can sustain for the length of the essay, made up of stages that can be demonstrated with reference to the passage in question.

It may well be that you want to research paper school write something similar to this ‘line of argument’ paragraph, only in a more dynamic and on importance of education elegant way, for your introduction. See the page entitled ‘constructing an argument’ that has an example of a ‘line of argument’ paragraph. 3) Then write out a linear plan of your essay with a logical ARGUMENT, an argument that is assertively stated and then proved through the course of your piece. TIP: try not to separate out style, content and research tips school context; discuss them together to show how the relate to one another. You are aiming to produce something that identifies and describes both the wood and the trees; indeed, the trees are your evidence for of education the existence of the wood!

You need to put together a big argument out of lots of paper bits of essays on today's system evidence. 1) Everyone has his or her own way of writing. I sometimes find it easier to write the middle of the research high school, essay first and then come to the introduction last, which is perhaps the hardest bit to write. You may find that your ideas change and are worked out more fully as you start to write. In which case go back to B) and produce another plan. Present your ideas as a finished thought, rather than a thought process. 2) Keep yourself closely to your argument by imagining your reader. Perhaps a friend, a tutor or a parent might serve: imagine them behind you as you write asking ‘SO WHAT?’, making you insist on its relevance and trying to prove a particular point. Imagine that you are a newspaper editor writing a polemic, trying to convince your readership of a particular point of essay on the view. 3) Inventing a title and writing an introduction. You should try to make your essay interesting to an examiner.

Which do you think is the best of these three titles: ‘Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’; ‘Discuss the question of race in high school, Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’; ‘The “gallant slave”: the idea of the noble savage in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko’. Similarly with the introduction. The first sentence should grab the examiner immediately. Which is of education words, a better first sentence: ‘Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko was published in 1688 and is a prose work about Surinam’; ‘At the heart of Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko stands the deep paradox of the ‘royal slave’. 4) Using secondary literary criticism. It is, of course, good to read lots and to incorporate that reading into your work. What you are attempting to do, though, is to position your independently arrived at ideas in relation to other critics in the field. You shouldn’t be deferential or let the research paper school, ideas of others drag you off course. You should USE other people’s work in the service of your own argument.

For example, you might disagree with a critic; you might apply their theory about essay on importance in 150 words one text to another; you might say that their work hasn’t gone far enough in its assessment. Never use a quotation from someone else to clinch an argument: just because someone famous has said x or y it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true. I sometimes find it useful to research tips high school write a draft of my paper that includes no secondary reading at all, basing it just on my general knowledge of the critical field. I then do some detailed research in secondary criticism before writing a second draft. This means that the agenda is special teacher essay, not dictated by tips, other scholars, and ensures that I use them rather than becoming their spokeswoman. Make sure, of course, that all your reading is properly referenced to avoid a charge of plagiarism. 1) Check the on the masque, spelling: in particular the names of the author and the text that you’re looking at MUST be spelled correctly. 2) Check your punctuation. If you don’t know how to use particular punctuation marks please get a book and learn how. In particular the misuse of apostrophes is deeply irritating to research paper school an examiner. The Collins gem guides are really good also Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves is fun and informative.

3) Make sure that you get hold of the essay on the, blue booklet, ‘Essay Writing and Scholarly Practice’, from the tips, general office. You must use the reference guide in there. I favor the special essay, MHRA guidelines; you may prefer the MLA style. If you do reference a website it is best to put it in a footnote rather than the text were it looks ugly. You should always include some close detailed analysis of the literary text(s) that you’re discussing in your essay. This demonstrates your sensitivity to the forms, textures and research paper high ideological purpose of language. You should aim to show the relationship between form and essays on today's meaning, between the text and its world. Before you can put together an argument about the research paper tips high school, relationship between a text and its time you will need to do some close reading, compiling a list of technical features in teacher, a text or an excerpt from a text. Choose excerpts that relate to themes or passages that interest you. Then you can develop a checklist of features to research paper school look for. Essay Of Education Words? Use this as a guide but you may want to add to, or amend it.

*** What you see will be very different from what other people see. So, although it looks like a slightly dry exercise, this is paper high school, where your ideas, your originality will come from. Essay In 150 Words? Close reading, in any module, will make your essays sparkle. *** #61623; Prose, drama or poetry? #61623; Genre? (e.g. is research tips high, it panegyric, epic, restoration comedy or what ever) #61623; Does it remind you of anything? Can you compare or contrast it with something of a similar date? Or, alternatively, compare it with something of a similar genre from the previous or next decade, for example, in order to investigate change over time. #61623; Poetry: metre, rhythm and on importance of education rhyme. Look at the section on poetic form at the back of the Norton Anthology (p.

2944) and paper other guides. Don’t just describe metre etc but ask yourself how it works in that particular passage. How are units of meaning created by the line divisions? When a poet downplays or emphasizes a particular word through positioning it in a particular way, what effect does it have? How does the poet manage tone, pace and register with his use of cone gatherers essay rhyme and research tips school rhythm? iF THESE FEATURES ARE NOT IMPORTANT IN YOUR PIECE IGNORE THEM. #61623; Drama: look at the length / speed of the essay on importance of education, speeches, the stage directions, the entrances and research exits.

#61623; Prose: rhetorical features and clause structure are the things to look out for in particular. Essays On Today's Education? Are the paper high school, sentences complex or simple? Is it in hypotaxis or parataxis? What about essay of education in 150 word order and syntax, is there anything unusual or unexpected there? #61623; What is the overall structure of the passage / text? Are there abrupt changes or a progression from one idea to another? #61623; What other structures are there? Symmetries, comparisons and contrasts, digressions, asides, repetition. Is there any dialogue? Are the arguments circular or progressive?

#61623; Are there any words you don’t fully understand? If you aren’t in a closed exam you could look them up in the Oxford English Dictionary online. This would also give you a sense of the other meanings that that word might have. Paper Tips High? Are there any puns? #61623; Think about grammatical features: tenses, conditional constructions, the passive voice. Is the passage in personal academic goals, the first, second or third person? Perhaps there are tense or person shifts; what effect do these produce? #61623; Look out for predominance: several superlatives or comparative adjectives and adverbs; a lot of words that mean a similar thing, repetitions of possessive pronouns or what ever. #61623; What kind of language is being used? i.e. what register is it in? Is it elevated or earthy, legal or lyrical, rhetorical or religious? Why?

#61623; Look for paper tips school particular rhetorical features: metaphor and simile, hyperbole and litotes, personification, metonymy and so on. #61623; Look at punctuation (but be careful: it could be the intervention of a printer or a later editor). Look out for: enjambment, parentheses, direct speech? When the punctuation is dance music essay, sparse, why? Is it because there is a proliferation of research paper tips high school conjunctions that resist punctuation like, for example, the word ‘and’. This may indicate parataxis or a very conversational style. #61623; Look out for allusions and references, often to the bible or classical stories.

If you don’t know them and you’re not in essays on today's system, a closed exam, look them up in a reference dictionary or on the internet. #61623; What is the tone of the passage? Is it homiletic, comic, anxious, melancholy or ironic? How is tips high, this effect created? #61623; Where else does that poet use similar phrases, ideas, patterns and images? What does it say about his or her concerns and music essay art? TIP: Don’t make simple associations between sense and sound. For example, whilst there are a lot of warm words that begin with ‘m’ (like, for example, milkmaid, mother, magic etc) there are also some, like ‘malice’, ‘muscular’, ‘murder’ which evoke quite different associations. You then need to think how those technical features, which you’ve noted construct the meaning of the passage / text. Do not think about form and research tips content as separate things as if form were a kind of cloak in which meaning is dressed: they are organically connected. Above and beyond that you will also need to essay think about research tips how that text (both its form and its meaning) relate to the particular concerns and cone gatherers essay fashions (literary, political, philosophical etc) of its time.

You might think about the way in which repeated ideas in your text / excerpt link to significant contemporary discourses. Look for substituted vocabularies: i.e. when love / sex is paper tips, discussed with the language of money / credit for cone example. Could that be related to prevailing economic trends and ideas? When you are constructing your ARGUMENT and writing your essay, consult your close reading list. Not everything there will be relevant to your ARGUMENT; you only want to include the things that relate, that offer evidence for research paper tips a particular point of view about how the text is placed culturally, politically, socially and / or historically. Research is crucial for any essay and requires a certain amount of initiative. You will partly have to learn by trial and essay on importance of education error. Here are a few tips and ideas, though.

Read both narrowly (and address the theme of your essay) and also widely. Research Paper Tips School? So if you are, for example, researching infanticide, also research the family or law / crime. When you research a context it might be worth look at the work of essay on the masque philosophers, painters, and theologians and see what they were saying / doing in research tips high, this period. On Today's System? An essay which looked at the early modern patriarchal family in the light of Robert Filmer’s political tract Patriarchia, for example, would be much more interesting than one that only looked at modern historians’ account of the early modern family. An essay that discussed the panegyric written to, or on a particular king, alongside the paper high school, portraits that were painted of him could also be very suggestive. EEBO might be very useful here at helping you to find out about, say, sermon culture or advice literature. (look at the last page of this booklet for some help here). Think of some the areas, themes, historical moments, authors and on today's ideas that you want to find out paper high, about.

List them as key words. For example: Aphra Behn, Oroonoko, race, royalism, restoration, early modern, colonialism, slavery etc Do not be limited here. Think of terms / phrases that will give you some background too. How about ‘cheap print’, ‘renaissance politics’ etc Then begin on the computer. Special Teacher? Be careful of stuff that you find on the ordinary WWW. It is not usually very reliable. Often this is stuff that people can’t publish in proper books. Use it is a guide and be very critical. 1) (through the Warwick network only).

Here you can read articles from tips school, reputable, peer-reviewed journals on teacher essay line. An excellent starting point. Try various combinations of your search terms in either the research paper high school, Basic search (will give you hundreds of items) or in the advanced search form (which will give you much narrower and irish essay probably more useful stuff. Try it out; go to the advanced search form: A) In the box marked ‘All of research paper these words’ insert the word ‘Behn’. Special Teacher Essay? Then tick the box marked ‘title’ and then also the tips school, box marked ‘article’. Press the ‘Search’ button. See if you can identify any articles with a particularly historicist bent. B) In the box marked ‘All of these words’ insert the words ‘White’ and ‘Black’ and ‘England’. In the box marked ‘exact phrase’ enter ‘Seventeenth-century’.

Press search and see what you get out. Dance Music Essay? Try other, similar search terms. C) In the box marked ‘All of these words’ insert the word ‘Royalist’. In the box marked ‘at least one of tips these words’ enter the words ‘print culture’. Perhaps limit to on today's system articles by checking the relevant tick box. Press search and see if any of those are useful. Research School? [you will see that sometimes you have to do some considerable sifting to essays on today's education system find good things.]

2) The Modern Language Association of tips school America database direct access from the Warwick network at: The bibliographic databases are listed alphabetically so scroll down to ‘M’. Select ‘MLA’. This will give you the reference only teacher essay, (although Warwick may provide a link to the on-line journal). You may find that some of the things that are listed you won’t be able to get because Warwick doesn’t subscribe to that journal or perhaps the item is a doctoral dissertation from another institution. Research Paper Tips High? Don’t worry, you’re not expected to read everything under the sun. Music Essay? Leave those things that you can’t get. Try it out: put in research tips high school, the search terms ‘Aphra’, ‘Behn’ and ‘race’ into the keywords box.

Press search and see what you get. 3) Historical abstracts: Again, use this database to help you compile a list of essay academic articles or books that you could look at either on-line, if Warwick has a link, or in the library. Ignore the tips school, things that you can’t get hold of. A) Put the search terms ‘restoration’, ‘race’ and essays education system ‘England’ into the keywords box.

Press search. B) Put the search terms ‘early modern’ and ‘print culture’ into the keywords box. Press search. Again you will have to decide what’s useful / relevant. 4) Use the library catalogue, don’t limit yourself to books about research tips English. Put in search terms that will give you books on on the masque the historical background that you’re looking for. Once you have found one book on high the shelf look around in essay on the, that same area for others that will be related by subject. 5) Look on your reading list for general background books. CONSTRUCTING AN ARGUMENT.

Producing a successful argument is a process that has a number of stages. Often you will understand your argument better after you have started writing. It is important that you go back and re-plan your work, taking into account your new findings. You will need to develop a provisional thesis, however, so that you have somewhere to start: a focus for paper tips high your close reading and research. You don’t need to argue that history is important for the study of masque literature. You can take that as a given and move on to say something a bit more sophisticated about how the particular poem / play or prose piece you’re working on intersects with a particular set of paper tips high events or ideas in a specific historical moment.

A good argument should be fairly specific rather than general and comprehensive. In particular, when writing a historicist essay, do not list the essay on importance of education words, ways in which one text is embedded in research high, its period. Instead choose one of those ways and research it in more depth. Music? So, rather than writing about, say, Ben Jonson’s interest in Anabaptists, Spanishness, alchemy, the plague, etc in research paper tips high, The Alchemist, choose one of these themes and find out about it in on today's education system, the historiography of the paper high, seventeenth century and couple this research with a close reading of on the those sections of the high school, play that treat that theme. Your readings of the on the masque, text and the history of the research paper tips high, times should suggest your detailed argument. Don’t think of your argument first and then try to press it onto essay of education in 150 words the play or poem you’re interested in; allow your idea to grow out of your reading. Below is my best attempt at a LINE OF ARGUMENT for an essay on Rochester and research tips Milton.

Again, I should stress that this is only by way of demonstration what I would do. This is very different from what you would do. There is no one way and your ideas will be as interesting / valid as mine. Don’t think that you have to produce something the dance, same, or even necessarily similar I have done this just to give you an example of research tips high what I mean. I have tried to construct an argument which uses both close reading and historical context. Imagining the future in the restoration: a critical comparison of the on importance in 150, poetry of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester and John Milton. Line of Argument: This essay will argue that Rochester’s poetry is not only everywhere fascinated by time, regularly exploring what it is and research paper tips school how it operates, but that this interest betrays his sophisticated engagement with contemporary political philosophy. It will closely interrogate the forms of several of Rochester’s time-related poems for their political sensibilities. It will then contrast those poetic forms and political sensibilities with those in essays, the poetry of John Milton and especially Paradise Regained. Milton as I shall show with the use of historical evidence is very differently socially and politically placed, indeed at the other end of the research tips high, ideological spectrum from the Earl of Rochester.

I shall show that the difference is one of dispossession (Rochester) and essay on importance of education in 150 words providence (Milton). Rochester’s narrators exist in fear of, and research paper tips school subject to an arbitrary and absolute future; Milton’s Paradise Regained, on the other hand, asks an imagined republican reader to wait in essay, anticipation of a future in which God will deliver their political success. I shall explore the way in which Rochester’s pessimism the idea and tone of dispossession in his poetry and Milton’s optimism the visionary quality of his providential allegory stand in contrast to the respective fortunes of the political groups to which those poets actually belonged and at the particular times when the poems I’m discussing here were written and published: i.e. Rochester’s being part of the research tips, royal court and Milton’s being displaced from his office at the restoration of Charles II. Essay Academic Goals? This will arrive at, by way of conclusion, the demonstrable sadness of some of Rochester’s verse which indicates the complex circumspection with which he viewed his own aristocratic, political community and its limited expectations of monarchical authority. HELP FOR THIS PARTICULAR ASSESSMENT. Details of what you are expected to do are on the departmental website at:

There you will find a list of texts and details of how to find them on EEBO (Early English Books Online). Their website is at: You need to paper school download those texts, read them and then choose one to write about. You could also read the essays, published on the EEBO website, by previous Warwick students that have won prizes for their attempts at essays on today's education, this assignment. You might also use EEBO in research tips school, your essay research. Try the subject list in essays on today's education, particular. If you get yourself to the search form at you can click on the link marked ‘select from a list’ next to the subject keyword box. This has all sorts of interesting categories: look up, for example, ‘anti-catholicism’ or ‘restoration’, ‘credit’ or ‘murder’. I would like you to do what you can in research tips high school, terms of placing the text of your choice, and researching it. Then I’d like you to come and gatherers see me at the end of term with a title and a line of argument. You could also, if you wish, bring a longer essay plan.

This is Isabel talking to tips high her group. Essay Setting? We will all be available on email over the holidays--do ask. Gabriel won't be here after the holidays--he lives in high, London--but do come and see me, his group, if you need a person to talk to. USING THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY. The OED can be found online (through the Warwick network) at special teacher,

When we read an edited text we often have a helpful gloss which an editor has provided so that words and phrases that we don’t understand are defined for us. School? In this assignment you will have to put together that gloss for yourself and the best way to start to do that is special teacher, with the OED. The OED is an extraordinary resource that will give you assistance in all sorts of ways. Research High School? For example: a) it will obviously help you to understand words which you don’t understand or unusual applications. It will also help you to find obsolete and irish dance music essay dialect words. b) it will help you to see how words have changed their meanings or emphases over time. c) it will help you to identify puns.

There may be sexual or religious connotations to a particular word that we may have lost. Some times our modern definitions will co-exist with old, and now obsolete meanings. d) it will tell you the research paper tips high, earliest use of a particular word. This is useful for working out essays on today's system, which of research paper tips high several definitions might apply to the word you’re looking at. Look at the examples, that is the quotations that are given, and note their dates.

It may be that you find that the on today's system, word was new or recently borrowed from another language. Click the ‘date chart’ button to see the uses represented on a time line. It may be that you will find that a word is used differently and in different contexts at paper, different points of the seventeenth century: what might the use of a particular word / phrase tell us about an personal academic, author’s engagement with political, historical or sociological movements? e) Look at the etymology: this might tell you about research school how the text you’re looking at engages with particular fashions or imperial encounters. Look up, for example, ‘chocolate’ where does the word come from? At what period does it come into gatherers the language?

f) the examples given in the dictionary will also help you to see how other contemporaries used the word or phrase you’re interested in, and in what sort of research paper tips high school contexts it came up. In this way it can operate as a concordance. You should investigate the concordances available in the library, by the way. Similarly they will give you a sense of how a particular word or phrase is used elsewhere. You should use the OED not just to look up words that you don’t understand but also other words, especially those that are used in an unfamiliar way. You will find more interesting things if you look up lexical, rather than grammatical words. That means verbs, adjectives, adverbs and nouns rather than prepositions, articles and pronouns. You need to remember that there was no standard spelling in the early modern period; the on the, move to research paper standardize spelling did not occur until the middle of the special essay, eighteenth century.

This means that when you have a word you don’t understand it you may not get an adequate definition by tips high, putting it in essay in 150, exactly as it is into the OED search box. Try that first but if it isn’t found, or you get a definition that is not right (i.e. the examples indicate that its earliest use was a lot later than your text) you should try different spellings. In particular the paper tips, vowels are often interchangeable. Masque? Try every vowel combination that you can think of. Try substituting ts and paper tips cs, us and vs and other related consonants. Try out the OED. Essay On Importance Of Education? Look up the following words: how have their meanings have changed?

Where do the words come from? How were the words used at different points in history? And in the seventeenth century in particular? Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, Humanities Building, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL.

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How To Write A Resume Summary: 21 Best Examples You Will See. What is the best way to start a resume? The Ladder's research found that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume! Yeah, you read that right. That means you've got to give recruiters what they want to see in the blink of an school eye . Essay Setting. But how? A little something called a resume summary . A good resume summary puts the information recruiters are looking for research high first. In this article, I will explain how to essay academic goals, write a resume summary that gives recruiters what they want most . And I will explain how to showcase that information so that it catches the employer’s attention. A great resume summary goes at the top of the paper, page - in the most prominent position.

Use it to attract recruiters' attention. Here is a template from our resume builder (create your resume) . See how the resume summary sample stands out? A resume summary is a short, snappy introduction highlighting your career progress and skill set. An example of essay, a resume summary looks like this: Administrative Assistant with +3 years of experience in a sensitive corporate environment. Outgoing and detail-oriented, I am proficient at paper tips high school, building and maintaining professional relationships. Have an system Associate's Degree in research paper school Office Administration. Administrative Assistant seeking meaninful work in a corporate environment where I can learn and develop my skills. A resume summary is also known as:

Think of teacher essay, it as an “elevator pitch” or “sales pitch” that you can use anytime someone says: Pro Tip: If you're looking for samples of resumes and research high summaries for essay of education in 150 words specific professions, you may also want to take a look at research tips high school, our resume examples section. Resume Summary vs. Objective: What’s the Difference? The difference between a general resume summary and a resume objective looks like this: You are at a party. Let’s call you Robert. Your wingman approaches the irish music essay, girl you like. Robert likes girls and wants to leverage his skills to marry one.

Boyfriend Material experienced at laying coats over mud puddles, opening doors, and pulling out chairs. Charming, funny, and a great conversationalist seeking to paper school, leverage 10+ years of experience delivering anecdotes to special, entertain you through boring social events. Has an MA in hand holding and a license to cook romantic dinners. Which wingman is going to get Robert the girl? The resume objective was acceptable a long time ago when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. All you had to do at the beginning of a resume was write a one-liner that told the recruiter: 2. That you want the job.

Then a meteor came and smashed into the Earth, and all the resume objectives died. Resume objectives are still extremely useful for certain types of job seekers. So, Who Should Use a Professional Resume Summary? Resume summaries are for people with years of experience who are not making a career change. You should consider writing a resume objective if you have no experience, are in the middle of research tips high, a career change, or have some gaps in your job history. If you think that a resume objective would be a better fit for essay academic goals you, read our full guide on how to write resume objectives: +20 Resume Objective Examples - Use Them On Your Resume (Tips) And Where Does a Resume Summary Statement Go on research tips high, a Resume? A professional summary for a resume should go at the top under the contact information. You will find that experts will refer to essay masque, this space as “prime real estate” - the penthouse of your resume. Whatever you put there will be the first thing a recruiter will see when they look at your resume. When the resume summary section is paper tips high school, first, a hiring manager sees your value right now.

So, don't waste the space. How Long Should a Career Summary on teacher essay, a Resume Be? Depending on paper tips school, who you ask, you will be told that a good example of a resume summary is anywhere from three to six sentences. As I mentioned in the beginning, an essays on today's system average recruiter will only spend six seconds looking at tips school, a resume. That converts to about 20 or 30 words, which is around the length of personal essay, a Tweet.

You should also pay attention to the fact that a reader scanning a document will skip over research paper large blocks of irish essay, text. With that in mind, you should consider keeping your personal resume summary statement on the shorter side: Around 3 sentences or 50 words. Pro Tip: Resume summaries tend to be short. Research Paper Tips School. Take a look at dance music essay, a sample resume template from our resume builder. Tips. You can create a similar resume here. A resume template from our resume builder - create your resume here. How to Write a Resume Summary in essay of education in 150 7 Easy Steps. 1. How to Start a Summary With a Few of Your Best Accomplishments. When you start writing a professional summary for research paper tips school a resume, it is best to sit down for a moment and think back over the long span of your career.

What are my brightest moments? What am I proud of achieving? What do I love most about what I do? What do I do best? Once you’ve brainstormed, make a list of your achievements (about six bullet points). Goals. This is your master list. Here is what it would look like if you were, for example, Indiana Jones: Indy’s Master List of Accomplishments and Top Skills. Found the Ark of the Covenant. Found the Sankara Stones. Found the Holy Grail.

Effectively able to dispatch Nazi bad guys. Proficient in the use of a bullwhip. Research Paper Tips High. Able to fly planes, ride horses, and commandeer motorcycles. Keep in mind that these are the essay masque, brightest moments and research tips high school can come from any point in your career. Now make a quick list of your top transferable skills. Transferable skills are skills that you can use in irish dance any job . For example, being able to write or being able to high school, speak fluent Spanish. Research and analytical thinking skills (70% of my work is done in masque the library). Research High. Excellent cultural sensitivity. Able to work in a high-stress, fast-paced environment. Linguist (Speak fluent German, Hindi, and essay of education Mandarin Chinese - among other languages).

Now you have a master list of your achievements and a master list of your transferable skills. Set these aside for a moment. And make sure you read this article to find out what skills are currently the research paper tips high, most desirable for resumes. You will also find actionable tips on how to showcase your skills on a resume, and a pretty cool infographic featuring R2D2. What does R2D2 have to do with resume skills? Find out here. 2. Essay. Scan the Job Post - Find out What the Employer Needs. Keywords are the particular skills or qualities an employer lists in a job post. Research Paper School. Highlight or underline the keyword skills that you find in your job description. Who are they looking for?

What value do they want an employee to provide? What extra skills or qualities not listed would add unexpected value? Indy’s Job Description - Cocktail Server. 3. Research the Job - Find Out What is Valuable. Find a few similar job posts.

Again, highlight or underline all of the keyword skills and irish dance music requirements. Compare the new keywords to those in your job description. Anything that does not have a duplicate could add extra value to your resume. Look up other professionals on high school, LinkedIn with the personal, same job as the research, one you want. Dance Music. Their skills section should give you a sense of what recruiters value in research paper tips high school that profession.

4. Tailor Your List - Make Your Skills List a Recruiter’s Wish List. Which of my skills and accomplishments match those listed in the job description? How do my accomplishments and skills position me to solve the employer’s problems? What details can I add for amplification (numbers, details, proof like certificates or awards)? 5. Start With Your Title to Define Yourself Out of the Gate. Starting a professional summary for essay masque a resume with your professional title allows a recruiter to know right away that your resume is relevant. Pro Tip: Make your professional title bold in order to draw attention to research paper tips school, it, so that it is easy for recruiters to find. Essay Academic Goals. You will also want to add the number of years you worked in that position. Sassy Marketing Manager with 5+ years of experience. 6. Focus on Specific Results to Prove and Demonstrate Value.

Now it’s time to go back to your master list. Condense your list of 6 accomplishments down to paper school, about 3 concise and specific sentences. As you describe your accomplishments and skills, add numbers, details, and proof. Focusing on quantifiable results in a career summary for a resume does a couple of essay, things: Draws the eye of the recruiter and gives them a tangible sense of what you’ve achieved. Research Paper School. Provides proof that your claims are more than just hot air. Sets you above other candidates who did not elaborate on their accomplishments. Helps the recruiter imagine you achieving the essay, same results for them. Indy’s Professional Resume Summary Sample. Cocktail Waiter Improved collection of tickets onboard German zeppelin by 100%.

An analytical, fast learner with 2+ years of experience in global, on-demand service positions on zeppelins, boats, and trains. Leveraged extensive cultural and linguistic knowledge (Mandarin Chinese and research paper school Hindi) to recover the Sankara Stones while maintaining the highest level of customer service. Able to personal essay academic goals, endure exposure to elements such as lava and tips school snake pits, and able to physically outmaneuver such obstacles as giant boulders in boobytrapped tombs. Guest Services, Sales, and irish essay People Skills Able to Learn and Master New Information Basic Math Bilingual Extensive Physical Activity Exposure to Elements. As you can see, Indy starts his sample resume summary statement by opening with the title of the job (one of his professional titles) and research paper tips high a headline. His headline is supported by details: He then adds five of the six skills from the job description that match his skill set to his resume summary . He also adds details to music, amplify the information:

“Linguistic knowledge” is amplified by “Mandarin Chinese and Hindi,” which also covers the “Bilingual” language bonus from the research paper tips, job description. He avoids the first person, has added keywords like “exposure to elements,” and has added extra value by essay goals exhibiting experience in wait service on various modes of transportation that might be interesting to an employer seeking a waiter to serve drinks on tips school, a boat. Dr. Teacher Essay. Jones has also managed to squeeze in a transferable skill - “cultural sensitivity/knowledge.” 7. Research Tips High School. The Name Drop - A Tried and True Way to personal academic, Generate Interest. Mention the organizations, clients, and tips school past employers that you’ve worked for where appropriate. Name dropping is an old marketing technique that you can use when writing a resume summary for a resume to essay, impress and establish authority and credibility. One word of warning:

Employers could see name dropping as unprofessional snobbery. You need to make sure you don’t cross the line. Also, you don't want to name drop confidential clients - because, you know, they're confidential. Tips High. What you can do instead is say: I worked with top, global clients from (insert specific industry here) . It is best to name drop when it proves the thing you want to show the on the, hiring manager in a professional summary for a resume. The candidate who did it right has name dropped to prove that her clients are large, multi-national companies. The 7 Dos and tips high Don’ts of Writing a Resume Summary. 1. Consider Adding a Headline for Extra Oomph.

After you write your title, you can add a headline that sums up the main benefits of hiring you. Improved collection of tickets onboard German zeppelin by 100%. 2. Masque. Microsoft Word is high, Not an essays education system Accomplishment So Leave It Out. Leave your core competencies for the skills section of your resume. The resume summary section is for your best skills and keyword skills. Microsoft Office is research paper tips high, boring and goals pedestrian. Your mom, your sister, and tips school your dog can all use Word. And to further avoid being boring in a professional summary for a resume, consider using action verbs to describe your best skills. Avoid boring adjectives like “articulate” or “innovative.” Also, get rid of overused verbs like “managed” or “organized.”

Action verbs are energetic and specific: Don’t go overboard. You don’t want to sound like a Freshman English major flexing a large vocabulary for the sake of it. Remember that you should use keywords even if they are adjectives. There is a good chance that your resume will be fed through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The ATS will scan your resume for keywords from the job description. So you need to include them throughout your resume. 3. Ditch the First Person Pronouns to Focus on the Employer. By skipping the “I” and “me” stuff, your resume summary section will stay focused on teacher essay, the employer. When you use the third person and the present tense, a recruiter will be able to envision you doing that work for them. Here are some resume summary statement examples with and paper tips high without the first person. If you think it's more appropriate to use the first person, you should. It's up to you to decide.

4. Cone Gatherers. Ignore Tasks You Hate For Your Sake. When you are making lists of what to include on a resume don’t add anything you hate doing. Same goes for a summary in a resume. If you hate doing something (even if you are really good at it), leave it. You will just get stuck doing it again at high school, your new job, and essay it won’t make you happy. 5. Avoid Being Generic By Tailoring Each Resume Summary to the Job. Yes, that’s right.

Every time you respond to a different job post, you will need to research tips, write a new resume summary. The professional resume summary is only at peak effectiveness if you tailor it to fit one job description. So, if you are applying for 100 jobs, you need 100 resume summaries. You don't have to rewrite the essay in 150 words, entire thing. You can simply retouch your best resume summary by changing keywords.

Just make sure that it is tailored to the job post. How long should a resume be? In a word: short. Some experts will tell you about the “one-page rule.” You should aim for one page, but resumes are not glass slippers. You do not need to cram everything on one page like an ugly stepsister if it doesn't fit. A good rule of thumb is to condense resume sections like the resume summary section at the end of the writing process.

Trim the fat and keep it lean. Good professional summary examples don't exceed a paragraph of text or a few bullet points. If you're having trouble with the length of your resume, have a look at our guide on resume length: How Long Should A Resume Be? Everything You Need To Know 7. Avoid the paper high, Cardinal Sin of essay masque, Resume Writing. No good will come out of lying on your resume - even if it’s just a little white lie. Maybe you aren’t as good at creating spreadsheets as you made it sound. Good luck explaining that when an elaborate spreadsheet is your first task.

Let's say you lie in your hobbies section - you say you like Game of Thrones when you don't. Research High. Who cares? Maybe the rabid fan who is conducting your interview. Now you know nothing, Jon Snow. Goals. Uh oh. The best resume summary grabs recruiters’ attention by shouting out: And this is research paper tips high, useful when it falls into the hands of essay on importance in 150 words, a bored and overworked recruiter.

In three punchy lines, you can show anyone reading your resume the brightest moments of your career and your dazzling set of skills. Bonus: Download these super-actionable examples of research paper tips, resume summaries that match real job posts here: Resume Summary Examples for Your Profession.” Do you have any question about how to write a great resume summary for your position? Leave a comment. Essay On The Masque. I'll be happy to answer. Natalie is a writer at Uptowork.

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